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Win a personalised Phone cover with our Casetagram Comp!

Win a personalised Phone cover with our Casetagram Comp!

Have you ever wanted to design your very own, super cool phone cover? There are so many cool ones out there, but this is your chance to win your very own, ‘one of a kind’ cover. After viewing a previous post about their great product, the cool guys @ Casetagram have teamed up with Happy Ella After to offer our readers a voucher to the value of $39.95. With this voucher you can play until your heart’s content, and design your one of a kind cover with your own photos, or by choosing one of their sleek design templates.

The evolution of phoneography (photography via a smartphone) has made it easier than ever before for people across the world to capture and share their memories. Founded in 2011, Casetagram is the world’s first social design platform to make customizable cases for phones and tablets using social images, including Instagram and Facebook photos. Casetagram provides an easy-to-use platform to bring personal photos to life, making it more customizable than ever. Combining quality and brilliance, Casetagram continues to search for ways to turn social images into extraordinary products and celebrate the creative along the way. Shoot it, Place it, Case it.
Casetagram offers customizable cases for iPhone 5/4S/4, iPod Touch 5/4, iPad Mini, iPad 3/2, Google Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy 4/3/2, and Samsung Note 2/1. All designs can be made using the Casetagram mobile app or web portal, offering over 15 different layouts and filters, and are printed on quality cases, which are durable, slim and easy to snap on. Cases are available in a frosty charcoal or frosty white matte finish for $34.95 – $54.95.
Here are some really cool examples of what you can do with Casetagram…
Bring your Instagram snaps to life…
Make your own phone case artwork…
You can even make your own iPad case!
Still need inspiration? Check out this video…
So it is with pleasure that we offer to our Happy Ella After readers the chance to win your own Castagram Case. A voucher to the value of $39.95 will allow you to design a case with your own images and ideas. To enter this fantastic competition, all you need to do is ‘like’ both the Castagram and Happy Ella After Facebook pages.
Please note that all entrants MUST enter via the link below. You must follow the links to like the pages. You cannot simply ‘like’ the pages directly through facebook. This link helps us to understand who has liked both pages for the purposes of this competition (and speed up the process of choosing a winner). If you are a pre-existing ‘liker’ of either page, you still need to click on this link below and follow the directions. It will ask you to like the pages again. Once you have done this, you will be added to the competition list. Terms & Conditions are listed in the link below.


For Casetagram inpirations, follow their new Pinterest page by clicking on the image below!
Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 10.39.14 AM

Connect with Casetagram also online at:


And the winner is…

And the winner is…

And the winner of our Ella’s Kitchen competition is…. Jade Trestrail (Aidan’s Mum). Congratulations Jade! Please email me via for details so we can get the prize out to you!

Thanks to everyone who entered. A huge thanks also goes to Ella’s Kitchen for connecting with us. We hope you love their products available in Coles stores. Next week we have a fantastic competition with Casetagram. Stay tuned for comp details on Monday!


Friday Finds: Pimp my Cubby

Friday Finds: Pimp my Cubby

photo 4Happy Ella After readers will know that this week, we became the proud owners of a Creations4Kids Cardboard Cubby. Ella was immediately taken by the coolness of an enclosed space all to herself, and within seconds she was in and slammed the door shut behind me. It was so cute to hear her talking to herself and the toys she dragged in with her. There is just something so cool about a Cubby House. It’s a little oasis for children, and I’m sure it creates an ‘oasis’ type feeling for parents. Hours of endless play and happiness for all. Whether it be a ‘pimped’ up cubby like some of the ones I found online this week, or the DIY sort, made out of sheets, pillows and a hand held torch…we all have fond memories of building and playing in cubby houses as children.

This week for Friday Finds, I thought I would share with you some amazing examples of ‘pimped’ up Cubbies. Babyology often posts great articles about cubbies that inspire and foster imagination. Here are some great ones I have found whilst trawling through the internet. The only word to describe them is ‘awesome!’.

Princess or Astronaut? This cubby’s got you covered…


Fantasy dreams…


Tree House Perfection..


Cubby Heaven…this one was part of the Melbourne International Flower Show…


However, there truly is nothing more fun and magical, than making your own indoor cubby, with good old sheets, pillows, toys and what ever you can find! I have wonderful memories of spending school holidays transforming whole rooms into cubby heaven. If you need inspiration for your little ones, visit this great Kidspot article by clicking on the image below. Look at their gorgeous smiles..TNCC_IndoorFort194x191

Whether it be a DIY indoor cubby, cardboard pop up or fantasy cubby house…have fun creating building one with your kids.

Do you have a photo of your child’s cubby, or a great memory of a childhood cubby house? I’d love to hear from you!


*All images are linked to their original source.

Girls just wanna have fun!

Girls just wanna have fun!

Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 1.12.54 PMElla is really becoming a little girl now. It’s funny how I noticed this just recently. It must have been the fact that I can now shop for her clothes in the ‘girls’ section of a store, instead of the baby area ( I must admit…this has opened a new door that I’m sure my husband would prefer be closed!). I was talking recently to a friend about the fact that Ella was born in a year when there seemed to be a disproportionate amount of boys to girls. Amongst my close friends, Ella was the only girl. This meant that a. she would have her pick of boyfriends in years to come, and b. that she would either have to become a ‘tom boy’, or boss the boys into playing ‘princesses’.

Not that we have ‘shown’ or ‘taught’ her about being overly ‘girly’…apart from the barrage of pink. I just want her to be happy with what ever she wants to do! It made me wonder however, about how she ‘learns’ about being a ‘girl’ and doing particularly ‘girly’ things? The penny dropped this week, when I saw Ella putting a bangle on her wrist and waving it around proudly. She learns it from Mummy. Quite simple really. I wonder what else she learns from Mummy? This week I also noticed the fact that she put her bejewelled handbag over her shoulder and proceded to walk around the house. This cute little bag that was given to her as a Christmas present has up until now, sat in the toy bucket…waiting to be put to good use. Well, now…she carries it everywhere. She’s also proceeded to put every toy, phone shaped or not, up to her ear and say ‘haiiiiiiiiiiy’. Needless to say, we must be on our phones a bit.

We were recently going to meet Ella’s Daddy one night after work, when I realised that I didn’t need to carry her the entire time anymore! As we walked to the tram stop, I put her down so she could walk on her own. She just loved it. It was like a whole new world had opened up for her. She has trodden the pavement so many times in her pram, yet this was the first time she had walked on it with her own two feet. She looked like such a beautiful little girl, with the who world before her.

This little clip shows how joyous walking really can be…

Our baby girl really is growing so fast now. I hope she keeps having the time of her life, just like we are.


Truly humbled by a Cubby

Truly humbled by a Cubby

Last Friday I wrote a post about a fantastic company “Creations4Kids” and their Cubby Houses for sale on their website. Not only were they on sale for an amazing price ($12.95), but the proceeds were all donated to the Starlight Foundation in support of sick children. I was also contacted by the Starlight Foundation to let me know that Creations4Kids also donate cubbies directly to the Royal Childrens’ Hospital in Melbourne to help give sick children something to smile about whilst they stay at the hospital. An amazing company, and an amazing women..Carmen really is the definition of someone who pays it forward.

I was then contacted by the beautiful Carmen herself who shared her story with me, and told me of her long standing affiliation both personally and professionally with the Starlight Foundation. Carmen is someone who clearly cares for others, and wants to help all children experience happiness and joy. I was truly humbled to receive a Cubby from Carmen in the post today (she got to me before I could order one!!). As soon as it arrived, we quickly put it together and Ella has been in there ever since. Given that Ella has been sick with croup…this has certainly put a big smile on her face!

Carmen….what ever the future holds for you, I hope that you truly understand the positive impact you have had on so many people. I’ve only spoken with you once, but I can tell that you are someone who deserves all that happiness can bring. Thank you.

Here are some snaps of Ella enjoying her very first Cubby House…


Can you spot the happy girl?….

photo 4

A little movie to show you how cool they really are!!

To purchase a Cubby of your own and support the wonderful work on Creations4Kids, click here.

All proceeds from her Cubby Houses go to the Starlight Foundation.


Friday Finds: Creations4kids Cardboard Cubby House

Friday Finds: Creations4kids Cardboard Cubby House

boyngirl_painting__12338.1355717561.1280.1280Ella is getting to the stage where I think she would love a cubby house. She has taken to hiding underneath the ironing board, and playing with her toys. Well, if you are in a similar situation, then I have found possibly the best cubby house deal I’ve ever seen!

Creations4kids is a Victorian based company that sells cardboard Cubby Houses. Their motto is “Designed for the Children now, Thinking of their Futures later”. Versatility is what makes this all Australian designed and manufactured cardboard cubby house so in demand.

Features include:

*Size: 810 x 810 x 1200mm

*Door, Window, Starlight Roof and Letter Box

* Great for Children’s Birthday Parties Games or to simply entertain for hours decorating.

* These Cubbies are not only made from 100% recycled cardboard, but are also 100% recyclable.

* Indoors or out.

*Countless hours of creative play.

*Paint it, draw on it, or have a Tea Party in it.

*Ages 2 & Up.

* Easy to assemble & pack away and when you kids are finished playing with it, recycle it to save our environment!


starlight_logoAt the moment, they are on sale for $12.95 (Plus P&H – check the online calculator for your address). $12.95!!! The best part is that all proceeds from the sale of these Cubby Houses go to the Starlight Foundation. This organisation helps sick children have some joy and happy experiences to help them recover. What an amazing product, and what an amazing company to donate their profits and help children in need.

