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Month: April 2013

Friday Finds: Wrap me up

Friday Finds: Wrap me up

With so many first birthdays this year, I’ve been buying and wrapping presents at least once a week. On my weekly (sometimes daily) Pinterest pondering, I’ve come across a few super cute ideas for wrapping presents and making them almost too gorgeous to unwrap. Everyone knows that the wrapping paper is almost just as fun for babies as the present inside, so why not make the whole experience just as fun as the present itself. I’m sure that everyone will love these ideas, that cost next to nothing, and will put a smile on any child’s face!

Why not invite the kids to draw on their present before they unwrap it???…..


Everyone loves a little Pom Pom decoration….


If you have time….


The wrapping itself is a present…


This one is my favourite….print off a simple photo and add it to the gift…


How ever you wrap a present, I love the idea of making the whole experience a little more personal and special. For more wrapping ideas, you can visit my Pinterest board here. Ella’s little boyfriend Josh is next in our group of friends…will have to get our thinking caps on!


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Friday Finds: Finding the right shoes

Friday Finds: Finding the right shoes

photo 1With Ella nearly walking, her need for robust, yet stylish shoes has led me up the garden path so to speak. Lets face it, the fact that I have had a girl has ensured that my love of shoes could only be strengthened. The options for little girls is endless: glitter, animal print, patent Mary Janes – oh my! However, it been my experience so far that I’ve not known where to turn when it comes to value for money. Buying shoes that look great, but withstand toddler treatment is a challenge. It’s also been a struggle to find the right size….for some reason stores only stock a small amount of ‘pre-walker’ sizes. Once I find the right shoe I’ve been struggling then to find a size that suits her right now!

I recently bought her a pair of shoes, only to lose on in the Supermarket the same day. I should have known that whilst the ‘elastic’ looked nice, it was not ‘Ella’ proof and she pulled them off within an hour. At least I received a nice phone call later in the day to say that the shoe had been found. My little Cinderella was then reunited with her glass slipper so to speak!

When it comes to advice, I’ve come to realise that the best solution is listen to your friends. So for those of you who are in the same boat as me, and struggling in your search for toddler shoes, here is a list of recommendations that Ella has tested and approved..

Any advice from my friend Amy is a sure thing. Her recommendation of the ‘Walnut’ brand has been fantastic. Super cute, sturdy shoes that come with the good old velcro strap.No more missing shoes in the supermarket. They are also a Melbourne company, so purchasing these helps out a local business! These Silver Mary Janes were our pick, but their entire range is gorgeous and at $29.95 quite reasonable..


‘Sprout’ footwear by Myer is super cute, and on sale at the moment..


Seed’s toddler canvas Mary Janes are also a must have if you can find the right size…


I have also found Babyology’s guide to buying baby and toddler shoes fantastic. A great range of hand made and Australian brands, with robust reviews for busy Mums and Dads. A great read for any parent. After my search, Ella is well equipped with a ‘few’ pairs to add to her collection. I recently added this photo to Instagram with the caption – ‘I think it’s a problem when…your baby daughter has more shoes than you’. In  this case, I think it’s a problem…agreed?

photo 4


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We’re all going on a QLD Holiday…

We’re all going on a QLD Holiday…

Yesterday we returned from our first family holiday to Queensland. Not only was it Ella’s first plane ride, but it was also her first trip to Currumbin, and our family holiday apartment at the Rock’s Resort. Since I was five years old, the Sherlocks piled into our Tarrago and ventured up the Hume Highway each year. After two days of seeing lots of trees, playing lots of connect four and visiting every Australian monument and town along the way, from the Dog on the Tucker Box to the Big Banana, we would finally end up at our most treasured holiday spot. For years we would try other resorts and Queensland beach hot spots, but we would always return to the quieter stretch of beautiful sand and sea that is Currumbin.

