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Friday Finds: Tips for photographing your children

Friday Finds: Tips for photographing your children

If you are like me, you are a click happy parent. Click in the form of taking happy snaps wherever and whenever. I must admit that at times, I border on taking too many shots. My husband is forever telling me to enjoy my daughter through my own eyes, rather than through the eye of a lens. I do however, think that in this day and age, we are so lucky to have devices that take fantastic photographs. Whether you use a beautiful SLR or an iPhone, the products that are available in this day and age can make any old photo look professional.

That said, there are some simple and effective tips that every parent can keep in mind to help them take fantastic photographs of their children. I was recently reading this fantastic post from Joanna Goddard at ‘A Cup of Joe’. Joanna, a magazine-writer-turned-blogger who lives in NYC with her husband and toddler son, shared six tips to help parents take gorgeous photographs of their children:


1. Use their crib – At this young age, children are always in their cribs and why not use them as a setting for a gorgeous shot? Not to mention the fact that it will keep them to a confined space, so you won’t be chasing them around the house!

2. Shoot from overhead – If you are a regular Instagram user, you will see the evidence of this simple rule. Overhead shots bring a new sense of interest to a photo and draws the eye to the activity that your child is involved in.

3. Use their toys as props – another simple yet clever idea. Taking snaps of your children with their favourite teddy will bring a smile to anyone’s dial.

4. Shoot over the shoulder of another adult – A gorgeous angle that can only be taken at a young age!

5. Get down at their level – it’s amazing the difference that this strategy makes to a photo of a toddler. The world at their eye level is a very different one, and photographing from their perspective really adds to the shot.

6. Use the light – light can either make a break a photo. Moving a child into the light makes all the difference!

To read the full article and see some gorgeous shots using these tips, please visit Joanna’s blog post here.

Happy Snapping!


*The above image is taken from Julia Goddard’ blog and is linked to it’s original source

One small step for baby!

One small step for baby!

photo 1This week Ella reached what is arguably the most anticipated milestone…walking. Once she hit her first birthday, we were bombarded with ‘is she walking yet?’. Walking seems to be ‘that’ developmental milestone that everyone waits for. Every parent seems to remember clearly the exact month that their child started to walk. Some start early, some start late. When ever your baby starts, it’s not something you can rush. When they are ready, they will walk, and this week, Ella did – 15 months to the day!

For a few months, Ella has been upright, walking around and holding on to what ever she could. She can climb up onto the couch, our bed and the dining chairs. All you had to do was hold one little pinky finger and she would happily walk anywhere with you. It’s such a curious thing, but as soon as you let than little finger loose, her confidence got the better of her and she dropped to the floor. Why walk on my own when I can crawl super fast?

Never the less however, her Daddy and I were always trying to coax her along and praise her with each little tiny step she made. We were also worried that we would miss the time when she finally took those steps on her own. This is something that all working parents have to grapple with. We had often been receiving text messages from her grandparents when they would mind her during the week – ‘one step’, ‘two steps’. Although we were wanting to walk, we were also hoping (kind of selfishly) that she would think of her parents and take those golden steps when both her Mum and Dad were with her.

Last Sunday, remarkably this happened. We were both home, enjoying some family time when she took those magical steps. The look on her face is priceless. Sheer joy and a touch of surprise as she walked from Daddy’s arms across to Mum. After a few trips back and forth, my husband finally told me to get my camera. I must admit that I instinctively reach for my iPhone any time she does something that I want to remember. I just want to capture everything so we can look back in years to come. Daniel always reminds me that it’s more important to view these moments through my own eyes, and not through the eyes of a lens. It’s so true. By the look on her face in this video however, I’m sure glad that I captured it.  I have played it back so many times! You’ll have to excuse the moments when it goes out of focus, Mummy was trying to video and watch it with my own eyes at the same time.

I hope parents everywhere can get to experience joyous moments like these together.  One small step for baby equalled one huge achievement (for all of us) in our eyes!


