Friday Finds: Shhhh….The Quiet Book

Friday Finds: Shhhh….The Quiet Book

I stumbled across something called a ‘Quiet Book‘ a little while ago on Pinterest  and was captivated instantly. I immediately pinned it to my ‘Being a Mum‘ Board for a closer look at a later time (when Mums have spare time). A ‘quiet book’ I discovered, was a hand made, personalised book filled with lots of ‘quiet’ activities to keep toddlers and young children occupied for hours. The idea is that this book can be carried anywhere – in the car, the pram, to appointments…anywhere where children will spend time and need some entertainment. Even though there are so many great apps available for iPads and iPhones, I also believe that children need (lots of) time out from technology.  What makes these books really special is the focus on fine motor skills and concentration. Little fingers, tying, buttoning, matching. The sense of touch is brought to life. No whizz bang sounds and animations, just textures and fabrics. Boy o boy  could my Mum and Dad have used a few of these books as they drove four kids to Queensland year after year!

After I found these fabulous books, I thought that one day, I would make one for Ella and any other possible little Korbers that may come along. Not in my wildest dreams did I think that a friend would get in sooner and present Ella with one.  My dear friend Kate gave Ella just that, her own Quiet Book. Beautifully personalised with her name and lovingly made by a 75 year old lady. This book is filled with beautiful little activities that will require Ella to use her eyes and fingers to do a range of things. Most of all, it will require patience and persistence….something that little kids need to learn!

When you open a quiet book, your are immediately struck by the gorgeous features and details. Each page presents a new challenge. Press studs, buttons, bows, velcro….each task uses common objects for little ones to manipulate. The book contains:

  • Clothes to stick and hang on a line
  • Baby lady bugs to count, zipped up inside their Mummy
  • A kitten’s collar to buckle
  • Flowers to button on their stems
  • A mitten for Ella to slide her little fingers into
  • Shapes to match and press onto studs
  • Button Wheels to count on carriages with animal passengers
  • A doll’s hair to plait
  • Shoelaces to tie
  • A clock with hands to change the time
  • A hand made abacus with sliding rods
  • A puppy’s leg to bandage
  • A clown face to make

Below are some shots that capture some of these gorgeous pages…

Using the big and little hands to make the time, counting the beads on an abacus. I just love the fact that they are lovingly handmade for tiny hands to move, touch and play with…

Counting and feeling the buttons, popping the little animals in the different carriages. I can see Ella giving each of these animals different names!

I am so grateful to my beautiful friend for giving this fantastic book to my baby girl. I can’t wait for her to grow up and use it on many an outing, hopefully in peace and quiet!! If you want to create your own, or get some ideas from the other Quiet Books I found on Pinterest, visit here and here. In fact, Stephanie Segal has entire Pinterest Board dedicated to Quiet Books! Etsy also has some great ones that you can purchase here.  I would love to hear from people who have create their own quiet books and their experiences if they really do work! 🙂

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