There were three in the bed…

There were three in the bed…

co-sleeping-with-kids-300x200We’ve tried so hard to help Ella have good sleep habits over the last year. Routine, self settling, controlled crying…you name it, we’ve done it. Ella really is a great sleeper, and for the first year and a half we thanked our lucky stars. However, with the dreaded winter has come sickness, and with that…all bets are off. I’ve always sympathised with my friends whose children come home from day care with cough after cold after rash. The cycle is endless, as is the resultant sleep problems. Ella has not been in day care until now, and has been with her beautiful Grandmothers. Like all things however, this is no guarantee, and with play group, birthday parties and play dates, germs inevitably spread.

It’s all part and parcel of kids and winter, but for the past two months, Ella has seemed to catch everything. Cold, ear infections, hand, foot and mouth and now croup. The poor little pumpkin has battled with feeling unwell for a while now. She is however, pretty happy during the day and still loves playing and watching her beloved Peppa Pig. However, nights have become a different story in the Korber household, and the good routine, and sleep habits have become a far distant memory. Kids who are sick just want to be close to you, and that means sleeping in your bed. Night after night, its been the same new ‘routine’ for us. Midnight rolls around, she coughs and coughs, cries and cries and she comes in with us. Not to say that this means anyone sleeps. As any parent would know…more bodies in a bed = less sleep for all. It would be so nice if she ‘slept like a baby’ when she came in with us. Because we are both working, invariably, we try to do the ‘thing’ that works the quickest. Normally we have used controlled crying quite successfully, however with her being so sick, it’s not recommended. That leaves little option, and so, we have now succumbed to having Ella sleep with us most nights. As the nursery rhyme goes….there were three in the bed, and the little one said….

A dear friend of mine Kris sent this image to me a little while ago. It made me laugh…its so true..1344565649802_6832509

After another trip to the doctor today, Ella is now on antibiotics. Hopefully this will help get get well, and  we will be able to get back into a better sleep routine some time soon. Here’s hoping that spring comes early, so all babies can get well, and their Mums and Dads can enjoy a little bit of shut eye. One can always dream…..


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