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Month: January 2013

Friday Finds: Toy Storey

Friday Finds: Toy Storey

photoThis week’s Friday Find is short and sweet. It’s a simple one, yet it has made such a big impact on my day, life and living room. For the last few weeks I’ve been searching for a colourful, practical, stylish yet relatively inexpensive solution to the adventure park that has become our living room. When my cousin had her daughter, she always told me how her house became invaded by toys, and now I understand that feeling completely. Ella has amassed  nearly a hundred toys, from rattles to blocks, stuffed toys to puzzles. Each night I pack them in the corner to once again remember what our living room looked like. Each morning they gradually spread across the room, into every nook and cranny of the house. I know that Ella is not yet putting ‘salada’s’ in the video player (Aussie in joke), but I tell you, this girl has got a clever way of getting the heaviest toy to the end of the house. Needless to say, that I have always worried that I will be caught out by that ‘last minute’ visitor and they will see the crazy chaos that has become our home. It makes me feel better however, that I know we are not alone!!!

I searched high and low, and today I came across a great product at the good old Reject Shop. Simple flexible plastic tubs that come in a  variety of sizes, they are similar to the very stylish ‘Tub Trug‘, however these are pretty much the same look and feel, for almost a third of the price ($8.95 for a 38L tub). What’s even better is the colour range will suit almost any household. In the end, if they last the test of time, then great, but if they don’t (and find their way into our dog’s mouth), then they haven’t broken the bank.

At least I can now breathe a sigh of relief as our lounge room now looks a little ordered…until Ella decides to turn the buckets upside down.


Friday Finds: Cake 2 the Rescue!

Friday Finds: Cake 2 the Rescue!

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 9.43.49 AMWith Ella’s first birthday just a few weeks away, my mind has landed in the world of Birthday Cakes. Growing up, we always got out the good old ‘Womens’ Weekly  Birthday Cakes‘ book and spent days picking and choosing our dream cake. I remember vividly the ‘witch’ laced in liquorice, the ‘duck’ with a potato chip beak and the good old smarty train. Most Aussie kids do not remember their birthdays without fond memories of this great book. I’m not sure if my baking skills are up to scratch to venture into this timeless tradition just yet, so thank goodness I stumbled across the fabulous ‘Cake 2 the Rescue‘ thanks to an old friend Veronica on Facebook!

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 9.44.23 AMCake 2 the rescue does just that…it rescues time poor (and skill poor) Mums and Dads who want their precious kids to have that ‘amazing cake’ on their Birthday. Without the hassle of forking out hundreds for an intricate cake, Cake 2 to the Rescue provide you with all you need to bake your very own masterpiece. Founded by two Queensland Mums – Lisa and Lou, aka ‘The Baker Girls’, this great service was created following their own experiences of frustration as they tried to make their kids the perfect cake.

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 9.44.38 AMThe idea is simple…you choose the design (over 7o), and for a very reasonable price (starting from $29.95), they send you all you need to re-create the cake of your dreams. From the ingredients, to the candles and disposable, grease proof baking tin…this is a miracle in the post.  Inspired by a friend’s effort in making her own Peppa Pig cake (from scratch I might add), I have decided to give this idea a try and order my own Peppa Pig pack. I’m hoping that my excitement will be met with equal satisfaction when the final cake is complete….all I can say is…watch this space! I’m certainly hoping that this little package in the post ‘rescues’ this new Mum!

To view the many great designs available from Cake 2 the Rescue…click here.

The are also on Facebook where you can view testimonials and great ‘baking’ experiences.


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Soaking up the sun

Soaking up the sun

8013a154-1d92-480c-ac88-e1b90875d678-lWe just arrived home following a great few weeks down at Rosebud. Following a jam packed Christmas, it was great to get away to the beach and enjoy some lazy days. Ella certainly scored very well out of her first Christmas, and needless to say, we haled a car load of toys down to the holiday house. The ‘bud’ quickly transformed into Ella’s own play centre and she loved every minute of it. We also made a quick trip to K-mart to get Ella her very own shell pool – an Aussie tradition for kids. As soon as we got it back to the house, it was filled with water, the sunscreen, hat and bathers were on and she was splashing about. Much to her delight, our dog Lloyd equally enjoyed having this ‘large water bowl’ in the back yard.

A steady stream of visitors, trips to the beach, lazing with friends in Portsea and soaking in the spa filled up the couple of weeks quickly. Apart from one (very hot) night, Ella slept really well and her parents were delighted to get a bit of extended shut eye. Ella has quickly found her legs and is now pulling herself up to stand on anything within reach. This is proving to be a new challenge, and is certainly testing the quick reflexes of both Dan and myself. It will be interesting to see how long it takes before she is stomping around the house!

The best part of our trip was most certainly seeing Ella love the beach. A huge part of both Dan and my life growing up, Ella loved it all and did not even bat an eye lid when she swallowed the salty sea water. It was just gorgeous to see her enjoying the sand and the sun, and even though she was covered from head to toe (slip, slop, slap!!), she certainly loved being outside in the Aussie summer. I hope it lasts for many more weeks to come!

Some of our happy moments were captured below:

Ella splashing and laughing in her new shell pool..


Enjoying yummy new summer fruits for the first time…


Sleep ins (sort of) and morning cuddles with Lloyd…


Cuddles and a bath after a swim at the beach…


I look forward to summer lingering around for a while….not long now until Ella turns 1!!