Friday Finds: Personalised Board Books

Friday Finds: Personalised Board Books

af4fba0d5e7e03f8de1038cbd70c174aBoard books are fantastic. I never understood their true value until having Ella. Robust enough to withstand those grubby fingers and little chompers. Pages can’t get ripped, or damaged from babies who love to eat the pages.

I recently came across this fabulous website that helps you to create your very own personalised board books. ‘Pint Sized Productions‘ allows you to choose from a great range of designs to create your own book.  You can help your little one to learn about anything you like, and add their own personal pictures.  Learn about people (Mum, Dad, sister, brother, Nanna etc), animals, body parts, foods, colours…..anything you like!

I simply love this idea because it helps give your little one a context for learning and reinforce new ideas with examples from their own life.

Creating a book is a simple as choosing your template, adding your photos and presto….they ship it to you!


You can even create flash cards for kids to flip through…


Starting at $21.95 US, they are such a gorgeous idea and a wonderful way to help your baby learn and remember fun times. International shipping orders require you to email them directly for shipping rates.  For more information about Pint Sized Production products, click here.


*All images are linked to their original source

Mums can throw tantrums too

Mums can throw tantrums too

temper_tantrumHave you ever seen a toddler throw a momentous tantrum in a supermarket? Dropping to the floor, dead weight, red face squeezed so tight you wonder if it might stay that way if the wind changes? Children everywhere are throwing tantrums for endless reasons…wanting a lolly, not wanting to leave a park, simply being tired. I was recently reading this article on Kidspot recently about toddler tantrums and how to tame them. However the question beckons…have you ever seen a Mum throw a tanti? I’m sure that there are many Mums out there who have looked and felt like this angry little toddler. Mothers everywhere often have every reason to chuck a wobbly and I’m sure that they have thought about doing so. Being tired, exhausted, work, housework, dog poo, human poo, dirty nappies, laundry, nothing to wear, nothing clean to wear…the list goes on. I’m sure Mothers could be forgiven for throwing a little (big) tantrum once in a while.

Well I sort of did just that last week. In fact I think that I have done it more than once in the last year. My husband and I have always loved the fact we never fight. We are best mates, pretty relaxed and always have a good laugh. We are both Gemini’s – born three days apart. People often talk to me about Gemini’s having split personalities and I’ve always said that this does not describe me. Well after this week, I stand corrected. I now know that I am the definition of a Gemini. I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing.

You see, after working full time for a week, I found myself putting Ella to be the other night and upon reaching into her drawers for a sleep suit, found nothing there. She had no clean sleep suits, no clean singlets. I am embarrassed and sorry to say, that I put her to bed in pyjamas that she wore the night before. From there things got worse. I got my clothes ready for work the next day and found myself with no clean underwear. In fact in the laundry I found the washing basket full, with a huge pile also next to it. I hadn’t had a chance to do washing in a week, and now I was paying for it. In fact when I looked around my house I started to feel a sense of panic as I realised I was actually living in what looked like a bomb site. Heaven forbid anyone come over. Ella was getting three molars at once, my dog hadn’t been walked in a week, I ran out of dog food, dishes in the sink. It all felt like too much.

IMG_2856The next morning I completely lost it. Another bad night of teething we both woke up from only a few hours sleep. I went to bed as Kate and woke up as a psycho. Dan and I left the house for the first time without speaking with each other. I nearly fell asleep at work. I’m surprised that I didn’t have a tantrum right in the middle of our school car park (now wouldn’t that be a sight!). People had told me that lack of sleep changes everything, and this day it really did. We were getting more sleep than we had when Ella was first born, but now that I am back at work three days, a few bad nights combined with a messy house caused a huge chain reaction in my brain.

There is nothing like a good laugh to put things right. Thankfully I work with some pretty amazing people who helped me do just that. Working with kids ironically also helps make you smile, when you are feeling overwhelmed about your own parenting problems. Needless to say, I know that my problems are tiny compared to some. I’m healthy, happy and really am blessed. I guess I just needed to put it down to a bad week and like all other things, it must come to an end.  I probably need to be a bit kinder to my husband 🙂 Until the next teeth break through anyway…

Like the picture says…Keep Calm and Mother On!


