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Month: July 2012

The right fit!

The right fit!

So it’s a given….Ella is a girl, and that means one thing – clothes!!! If ever there was an oman that we were having a girl, it was the enormous stockpile of clothes that Ella had been given before she was even born! Given that we didn’t know what we were having, most people had given us clothes that were yellow, green or neutral. Her Aunty Mon however, decided that she didn’t want her new niece or nephew to miss out on the amazingly cool clothes out there for both boys and girls, so, she bought sets of both! Ella had the coolest wardrobe for an unborn baby going round. All we needed was to know if she was a boy or a girl!?

Once she was born, that was it. Yellow gave way to pink. Green gave way to pink. White gave way to….yes pink! There was no doubt that this princess was going to love pink. I think it is in her DNA!

It’s so funny though that now I am a Mum, I live my shopping life through my darling daughter. The vast array of amazingly cute clothes available for kids these days is nothing short of torture! Luckily enough, I have come across some amazing websites with free shipping to ensure a safe and speedy arrival at our door step. My husband laughs every time I protest that I have not bought ANYTHING for myself this year, and quizzes me as to how many purchases I have made for Ella. Oh well, it doesn’t count when you are buying a dress for $10!

What saddens me though is the speed at which Ella has grown out of her clothes. Before she was born, I was warned ‘don’t buy too much’ and ‘they grow so quick’, but it wasn’t until she was here that I really understood. I have a large space bag in Ella’s bathroom to store clothes away for the next bouncing bubba. Each week I have been dropping a few singlets, dresses, jumpsuits, size 000, 000. I went in the other day to find this bag half full. I cannot believe a. how many clothes I have put in this bag, and b. how quickly she has grown out of them! The time and effort put into making these clothes, and the beautiful thoughts of the people who gave them to her , (not to mention the money spent) were all sitting in a bag before me.

The hard part is, she has so many unworn clothes sitting in her wardrobe waiting to fit her. It’s such a balancing act, waiting for the right season and weather as well as the right size. Ella has been given some of the most exquisite coats, and I’m hoping (no praying) that she will at least get a few wears out of them.

Although I don’t want her to grow up too quick, I do want her to be able to
strut her stuff in some of these adorable coats before winter ends. Take the coat to the left for example. Her Aunty Jane bought her a beautiful faux fur coat, and she probably got to wear it three times. I am also dying for her to fit into this amazing grey coat my friend Liz gave her.  I’m always told to dress her up in great clothes each day and not wait for special occasions. I now know that Mums need to do this so that our kids can actually get a chance to wear them! Thank goodness I snapped her wearing this one. I can’t believe she actually owned a coat like this at six weeks of age!

I just can’t believe how blessed we are these days with the beautiful range of clothes available for kids. What makes things even better is how affordable great clothes are….it’s funny how Target is now my new favourite store at Chadstone.

Yesterday I had another delivery from my favourite online store Seriously, with free shipping this site should come with a warning for Mums! This site however, has great prices and clothes that are thick and wash amazingly well. Not to mention the adorable prints and patterns. I’ve been told by a few people that my recommendation has gotten them into trouble as they have become addicted a regular browse and shop.

Ahh, the  joys of shopping. I must admit, having a girl has only strengthened my passion for it. Sorry Dan…it’s in my DNA, and now it’s in your daughter’s! Woops!

Where has the time gone?

Where has the time gone?

They say time flies when you are having fun! Our darling Ella was five months old yesterday, and to be honest…I just cannot believe that five whole months has gone by since that amazing day she was born. In many ways, I’m so proud of ourselves for simply surviving and being here to share the joy! The first couple of months were such a blur…the tiredness, exhaustion and shock leaves you feeling as though you are sifting through fog. We were always reassured that this is a ‘normal’ feeling, and after six weeks something miraculous changes and things become easier. For us, we really have been blessed with a beautiful baby who is a pretty good sleeper. So the times I have winged or complained, I have done so with a sense of embarrassment or guilt as I simply know that there are so many new Mums and Dads out there who are struggling with colic, allergies and a vast range of other things that cause their babies to scream hours on end. However, a great friend of mine reminded me that just as every baby is different, so is the experience of every new parent, and that experience is relative to their own sense of normal. It has been so amazing to have the support of some very close friends who amazingly have all shared in this journey of giving birth to their first child in the last six months. Who would have thought that a group of girls who have known each other for over twenty years (some since prep), would find themselves pregnant at the same time. I don’t care how or why….I’m just glad that I’ve got my mates to share in the joys and challenges of being a new Mum. Not to mention the late night phone call or two.

I simply can’t believe that Ella is five months old. Five months of breastfeeds (day and night), nappy changes, baths, walks and endless kisses and cuddles. I also can’t believe that I ever had a life without her. Without her gorgeous smile and big blue eyes. I’m so proud of my husband for being such an amazing Father and support. He lights up our house when he walks through the door each night. The look on Ella’s face as she beams at her Daddy makes my heart melt every time. I love him more than I ever thought I could.

