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Month: August 2013

Friday Finds: Gumboots Galore

Friday Finds: Gumboots Galore

Sorry my Friday Find is a little late today! I don’t normally work Fridays, but a Curriculum Day at school meant that I had to get to my blog later than usual! What a wintery, wet and windy old day in Melbourne it has been today! I’m sure there were many kids cooped up inside today with loads of ‘wet day’ activities keeping loads of Mummies and Daddies on their toes today. I can only hope that you had some peace and quiet at some stage throughout the day…even if it was for only for a bathroom visit 😉

Winter has had me searching high and low for gumboots for Ella. I’m not sure if it is her infatuation with Peppa Pig (think jumping in muddy puddles), or the fact that she has started day care. All I know is that the prospect of wet shoes is not appealing. She has been sick enough this winter, so gumboots may help protect her little tootsies from the cold, and ward off those nasty bugs.

The problem however, has been finding gumboots that fit her. I’m not sure if its just me, but I’ve really struggled to find gumboots in sizes for toddlers who have just started walking. I’m talking a size 23 / 24. It’s hard in general to find shoes in smaller sizes, but finding gumboots has been almost impossible. So this week, I turned to the mecca of all knowledge and wisdom to help me find her some gumboots – Mums on Facebook. Within minutes of putting out a request for ideas and places that sold gumboots in small sizes, I was sent dozens of suggestions. Many thanks to all those friends on the Happy Ella After FB page who helped me solve my problem and eventually find some that actually fit! This post is a summary of those suggestions, so that other Mums can benefit from the ‘leg work’ that others have done! click on the image to go straight to the weblink!

Cotton On Kids – Many currently on sale for $10! This was our pick!

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 5.57.36 PM

Marks & Spencer UK – Free delivery to Australia! Loads of styles but you can’t go past these Peppa Pig beauties!

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 6.03.33 PM

My infatuation with all things Walnut continues……loads of great styles on sale at the moment…

Toggle_Rubber_Bo_51607d1d623a3_250x250 also had many styles for boys and girls, with loads on sale!

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 6.09.15 PM

Apparently Big W also have a great range, however they do not stock online. A big thanks to all those friends who made recommendations and helped this Mum find a pair of gumboots for my little girl! Here is hoping that the sun shines this weekend so we can at least all go outside!


Friday Finds: ‘Be a Fun Mum’

Friday Finds: ‘Be a Fun Mum’

This week’s Friday Find is a quick one, yet oh so cool! This week, Be A Fun Mum shared a super simple trick for decorating cakes and adding a touch of flare to any birthday! Using a simple cookie cutter, add sprinkles and simply flip over to reveal a perfect number!  The possibilities are endless, with various shapes, sizes and sprinkle colours. Think of the cool designs that you could create to impress your little ones! Don’t believe it would work? Check out this picture below…


I’m super thrilled that Be a Fun Mum shared this simple idea to help this little Mummy as her daughter grows up. I’m sure that there are many Mums and Dads out there who knew about this trick many years ago….

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*Image from Be a Fun Mum