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Happy Birthday to our beautiful Ella xx

Happy Birthday to our beautiful Ella xx

Today we wish our beautiful baby girl Ella, a Happy 1st Birthday. In years to come, I hope you read this and see, how much joy you have brought into our life. A year ago today, your were born at 12.20pm at the Freemason’s Hospital in Melbourne. From that moment on, you have opened up a world that your Dad and and I did not know existed – a world of endless joy and laughter. Each day you bring us smiles that fill our hearts. Your funny laugh, your gorgeous red hair and your cheeky personality, we are simply so blessed to have you in our life.

Looking back over these photos, you have grown so much already.  We are so proud of you.

Happy First Birthday Ella Moo xx










Love Mummy xxxooo

How sweet it is….

How sweet it is….

On Saturday we held Ella’s 1st Birthday party! Although her real birthday isn’t until tomorrow, the day was perfect to celebrate with family and friends. With over twenty babies and young children arriving on the dot at my Mums house in Essendon, the party was our first taste of what is to come in the years ahead. This blog is my chance to document and capture wonderful memories as Ella grows up and I cannot believe that the milestone of her first birthday party has come and gone. After weeks of preparation, for what we hoped would be a ‘low key’ affair, the day was a great success. I certainly have a new found respect for parents who host birthday parties, and at the end of the day we shared a quiet celebratory drink with my Mum and Dad, as Ella slept peacefully.

I know that Ella won’t remember the day itself, but I hope that the following pictures help her to realise that there was a lot of love in the air. And it was all for her….

Ella was dressed in her first party outfit by her Aunty Mon and Jane – a gift for Christmas was a beautiful white silk dress with humingbirds. Her shoes were also a present from Aunty / Cousin Lisa – a tradition in our family…IMG_3354


Nearly walking….


Ella’s Sweet Shoppe – all the work was worth it! a Big thanks to Vens Paperie for the decoration inspiration!



IMG_3296 IMG_3286


The Cake!!! Peppa Pig thanks to Cake 2 the Rescue!


Ella’s 1st Birthday Memory canvas….inspired by this one on Pinterest!


Laughing with Great Nanna Nola….


Cuddles with Daddy…


Happy Birthday!!!!


A big thankyou to my Mum and Dad for hosting, and for Dan’s parents for helping to make the day possible. A huge shout out to my sisters and my friend Cait, for helping to laminate, cut and primp all of the decorations! Thanks also to my friend Amy, for the cake tips! And finally, a big thankyou to all of our family and friends who came to celebrate….it was a wonderful day to remember. Ella was so spoilt and I’m sure that she will look back over these photos in years to come and see how much she is truly loved.

Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 4.15.35 PM

Win your own Cake 2 the Rescue Kit to help celebrate Ella’s 1st Birthday!

Win your own Cake 2 the Rescue Kit to help celebrate Ella’s 1st Birthday!

tumblr_mdibghSKqU1qg45v4To help celebrate Ella’s 1st Birthday next week, the amazing girls at Cake 2 the Rescue have given me the chance to run my very first blog competition and give one lucky reader your choice of a Cake Rescue Kit! After purchasing my own kit to (hopefully) create my own little Peppa Pig masterpiece, Lisa & Lou (aka the Baker Girls) asked me if I would like to continue sharing the love, by offering another Mum or Dad the chance to make their own!

So, it is with great pleasure that I present my very first blog comp. To enter the competition, simply click the form below and answer this key question:

‘What is your favourite Birthday memory that you wish to re-create for your child?’

From Birthday cakes, to McDonald’s parties, lolly bags to jumping castles, we all have memories of those fabulous times each year. Whether it be a memory of your own birthday, a relative or friend…share your memories to score your chance at winning one of these fabulous kits. Ella, her Dad and myself will act as judges and the winner will be able to choose their own kit for their own child!

Please note that this competition is open to Australian Residents only, and entering the competition means accepting the Terms and Conditions as set out in the following form.

Good Luck!!!

To enter the competition, click here!

Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 4.15.35 PM

Friday Finds: Laugh & Learn with Fisher Price

Friday Finds: Laugh & Learn with Fisher Price

Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 9.36.31 AMBetter late than never, once again my Friday Find is a little late. This week I posted a photo of Ella playing with our iPad and I received a number of requests asking about the App that she was using. Fisher Price have a number of fantastic ‘Laugh & Learn’ Apps that focus on the simple skill of understanding Cause and Effect. Understanding that touching the screen can cause shapes, animals and colour to move and make noise provides children with a sense of awe and wonder. Ella loves these range of Apps because they are filled with colour, animation and familiar sounds. Most of their Apps are free and also can be paired with a range of great tools including the Apptivity Monkey and Apptivity cases for iPhone and iPad.

