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Month: May 2013

Friday Finds: Mothers’ Day Mania

Friday Finds: Mothers’ Day Mania

This Sunday is my second Mothers’ day. Last year, it felt so surreal. I was still in the midst of finding my way out of the fog. I was still feeling pretty sore and sorry for myself in lots of ways. It was a lovely thing, just to have a cup of tea in bed, and an extra few hours sleep. I don’t know about other Mums, but the little things really make my day. When my husband makes me that cup of tea, when he gets up to get my daughter when she wakes. I am looking forward to a whole lot of ‘little’ things this Sunday. Apart from the fact that Ella will actually be sleeping over at her Grandmother’s (Baba’s) house, because her Daddy and Mummy will be recovering from her GodFather’s wedding….I look forward to seeing her gorgeous face on Sunday morning.

Being a primary school teacher, the theme of Mothers’ Day has pervaded school this week. Lovingly hand crafted presents and cards were carefully created and placed in school bags, ready to be revealed this coming Sunday. In case you, or your child, or their Daddy needs so inspiration to help things along this Sunday…I thought I’d share a few ideas that are simple enough for any child or Dad to master…heheh….

This super sweet hand card shows you how much they love you….


A gorgeous artwork created together, by each of your children…


A simply idea that any Mum would adore…


Walk with me Mamma….


What ever you do this Sunday, I hope that your day is filled with love, happiness and a cup of tea in bed. You deserve it after all……


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Friday Finds: Personalised Pillows

Friday Finds: Personalised Pillows

For years, I’ve seen beautiful personalised cushions on sale in stores and have always thought about getting one for Ella after she was born. Whilst I was watching ‘Postcards’ on television a few Saturdays ago, I saw a story about a woman who was creating hand made manchester for children. Sold at via her online store or on show at the Flemington market, Wendy Pamela’s passion is creating beautiful things.

Her website includes a variety of colours and patterns that you can choose to create your own baby blanket, cot or bed quilts, cushions and bags.

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 3.39.01 PM

I chose the flower Sugar design to create Ella her very own personalised cushion…

photo 1

Nestled on her Alice in Wonderland high back chair, its the perfect place for a pillow to lie!

photo 2

To visit Wendy Pamela’s store and see her entire product range and prices, visit her store here.

A gorgeous addition to any child’s bedroom, her products are just divine.



Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 9.40.10 AM

Dear Zoo

Dear Zoo

9780230747722Ella’s favourite book of the past few months has been the gorgeous ‘Dear Zoo’ by Rod Campbell. A childrens’ classic, this board book gives her endless joy as she lifts the flaps to reveal the animal inside. Ever since she was born, her Dad has also been asking me ‘when can we take her to the zoo?’. As the saying goes…you can take the boy out of the zoo, but you can never take the zoo out of the boy! (or is that just me?). Well last weekend, we finally found ourselves with nothing to do on a Sunday (bizarre), and even though Dan had been unwell, his delight at the prospect of taking Ella to the zoo propelled him into the world of health.

Dan said that he hadn’t been to the zoo since he was about ten years old, something that I could not believe. I have been to the zoo so many times, both as a child and a teacher…I’ve lost count. I hadn’t been however since the major redevelopments had been completed at the wonderful Royal Melbourne Zoo. We were amazed and delighted to experience these changes for ourself as we took Ella off to experience her first Zoo adventure. And boy did she love it!

Here are some happy snaps from our day out….

Where are the Gorilla’s Mum?…


Closest she’ll ever get to a real Hippo….


Searching for the Baboons…


Being a little monkey…


Apparently, every child has this shot…


Exploring with Daddy (melts my heart)…


Where’s Simba?….


Swinging like a Monkey…


She could almost be in the enclosure!…


I want to get in Daddy!


A gorgeous day out, we are so lucky in Melbourne to have such a beautiful Zoo, right on our door steps. Can’t wait until we visit again!