# A Prince is born!

# A Prince is born!

its_a_boy_text_design_with_blue_crown_placemat-r6618d80256fd44809b6cfe398aedc2dc_2cfku_8byvr_324It was lovely and exciting to wake up this morning to the news that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, aka Wills & Kate have given birth to a boy, a little Prince. It’s been Royal Baby fever for 9 months, but can only be described as a circus in the last few days, with hashtags galore flying around Twitter and cyberspace. A ‘post’ about the Royal Baby’s impending birth was not complete without a ‘#royalbabywatch’, ‘#princeorprincess’ or even ‘#pushkatepush’ in the last few days!

What an amazingly different world this little boy has been born into. In some ways, he is born into great tradition and history. So many aspects to his life that have already been set in stone. Growing up ‘Royal Baby’ is not your average run of the mill upbringing! In other ways, however, his life is very different to those royals before him. The world of social media, as this blog owes its’ thanks, is a new frontier, and within seconds of his birth into the world, the entire world knew. Messages of congratulations, well wishes, images, cartoons and hashtags alike have instantly appeared on Facebook walls, Instagram and Twitter feeds, and online Imagenewspapers. It’s comforting for the world to receive such joyous news so instantly. It’s also comforting to see some traditions remain intact, as a simple scroll announcing the birth was placed on an easel in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace. A lovely touch in a world so consumed with mobile devices and instant gratification.

I wanted to post this today, to mark a historic world occasion in Ella’s life, and help her understand how her world was when she was young. It’s hard to imagine how information and news will change again by the time she grows up to read these posts. This little Prince will inevitably grow up along side Ella in a world where every moment can be instantly captured and shared with anyone, anywhere. Here’s hoping that this little Prince and his parents get some privacy, rest and TLC before their public life as a family begins.

#wishfulthinking #thataintgonnahappen #onecanonlyhope

A huge congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their son. We look forward to learning your name in the days to come.


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