I guess after five months, I’m just so grateful for the love and support of my family and friends in helping us learn how to be parents. The admiration I now have for my own parents has been something that has really opened my eyes. My Mum and Dad had four children under six years of age…I just don’t know how they did it!

Over the next few months I look forward to many more pooey nappies, messy food and the joys of teething.

I’m just so grateful to be a Mum and loving it.


‘Tiny Beans’ – Watch your children grow

‘Tiny Beans’ – Watch your children grow

As with Instagram, I am a big fan of super simple ways of capturing daily memories of Ella growing up. Being able to capture photos on my iPhone has become something that is almost a reflex. Any app that can transform a somewhat hopeless amateur shot into a masterpiece is high on my list of Mummy friendly apps!  Then there comes the debate about sharing photos, and to what extent do we share them with the world. As a parent who is an avid lover of techno gadgets and anything starting with the letter ‘i’, I know that Ella will indeed be a well captured baby. I also know that being the first Grandchild, her family are always asking for current snaps and images that show her smiling, laughing, staring, slob erring….any old thing really. Never before has it been so easy to share our photos of daily moments with family and friends, and with social networking mediums such Faceboook, Twitter and Instagram, parents can share to their heart’s content.

The issue of ‘over posting’ of photos however, is a topic that is gathering momentum. As a new parent, I am happy to share photos of my gorgeous girl, but am conscious of bombarding people with more and more pics each day. There are some people in my social networking world who are only too happy to see a daily shot of Ella rolling around the floor or wearing her Essendon Beanie, but I also know that there may be some people who must curse the FB phenomenon of endless babies popping up every hour in some sort of cute pose or outfit! On behalf of new FB parents everywhere, we are indeed sorry! However I want to continue to share in the delight of capturing my gorgeous grow grow each and every day.

Tiny Beans is an app that came across my Mac desktop via the fantastic blog – Babyology. I have been looking for a way to be able to share a private photo gallery online with my family, so that they can still get their daily ‘Ella fix’ without needing to bombard all my FB friends at the same time. I mean, I know she is cute, but we are indeed biased like all parents!

Tiny Beans is just fantastic. It is a simple app that allows parents to capture moments on their smart phone and upload them to a daily calendar photo journal. This journal can then be as private or public as you like, with the ability to invite people to view, edit and add to the photo journal. You can access Tiny Beans either on your phone or with your log in online. You can even log in as a FB user.

Tiny Beans can also be linked to your FB, Twitter and Instagram accounts. When posting a picture to Tiny Beans, you have the option of sharing it on FB, or simply keeping it private to the journal. If you post a pic via Twitter or Instagram, you simply need to add the hashtag #tinybeanskids to also add the photo to your own Tiny Beans Journal. Tiny Beans also has a great range of  filters to enhance your photos, rather than needing to use a third party app. Those who can see the journal can add comments as well.

For those of us who love using technology to follow our kids grow each day, Tiny Beans really is a fantastic way to share the journey with your loved ones in an intimate way. Ella’s Nanna loves checking in each day to see her little ‘sweets’ – and even sends be a subtle reminder when I have forgotten to upload a daily snap! Which reminds me….I need to upload one for today!

Tiny Beans is available via the iTunes store

To visit the Tiny Beans website, click here

To view the Babyology Tiny Beans review, click here

Images via and a screenshot from my iPhone!

That’s not my…..

That’s not my…..

As a Primary teacher I love reading to kids! One of the things that I have looked forward to the most about being a Mum is having the chance to read beautiful stories to Ella. There are so many classics….the Hungry Caterpillar, Possum Magic, Dr Suess. Already, Ella seems to love the pictures on the page and I’m doing my best to put on my crazy character voices that seem to make her smile!

For years we have always talked about the importance of reading to children from a very young age. All it takes is ten minutes a day, and to be honest, it’s a time I look forward to each and every day. Ten minutes is a small investment of time that will make a huge difference to Ella’s life in years to come. Instilling a joy of reading is something that I remember my own parents instilling in me, and I hope that both Daniel and I can do the same for Ella.

There are so many books available for babies and toddlers these days, but one of the best series that I have come across is the ‘That’s not my‘ series by Fiona Watt. This award winning selection of board books includes fabulous ‘touch and feel’ pages that help babies to explore and interact with the simple stories. So far, she loves ‘That’s not my Princess’ and ‘That’s not my Teddy’. Helping Ella to feel the fabrics, furs and various textures helps bring the book to life. Already, I have purchased several of these books and cannot wait to add to the collection.

The books are available in stores everywhere, however I purchased them on sale at and with free shipping, you can purchase in your pi’s to your hearts content!

If anyone has any other book favourites that you love reading to your children, I would love to hear from you!

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