Friday Finds: ‘Be a Fun Mum’

Friday Finds: ‘Be a Fun Mum’

This week’s Friday Find is a quick one, yet oh so cool! This week, Be A Fun Mum shared a super simple trick for decorating cakes and adding a touch of flare to any birthday! Using a simple cookie cutter, add sprinkles and simply flip over to reveal a perfect number!  The possibilities are endless, with various shapes, sizes and sprinkle colours. Think of the cool designs that you could create to impress your little ones! Don’t believe it would work? Check out this picture below…


I’m super thrilled that Be a Fun Mum shared this simple idea to help this little Mummy as her daughter grows up. I’m sure that there are many Mums and Dads out there who knew about this trick many years ago….

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*Image from Be a Fun Mum

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