Friday Finds: Plug me in!

Friday Finds: Plug me in!

Tomorrow we are venturing off to Queensland for our first big family holiday. This also means that we are travelling with a baby on a plane for the first time! I’m not sure who should be more nervous….Ella or us. So comes the time when we become ‘those’ people who walk down the aisle of the plane, with our toddler in tow. The look on patient passenger faces is displayed with a slight ‘don’t sit next to me’ look. For 33 years, I have been that passenger, waiting with bated breath. Oh well, tomorrow, the shoe will be on the other foot. Whilst I’m more concerned about getting our daughter and selves through the two-hour trip, I do want the experience to be pleasant for those around us….

So, I’ve got my bag packed with snacks, a bottle for Ella to drink on the way up and down, and lots of flat toys and books to keep her occupied. All I can say is thank God for the iPad. It too is loaded with dozens of Peppa Pig, Charlie and Lola and Play school videos..ready to occupy any one year old (hopefully).

So this week I set out to find some child friendly headphones that Ella could use to ensure that she both enjoys the trip, and does not disturb those ‘patient’ passengers next to us. Whilst watching tv this week, I came across the new Kmart adds, and bingo! I ventured into the store and purchased a fabulously bright pink set of child headphones. Whilst they are not up there with the Bose standard of quality, for $8 you cannot beat the price. Ella even seems to like them already….lets hope that she keeps them on for long enough to have some effect!

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 4.26.38 PM


The headphones displayed are not on the Kmart Website, but similar ones are posted here. Say a little prayer for us!!!! 🙂


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