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Month: September 2013

Friday Find: Tiny Beans Update

Friday Find: Tiny Beans Update

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 1.03.58 PMFor this week’s Friday Find, I’m going back to an App that I featured in one of my first ever posts on Happy Ella After (you can check it out here). If you are a parent, you need to know about the Tiny Beans App. This fabulous team, created the Tiny Beans app to help parents everywhere capture their every day moments with their children and store it within a simple app. Whilst I am an avid lover of social media, Mums like myself can sometimes be at risk of ‘oversharing’. Tiny Beans allows you to privately store pics and if you wish, share this with family. Since downloading this app last year, I have used it almost everyday. Over this time, the app has seen some fantastic updates to improve the way in which parents can capture everyday memories.

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 12.58.51 PM

These new features include:

  • Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 12.58.30 PMThe ability to upload video as well as photos
  • The ability to link your account to instagram. With a simple hashtag #tinybeanskids, your insta snaps go directly to your Tiny Beans account
  • The ability to upload the photo to the day it was taken. If you are anything like me, you take heaps of snaps but forget to upload them then and there. This new feature means that the snap is uploaded to the calendar day it was taken. No more straining your brain trying to remember!
  • Various filters and stickers to add some fun to your image!
  • A beautiful new interface that allows you to scroll effortlessly through the months to see your baby grow.
  • The ability to share your journal privately with family and friends. They can even add their own pics!
  • Beautiful photo books that can now be printed containing all your Tiny Beans pics!

It is without a doubt the best parent App you can have! They have been featured on many a website review, including Babyology.

The Tiny Beans App is free and available for download from the iTunes store here.


Friday Finds: Scunci Hair Accessories

Friday Finds: Scunci Hair Accessories

Whilst it has taken a while for Ella’s locks to grow, her beautiful red hair is now covering her face, and so hair clips are a must have item in the Korber household. I remember having to ‘grow my fringe out’ when I was in grade 6, and it was not pretty to say the least. I hope that I can help save Ella the torture that is growing out your fringe, and do it from the get go. That said, hair clips are currently so expensive! You can pay up to ten dollars for two little clips. Whilst I’m a sucker for all things gorgeous and cute, I’m also conscious of the fact that Ella tends to pull them out and lose them all over the place. So I’ve been looking out for stylish hair clips that are cute and funky, but won’t break the bank.

It was timely that the team from Scunci sent me a beautiful pack of their new range of hair accessories for girls to try. The day the pack arrived, Ella was so excited (and so was her Mum). There is something so cool about great hair accessories. Here is a picture of what arrived in our post!

photo 1

Fruit snaps…

photo 3

Bird bobbles…

photo 2

Polka Dot Bobbles…

photo 1-1

100 packet of funky elastics…

photo 5

Whilst Ella’s hair is not quite at a length to put the gorgeous hair ties to good use, the fruity hair clips look beautiful on and are such a cute design. I’ve stored the others away for when she has enough hair to tie back! Look how cute she looks with the strawberry clip…

photo 2-1

Scunci is available at Big W, Priceline, Target and selected hair retailers. These pieces are part of the new Scunci Girl range that prides itself on being fashionable with fun, bright colours and designs. The brand has everything from the basics through to hair styling tools for a more sophisticated look.

Most importantly, Scunci is fashionable at a reasonable price. These products are all under $10:

  • Fruit snaps $6.95
  • Polkadot bobbles $7.95
  • Bird Bobbles $7.95
  • 100pc Value Pack $8.95

You can see their range of Scunci girl accessories on their website here , follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram  .

From one Mother to another, their products are stylish and affordable. What more could you want?


To just BE (Good at everything)

To just BE (Good at everything)

woman jugglingThis week I have been feeling a little overwhelmed and anxious with my own self. I’ve been feeling as though my head is in a million places, and subsequently, feeling guilty that I’m not actually doing anything particularly well. Last night I read an insightful article by Mia Freedman titled ‘The Biggest Lie back to work Mums tell‘. I found that it resonated with me and really struck a chord. I’ve always admired the way in which Mia embraces being a working Mum. She seems to ‘have it all’. She loves her job passionately, and equally values her role as a Mum and the time that she devotes to her family. I’ve read in the past that she says you can indeed have it all, just not at the same time. In so many ways, I feel like her. I have a wonderful life. I’m healthy, have a beautiful, generous and hot husband, a darling and daring daughter, my health, family and friends and a wonderful job that I am so passionate about.

This week however, I feel as though I’m not doing any of them justice. I apologise in advance, but here is a list of things that I’m feeling guilty about at the moment:

  • generally feeling like I’m not spending quality time with Ella
  • feeling as though I’m not at work enough and  am not there to do my job full time and help everyone out
  • generally neglecting my beautiful Husband
  • not taking my dog for a walk each day
  • not spending enough time with my family
  • not spending time with my beautiful girlfriends
  • The washing. The washing.
  • The general state of my house.
  • The amount of time I spend on my phone
  • The list goes on…

I know that as Mums, we all go through times like this. I feel as though I really wish I could clone myself, or at least add another couple of hours to each day. I can’t seem to stay up longer than 9 o’clock at night and I wish I could stay up to watch a movie with my husband. I just feel so torn between just wanting to BE, and just wanting to BE GOOD at everything. For everyone.

I know rational thought determines that this is not possible, and I do know that something has to give. It is just so hard when I want so many things at the same time. Ultimately I want to spend time with my family. I want to be there with Ella, to take her swimming and to Gymbaroo. However, I also want to be active and involved in an amazing job that I love. It’s a job that doesn’t feel like work. It’s just that there are so many things in my life now that are all consuming. This blog for instance has taken on a life of its own. It’s a small hobby that has developed into something that has really become a big part of my life. I also write an Education Blog to share inspirations and innovations from classrooms to hopefully help teachers bring a love of learning into their own.