Lucky for us, Mum and Dad decided to buy an apartment at the beautiful resort, so that our family could continue coming here for decades to come. I have so many fond memories of doing whirl pools in the baby pool, scoping out the rock pools at the beach, and climbing the famous Elephant Rock. Visiting the good old Currumbin Surf life saving club is always a favourite – arguably the best positioned surf club in the country. It’s such a privilage to be able to take my own family here now, and I am eternally grateful and blessed that my own children will now be able to enjoy the sand, sea and gorgeous sunshine in this beautiful place.

Whilst the famous Queensland sunshine did not come out to play for most of the week, we still had a great deal of fun and enjoyed every moment. Having time with family is honestly, the best thing in our life….

Here are some happy snaps that we took along the way….

Ella loving the pool and the floaty ring that her Nanna bought especially…


Swimming with Mummy..


Learning to play golf with Daddy on a rainy day…


Walks with Mum and Dad….

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 12.10.09 PM

Walks on Currumbin beach…


Climbing Elephant Rock. We used to have our Sherlock family photo here every year…


Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 12.09.44 PM


Flying with Daddy…

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 12.09.55 PM

Learning to walk….nearly!


Lunches at the surf club….


Family holidays are the definition of happiness. It think Ella’s expression shows it all…


Till next time Currumbin…we look forward to it!!!


Friday Finds: Plug me in!

Friday Finds: Plug me in!

Tomorrow we are venturing off to Queensland for our first big family holiday. This also means that we are travelling with a baby on a plane for the first time! I’m not sure who should be more nervous….Ella or us. So comes the time when we become ‘those’ people who walk down the aisle of the plane, with our toddler in tow. The look on patient passenger faces is displayed with a slight ‘don’t sit next to me’ look. For 33 years, I have been that passenger, waiting with bated breath. Oh well, tomorrow, the shoe will be on the other foot. Whilst I’m more concerned about getting our daughter and selves through the two-hour trip, I do want the experience to be pleasant for those around us….

So, I’ve got my bag packed with snacks, a bottle for Ella to drink on the way up and down, and lots of flat toys and books to keep her occupied. All I can say is thank God for the iPad. It too is loaded with dozens of Peppa Pig, Charlie and Lola and Play school videos..ready to occupy any one year old (hopefully).

So this week I set out to find some child friendly headphones that Ella could use to ensure that she both enjoys the trip, and does not disturb those ‘patient’ passengers next to us. Whilst watching tv this week, I came across the new Kmart adds, and bingo! I ventured into the store and purchased a fabulously bright pink set of child headphones. Whilst they are not up there with the Bose standard of quality, for $8 you cannot beat the price. Ella even seems to like them already….lets hope that she keeps them on for long enough to have some effect!

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 4.26.38 PM


The headphones displayed are not on the Kmart Website, but similar ones are posted here. Say a little prayer for us!!!! 🙂


Eggs-ellent Easter!

Eggs-ellent Easter!

This year, our Easter was pretty low key, but really special. Dan, myself and Ella headed off to the beach for the long weekend, just the three of us (and good old Lloyd of course!). It was a lovely few days spent, mostly inside, due to the rain and break in our fabulous Indian Summer we have been experiencing in Melbourne. It was a lovely chance to relax and enjoy spending time together..

Image 4
Ella woke to Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. Her first experience of eating chocolate first thing in the day made her eyes light up. It won’t be happening again for a while, so I hope that she savours every last morsel! 🙂

Image 2

This time last year, Ella was only six weeks old, and it was the first time that she had been away from home. Last Easter, her Buba (Grandmother) gave her a gorgeous ‘My First Easter’ Bunny.

Image 3

This bunny was almost bigger than her at the time. A year later, she dwarfs the bunny and is almost unrecognisable compared to the old photo. It’s amazing to see how she has grown so much. Amazing to think about how much we have grown too….

Image 5

Of course, she had to have a gorgeous Easter outfit to wear! Easter bonnets may have gone out of fashion years ago…but her Daddy found this very cute beanie to suffice…


Last year was a year of firsts. First tooth, first meal, first Christmas and first Birthday. This year, we get to revisit all of the magical events that make life special. Thankfully though, we are doing it with a little more sleep than this time last year!

Image 1

We hope everyone had a fabulous Easter!