Friday Finds: Baby Monitor App

Friday Finds: Baby Monitor App

I’ve never bought a baby monitor, mainly because we have a small house and I can hear Ella from any room. However, when we go away to or holiday house, we often want to hang out outside, whether it be with friends or relaxing in the spa. I’m always paranoid that Ella will wake up from her sleep, and cry without us knowing. I didn’t want to go out and buy a monitor just for the holiday house, so I looked through iTunes to see if anyone had created a Baby Monitor App that could solve our problem! Needless to say, there were dozens of possibilities, however u reading the reviews, I decided to give the ‘Baby Monitor and Alarm’ by Tappy Taps a try.

This app is fantastic. At $2.99 it is a wonderful alternative to spending hundreds of dollars on larger baby alarms that do the same thing. The premise behind this app is that it uses the phone as the monitor. You set the app to react to a certain noise level. When your baby cries or makes noise at this level, you can either set it to play music, play a recorded message (ie. a familiar voice) or ring another phone. We set the app to ring my husband’s phone, and took it outside with us. If the phone rings, you then hear your baby through the phone that is left in her room.

Obviously, this means that you cannot use your own phone during this time, however if you need to call someone or use the internet, I figure I can use another phone, iPad or computer.

I like this app because it is a great alternative to the expensive versions that are in shops. Sure there are limitations, however it is portable and easy to use. That has to be great for busy Mums and Dads who want some time to relax…or do the washing….or cooking…or cleaning….

To view this app and explore it’s features visit iTunes here.





*Images are sourced from the iTunes store link above.


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