Friday Finds: Where is Sophie?

Friday Finds: Where is Sophie?

This week’s Friday Find is literally about something that I lost and found. Sophie the Giraffe. I was introduced to Sophie at my baby shower. I was asked the question – ‘Do you have a Sophie?’. Not only did I not have a Sophie, I did not know who or what Sophie was. Sophie…as it was explained…was the number one teething toy for babies. She is the new black, the handbag equivalent for little ones, that they must never leave home without. Thank God for Mary (our family friend), not only for introducing her to me, but for also giving her to Ella. It was following my baby shower that I discovered that Sophie comes with a price tag of around $30! I was flabbergasted. She must have some sort of magic potion that miraculously soothes baby teeth, because for that price..I figured she must be special.

Since then I have discovered that Mums everywhere know and love Sophie, just as much as their babies do. You see, Sophie IS from Paris after all. My friend even told me that she is available for a third of the price over there, and can be seen in many a supermarket aisle! Sophie indeed seems to cast a spell on babies everywhere, because they all (including my Ella) love her. Ella chews on her for hours on end and so far, she has come through with flying colours.  Sophie that is. So it was with great horror, that yesterday as I arrived home from a day out, that Sophie seemingly vanished…

I have been known to be a little forgetful at times, but I knew that Sophie was something that I should keep safe, just as I would my wallet or iPhone. Sophie was no where to be seen. I searched high and low. I Called friends from Mothers group, and even declared a disaster on Facebook. Mothers alike shared in my pain as I searched for the missing toy. Those who did not know Sophie asked what this seemingly bizarre case was all about. Those who did sent their prayers and well wishes for the lost giraffe. Some shared their stories of lost Sophies from long ago, whilst others wondered why children they knew also had a giraffe named Sophie. Was it a coincidence? One friend pointed out what ‘an expensive loss’ she would be. I have to admit that this factor was on my mind as I thought about the cash I would need to splash out if I kept losing this precious giraffe. I prayed to Saint Anthony and kept up the search. Then…a breakthrough.

Sophie had wedged herself underneath Ella’s carseat. She must have had enough of the chewing and throwing on the ground. What ever the reason, I cannot tell you how relieved I was to find her. After a bit of a wipe down, Sophie was a good as new and back in the hands (and mouth) of my baby girl. Disaster averted. I hope that she stays around for a while. This Mummy doesn’t want to have to keep replacing her daughter’s expensive taste in teething toys. Even if she is pretty cool.


So to Sophies everywhere…I hope you stay put!


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