Friday Finds: Kmart Sleeptime Projector Buddy

Friday Finds: Kmart Sleeptime Projector Buddy

41859162-fIf you read my blog post yesterday, you would know that we haven’t been getting much sleep lately. When Ella was well, however, I invested in a product that changed our lives. I’d seen ‘sleeptime’ toys that light up as a way to help children self settle to sleep and in the middle of the night. A very wise friend of mine suggested that we try this toy as it helped her toddler when she had troubles at three years of age. We tried to give it some time so that we could ‘keep it up our sleeve’ if we ever needed it in the future. Needless to say, the future came faster than we thought. There were several products on the market, however good old Kmart had advertised their own ‘Sleep Time Projector Buddy‘ on the television, and with a $15 price tag….it was a sure thing we thought we’d try.

Well I wish I had purchased it sooner. This buddy comes in a variety of styles…we chose the pink owl for Ella (pink wins every time). With a simple push of a button, its tummy lights up the roof just like a night sky. It’s actually really powerful and bright, very impressive. With three colours and the option to play music (or if you are like us, not play music), this sleep time buddy really has brought us some peace, and helped Ella in the night. She seems to have developed a fear of the dark, so this toy has also helped with that.

A cheap, cute and very practical toy that I would highly recommend to all who are also having sleep issues in the night with toddlers. This video gives you a good insight into how it works:

Hoping that this Friday Find is helpful for you all!


*Image courtesy of Kmart Australia



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