The following Apps are Ella’s favourite….

FP_ShapesHD_Icon512_tcm169-22414Shapes & Colours Music Show – Babies touch the variety of coloured shapes, each singing and dancing with their own personality


Animal Sounds for Baby – Babies learn about different animals and the sounds they make


Where’s Puppy’s Nose – Learn about the parts of the body by following the cute Puppy!

I hope that your babies enjoy these Apps as much as Ella does!


*Images are sourced from

A year in photos, a mountain of memories

A year in photos, a mountain of memories

Whilst Ella has had a epic sleep this morning, I’ve been able to tackle some washing, clean the house and start to sift through the mountain of photos that we have amassed since Ella was born. Over 5000 shots have been taken (is that normal?), and since acquiring a new computer, I thought it was time that I went through the snapshots and edited it down to a sensible amount. Needless to say it’s been a pretty amazing, challenging and joyous time and looking through these photos has made me pretty emotional. I started this blog because we simply do not store photos like the way we used to. I have back ups or back ups of photos, downloaded from my camera with the hope of making a photo album each year. I am determined to stick to this and hope that as her birthday draw closer each year, I can take the time to sift through them and choose the best ones to print and keep. Here’s hoping that she continues to have a long morning (or afternoon) sleep every now and then, so I can get the chance to look through them and smile….


And for those of you who might be wondering how I went? Well so far, I’ve reduced over 5000 shots to 292….a pretty good effort I think! (Mind you, that doesn’t include shots taken since the end of January though) 🙂


*Photo collage was created using ‘Photo Collage’. For more information, click here.

Friday Finds: Instagram is online!

Friday Finds: Instagram is online!

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 8.59.40 PM
Today I discovered that Instagram has gone online! This is fantastic! It means that you can browse those gorgeous pics directly from your home computer or laptop when you are not out and about. If you are a (newish) Mum like me, you sometimes find yourself at home in your pyjamas at midday. Sometimes, my phone is dead and I have time to do some work on my laptop, or browse Pinterest or Etsy (cue  sighs from my husband). Instagram has finally gone online, and this is a great decision that brings this fabulous tool to the world of the www. A funny thing, that it started out as an app, and eventually moved toward being available on desktops and laptops. The demand must have been there, and although it is not a ‘life changer’, I for one, and really happy that they decided to make this move….

For those of you who have not yet ventured to the land of Instagram….get on it! We are coming up to a year of life with our gorgeous daughter and it’s lovely to browse through some of the following pics to see how she has changed. This is  a (small) selection!

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 8.59.56 PM

To follow us on Instagram, my username is

My account is private, so please don’t be offended. I only accept followers who know Ella and myself.


*Images are taken from my personal Instagram page.

Friday Finds: Birthdays c/o Etsy

Friday Finds: Birthdays c/o Etsy

This week’s Friday Find is a little late. This week I went back to work three days a week, and although it’s great to get back and into the swing of things, it’s meant that the house work and time with Ella has taken up most of my time over the last few days. This week I wanted to share with you some of the fantastic finds I have discovered on Etsy. As we prepare to celebrate Ella’s First Birthday in a few weeks time, I’ve turned to the amazing world of hand made decorations, ornaments and party favours that are available on Etsy. Needless to say, we are trying to keep things simple for her first experience of having a party, but the colours of pink and red are certainly going to adorn every inch of my Mum’s house.

Inspired by a friend’s recent celebration, I found this beautiful personalised bunting. You can choose from a variety of beautiful fabrics, and personalise the wording with your child’s name. A simple ‘Happy Birthday Ella’ was chosen to adorn this gorgeous decoration from Giddygumdrops…


Although we want to keep things simple….the idea of a gorgeous ‘candy bar’ for our little girl, is something that we think she would love. Full of sweet treats, fresh fruit and of course, that good old birthday cake, I’m hoping to re-create our own ‘Ella’s sweet shop’. You can spend a fortune getting someone to do this for you, or you can turn to Vens Paperie. This fabulous service allows you to choose from a range of various party themes, and with a click of a button you can have your own personalised cake toppers, food cards, water labels, thank you cards and more. All you need is your own printer and a little time to cut and organise your cards to make your very own candy bar.

Some of the themes include…

The Farm Barn Yard theme…..

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 1.24.35 PM

Vintage Choo Choo Train...

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 1.23.54 PM

and the good old Sweet Shoppe…this is our pick!Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 1.20.39 PM

The DIY Birthday will never be the same with these fantastic and affordable ideas! Here’s hoping that I can recreate it just like the photos!!!


*Images are taken from the links available within the above text.