Growing Girl

Growing Girl

I saw a fantastic idea on Pinterest last year…a great way of tracking your child grow by using letters describing their age. It all started out great, with Ella lying still and looking adoringly up towards the camera. You see, I soon realised that after each month, it was getting increasingly difficult to  a. lie on the ground, b. lie still, c. not eat the letters and d. actually get a shot that was not blurry. Not to mention actually remembering to take the shots!

Whilst I was creating Ella’s photo book over the last month, I came across some of these shots and decided to share them with you. I must admit, that I left out a couple of months…we were clearly too busy having fun! None the less, this idea is really adorable, and if you can do it, is a great way to show your cheeky little one changing each month.

Here are our efforts….

Six Months (this one is my favourite! look at that hand under her chin!)

Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 2.09.19 PM

8 Months – wriggly worm

Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 2.08.46 PM

Nine Months…

photo copy

Ten Months…

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 12.12.39 PM

A super cute idea…if you can keep them still!!


Friday Finds: Casetagram

Friday Finds: Casetagram

tumblr_ltmuvtM8Ce1r2k7tlo1_1280Last year, I was getting out of the car, baby in tow, hand bag and nappy bag lugged over my shoulder when my iPhone fell out of my pocket and smashed all over the ground. I was not a happy camper. I knew that I should have had a proper case for my phone, but had just put it to the bottom of my never ending ‘to do’ list. After upgrading my phone I invested in a case straight away, and it has proven to be a worthwhile investment by protecting my phone from a number of subsequent falls and general beating around by one small but very active baby. Whilst my phone has withstood a great deal of ‘general use’, it is time to get a new case. I’ve been looking around at various options and was recently showed this amazing new product that allows you to create your own personalised case. Cue ‘Casetagram’.

This fabulous product allows you to create almost any type of case you like. It includes a variety of themes and templates and draws upon photos from your own Instagram or Facebook library. By downloading their app, you can play till your heart’s content. Not only this, but you can create covers for your iphone or android device, and iPad! From $39.95, you can have your own family protect your precious phone!

These screen shots below show the fun I’ve had creating my own case….

Choose your device and case template…

photo 4

Add your photos…

photo 1

Put it all together…

photo 2

Save and share your design!!!

photo 3

I love, love this idea. Can’t wait for it to arrive in the mail. For more information about Casetagram, click here.


Memorable Mothers’ Day

Memorable Mothers’ Day

photo 5Last Sunday, I spent my second Mothers’ Day with my beautiful family. We woke to an empty house, following the wedding of our dear friends, and Daniel quickly raced over to his parents’ house so Ella could spend the morning with us. I can’t believe that it was my second Mothers’ Day – last year was such a blur! We had a gorgeous breakfast at home and then were lucky enough to have a combined lunch with both my and Daniel’s family at our good old favourite…Topolino’s in St Kilda. It really was a lovely (and practical) way to spend Mothers’ Day, with great company, great food and our beautiful little girl. Growing up so quickly…it’s scary to think that next year she will be running around the house!

Here are some snaps from our day…

A gorgeous morning with Ella, Dan and Lloyd…

photo 2

Lunch @ Topolino’s with the Sherlocks!


Reminiscing about family holidays circa 1985….

photo 4

As a ‘Grandmothers’ Day’ gift to Ella’s Nanna and Baba, I finally finished her photo book of her first year. I started this blog to capture the memories that we no longer print and store in albums like we used to!  However my aim is to compile photos once a year and create these coffee table books. There still is nothing like flicking through a photo album…

photo 1-1

She has grown so much…haven’t we all!

photo 2-1

A lovely thing to do on Mothers Day…

photo 3-1

And a nice way to share your Instagram favourites…

photo 5-1

All in all, it was a beautiful Mothers’ Day. So blessed and grateful for our health and happiness. I hope you all enjoyed your day with family as well.