A girl’s right to shoes

A girl’s right to shoes

In my last post I talked about the vast array of clothes that Ella has been given, and grown out of, all in a matter of five months. I talked about the amazing kids wear available at the moment, and how I have been outed by my husband as living my new fashion life through my baby girl. Well I can certainly say that this is correct when it comes to baby shoes. Ella’s feet are still a little too small to fit into most baby shoes out there, but this hasn’t stopped me accumulating seven pairs of gorgeous shoes for Ella’s little tootsies so far. At the moment, she can only fit into one pair, but that’s ok, it just means more shoes to grow into.

When my cousin had her first baby, I thought it would be a great idea to buy her a pair of gorgeous shoes that she could keep forever as a memory. They were beautiful little pink ballet slippers that looked as though the tippy toe had been dipped in silver. She loved them straight away and always talked about how people commented on how beautiful they were. I was so excited that when Ella was born, she came to see us in the hospital and presented her with her own very first pair of shoes. Beautiful red slippers with white polka dots. It was such a gorgeous thought, and something that I will keep for Ella long after she grows out of them. She is yet to grow into them, but once again, that’s ok. Something to look forward to.

My Aunty recently returned from a European holiday and brought back a very cool pair of baby Reebok’s, all the way from London. I must say that Dan and I were very excited about the idea of her running around with these on. It will be a few months away yet (hopefully) but when she finally finds her feet, I’m sure she will love running around in these cool runners! It will be so exciting to see the look on her face when she runs around like a crazy kid!

Then there are the beautiful black patent Mary Jane’s that my friend Liz gave her. Just like the beautiful grey coat, I cannot wait to see these beauties adorn her little toes. What a lucky girl Ella is to have a gorgeous pair of shiny black shoes to look forward to! The perfect accessory to any outfit! Now all we need is for her feet to grow a little more so she can fit into them!

So far, Ella has only worn one pair of shoes. A gorgeous daisy pair I bought for her myself. On the first day she wore them she kept her feet high up in the air for most of the day. I’m sure she wondered what these colourful things were on her feet. I’m sure she will get used to them quickly and develop her own sense of style!

Shoes are a wonderful present to give to new born babies. Such a gorgeous gift to keep for years to come, once their tootsies have grown too big, or they have worn them out. I’m sure Ella will be wearing out the soles of her shoes with all the running around she will be doing in a few months time!

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  1. That is so funny Kate. I was just looking in joshys wardrobe today and saw some shoes and thought what useless things, before they walk, they are. It’s a boy v girl thing!!

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