To purchase the Cardboard Cubby, visit Creations4kids here.

You can also ‘like’ their Facebook Page here.


*All images are linked to the Creations4kids website & Starlight Foundation.

* Please note that at the time of publication of this post, Creations4kids have posted on their Facebook page that they are going out of business. They currently have an offer for 1 cubby @ $19.95 or a double cubby @ $19.95 with free crayons. The offer is available until the end of July so get in quick and help the sick kids!

Celebrate Happy Ella After’s 1st Year! Win an Ella’s Kitchen prize pack!

Celebrate Happy Ella After’s 1st Year! Win an Ella’s Kitchen prize pack!

happy_birthdayA year ago this week, I began this blog. It has been a surprisingly joyous way to share Ella’s milestones and memories and my own motherly challenges and achievements. With my ‘Friday Finds’, this blog also been a great medium to share products, ideas and resources that can help Mums and Dads stay sane and happy. I have thoroughly enjoyed the support that I have received, and the beautiful messages that have come through my inbox. I would like to thank everyone, whether I personally know you or not, who has read my posts and commented in some way. I’d especially like to thank a colleague of mine, Paula, who gave me the idea in the first place, and encouraged me to use my passion for technology to create this blog. Paula, thanks for the idea…it certainly has been a seed that has grown, and I hope it will continue.

imagesFrom time to time, I’ve been contacted by various companies to see if I would be interested in running promotions or reviews for products. I’ve always said that I would only include products that I truly believe have made a difference to Ella and my life, and have posted honest and fair reviews. It was a coincidence that recently I was thinking about a way to celebrate my first year of ‘Happy Ella After’, when I was contacted by Kate from ‘Ella’s Kitchen‘. Kate indicated that she had come across my blog, and thought it was a lovely way for a Mother to keep record of her daughter as she grew.

At Ella’s Kitchen, they believe that a babies early experiences with food can help develop healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime. The range of Ella’s Kitchen foods are 100% organic and are designed to stimulate all of the senses, not just the taste buds. The bright, colourful squeezy pouches are great for little hands to grab and squish, and as a Mum, they are a handy snack on the go. Being organic is really important to them, because organic food is natural, contains no nasty additives, and is good for the environment, Lots of people, big and small say that it tastes better too….

Ella’s Kitchen was created by Ella’s Dad, Paul Lindley. He set up Ella’s Kitchen because he passionately believes that Ella, along with her generation, should have the opportunity to east healthy food and discover that it can be tasty, fun and cool. The team at Ella’s Kitchen sent us a variety of fruit smoothies to try, and I have to say that Ella loved them all. Cleverly titled – ‘The red one’, ‘The green one’, ‘The yellow one’ and ‘the purple one’ – these smoothies are a great alternative to other fruit products on the market. From this picture, you can see that my Ella really loved the smoothies and could not get enough of them. Ella has not taken to squeezy pouches in the past, but really loved this variety…


Kate also offered me the chance to run a competition for my readers – A Prize pack that includes 10 pouches from across their range, an Ella’s Kitchen bib and the upcycled bag. The prize value is around $45.

Ella's Kitchen

So without further delay, I would like to invite all of our readers to enter this competition to win your own prize pack. To win, you will need to ‘like’ both the Australian Ella’s Kitchen Facebook Page, and the Happy Ella After Facebook Page. Readers who like both pages will be entered into a draw and a winner will be chosen at random. Please note that if you are already are ‘liker’ of either page, you are still eligible for entry. You just need to ensure that you have ‘liked’ both pages before the competition closes. If you have already liked both pages before the competition started, please email me on and you will be added to the list of entrants. All entrants automatically agree to the terms and conditions as set out below. Please note that this competition is open to Australian Residents only.

To ‘like’ the Australian Ella’s Kitchen Facebook page: click here

To ‘like’ the Happy Ella After Facebook page: click here

Best of luck and thanks for stopping by Happy Ella After over the past year!!!


Terms & Conditions for Ella’s Kitchen Competition:

  • Entrants need to ‘like’ both the Australian Ella’s Kitchen and Happy Ella After Facebook pages to enter. Links are provided above.
  • Entrants who like both pages will be entered into a draw.
  • Existing likers of either page simply need to like both pages before the competition closes. Any readers who are pre-existing likers or both pages before the competition started are still eligible for entry. You simply need to email and you will be added to the entrant list.
  • Open to Australian Residents only.
  • The competition is open between Monday 1st July 8am AEST and closes on Wednesday 10th July at 10am AEST.
  • The winner will be selected at random by Kate Korber.
  • The winner will be announced via this blog and the Happy Ella After Facebook page.
  • The winner will be required to contact Kate Korber via
  • The prize pack will be delivered directly to the winner