18 Months. Where has that time gone?

18 Months. Where has that time gone?

On Monday, Ella turned 18 months old. As always, when Ella has reached a timely milestone, I sit for a while and scratch my head in disbelief. It only felt like yesterday that Daniel and I found out we were pregnant. That morning, we went for a walk in our local park and thought about all of the things that lay ahead. Would it be a boy or a girl? What would their name be? Would we really get no sleep? What would their personality be like? 18 months later, we have obviously found out all the answers to those questions (yes….we got no sleep. What a silly question!), and we have also asked a thousand more in that time. Best of all, we’ve experienced and been lucky enough to be the proud parents of the happiest, cheekiest and most gorgeous little girl in the world (sorry for the bias).

So lucky, and so grateful to have our Ella moo in our lives…


Love Mum xx


2 thoughts on “18 Months. Where has that time gone?

  1. What a great photo Kate! A blog is a great way to keep an electronic diary of milestones. I’ve found similar taking lots of digital pictures of my 2.5 and what to do with them. My blog has helped me to sort through and post things of relevance so when he’s older he will be able to find without having to look through the various devices. Enjoy the days with your beautiful daughter. Trish 🙂

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