Friday Finds: Toy Storey

Friday Finds: Toy Storey

photoThis week’s Friday Find is short and sweet. It’s a simple one, yet it has made such a big impact on my day, life and living room. For the last few weeks I’ve been searching for a colourful, practical, stylish yet relatively inexpensive solution to the adventure park that has become our living room. When my cousin had her daughter, she always told me how her house became invaded by toys, and now I understand that feeling completely. Ella has amassed  nearly a hundred toys, from rattles to blocks, stuffed toys to puzzles. Each night I pack them in the corner to once again remember what our living room looked like. Each morning they gradually spread across the room, into every nook and cranny of the house. I know that Ella is not yet putting ‘salada’s’ in the video player (Aussie in joke), but I tell you, this girl has got a clever way of getting the heaviest toy to the end of the house. Needless to say, that I have always worried that I will be caught out by that ‘last minute’ visitor and they will see the crazy chaos that has become our home. It makes me feel better however, that I know we are not alone!!!

I searched high and low, and today I came across a great product at the good old Reject Shop. Simple flexible plastic tubs that come in a  variety of sizes, they are similar to the very stylish ‘Tub Trug‘, however these are pretty much the same look and feel, for almost a third of the price ($8.95 for a 38L tub). What’s even better is the colour range will suit almost any household. In the end, if they last the test of time, then great, but if they don’t (and find their way into our dog’s mouth), then they haven’t broken the bank.

At least I can now breathe a sigh of relief as our lounge room now looks a little ordered…until Ella decides to turn the buckets upside down.


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