I know that I can only do my best, and that ultimately, I believe that I am a better Mum for having a job I love. I want to model to Ella the fact that you can love what you do, and do it with passion each day. I just hope that whilst I am doing all of these things, I’m not missing out on the precious time that I should be taking time to treasure.

The guilt, the guilt. Why oh why do we do this to ourselves? I guess we just need to learn to BE and stop worrying about the rest. This too shall pass.


Friday Finds: Little Melbourne

Friday Finds: Little Melbourne

imgres-1If you are a Melbourne family, and don’t know about Little Melbourne, then you need to read this post. I’ve been reading and following this fantastic resource for nearly a year now, and it has proved to be a life saver when it comes to getting out and about in our fantastic city. Created by families, for families, Little Melbourne is the guide to all the latest happenings in and around Melbourne for babies, toddlers and kids. They provide the inside scoop on what’s fun in Melbourne to do, see, visit, eat, play, create and explore.

Some of their regular content includes fun filled activities, weekend events, free stuff, arts and nature activities, rainy day activities, kid-friendly eating out – parties & kids high teas, day trips out of the city and big giveaways. This means that if you want to go to a great cafe for brekkie on a Saturday morning, but want to ensure that they are happy to cope with prams, screaming kids and the like…then Little Melbourne has got you covered. Recently, we went to a gorgeous cafe in South Melbourne called ‘Let Me Be Frank‘.  A gorgeous eclectic space, with colouring pencils, puzzles and even an outside play area. The food was fantastic too.

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 9.20.12 AM

Their  Facebook page is an ‘Event Calendar’ – what better way to keep you up to date with the latest events – it features top picks of what’s going on any day of the week. It’s also a great way to promote your local kinder or school event. To submit an event for consideration, email For Instagramers and twittering Mums,  you can follow them both at @littlemelbourne.

A super idea that gives inspiration for a great Melbourne day for any family!


Friday Finds: Save Locky’s Dad

Friday Finds: Save Locky’s Dad

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 8.34.49 AMThis week’s Friday find is a little different. I just happen’s to be my 100th post on Happy Ella After, and I couldn’t think of a more important thing to write about.  It’s something that I have found, that has really struck a chord with me. It is a campaign by a Melbourne family to save their Dad from Melanoma. This is a normal, everyday family, trying to do everything they can to save their Dad. I won’t say too much, as their campaign video says it all. If ‘liking’ their page on Facebook could mean that collectively, we help them to convince the drug companies to provide Locky’s Dad, Nick Auden, with the medicine he needs to help him beat cancer then it is a no brainer. After having a couple of friends find themselves in the same predicament, I want to do what ever I can to help. I hope that this little post, on this little blog, can help them in some way. After all, it could be any of us that might need similar help one day. That is the power of social media today. We can all work together to help anyone, even if we do not know them.

Watch this video, go to their facebook page and ‘like it’. Hope this helps a little…


It’s Show Time! Win a family pass to this year’s Royal Melbourne Show!

It’s Show Time! Win a family pass to this year’s Royal Melbourne Show!

b5261ecab51e82e4ba0f2cd6bb27900d_resized-1Nothing screams MELBOURNE like the Royal Melbourne Show! Each September, my siblings and I used to wait until we could see the Ferris Wheel being erected at the Show Grounds, and with that sight brought excitement and anticipation to the Sherlock family. Living in Essendon, we were quite close to the action, and always made a trip to the show each year.  Given that I was one of four children, the ‘budget’ was tight. We were allowed one lolly bag, one toy bag and one ride. Pretty generous considering the prices of show bags and rides these days! One of my favourite show memories was getting the ‘showbag’ guide out of the paper and going through each showbag contents with a fine tooth comb. We had each of our purchases circled and planned before we went, with only a hope and prayer that our choice would not get sold out before we went. I can only imagine the stress my Mum and Dad endured as they shuffled us through that huge show bag hall….praying that they wouldn’t lose any of us!

Needless to say, one year my Dad took things into his own hands and had identification badges made by my brother, sister and myself. My Mum had just given birth to my youngest sister Jane, so Dad decided to help Mum by taking the other three of us to the show one day. Armed with identification tags, he did pretty well by not losing us. One year he even got pooed on by a seagull whilst waiting in line with us for a ride. Good luck they say….

I have so many wonderful memories of the Royal Melbourne Show, and this year, I cannot wait to take Ella along for her first experience. I can’t wait to see her face as she pats the lambs in the nursery, and goes on the toddler rides. It’s going to be so much fun!

I’m lucky enough to be able to offer Happy Ella After readers the chance to take your family to this years Royal Melbourne Show and make some of your own wonderful memories. Valued at $78, one lucky reader will win a family pass for two adults and two children. This is open to Australian Residents only, and entrants need to enter by clicking on the following link that will take you to the competition app on Facebook. Regular readers will understand the process….entry is by following the link and ‘liking’ the Happy Ella After Facebook page. You also have the chance to win bonus entry points by liking the Royal Melbourne Show Facebook page, or posting a comment after this blog with your favourite Show memory.


The competition will be run for one week from Monday 2nd September @ 8am AEST, and will close at 10pm on Monday 9th September. What a fantastic competition, I’m so thrilled to be able to offer this prize to Melbourne families!

To enter, please click on the following link. Terms and Conditions are detailed on the entry page.