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Friday Finds: Ella & Kate’s Christmas wish list!

Friday Finds: Ella & Kate’s Christmas wish list!

This Friday Find is epic! I have trawled the internet for all of the beautiful things that I think Ella would want for Christmas (if she could tell me that is!). Needless to say, most of the items I have chosen for her are a little girly…so apologies in advance for the lack of masculinity! I’ve also decided that Mums need to ‘wish’ as well, and have put together my Christmas wish list of all of the beautiful things that I would love under the Christmas tree. Even one would be lovely (hint, hint Dan….).

In 2013, I have been lucky enough to have been sent some beautiful products to try and test for review. Many of these products are featured on our Christmas wish list. I’ve tried to stick to products that are affordable and fun and include toys, clothes and homewares. I’ve listed the items below and included links to all of the gorgeous products so that you can buy them easily if you so choose!

Let’s start with Ella….

Ella’s Christmas Wish List

Photo 28-11-2013 12 47 59 pm

1. Top Left: Country Road Bow Detail Dress: $49.95. Purchase via their online store here.

2. Top Middle: Spot’s First Christmas. $7.95. Purchase via amazon here.

3. Top Right: Victorian Dolls House with 6 rooms of furniture. $119. Purchase via ebay here.

4. Middle left: Kapow Kids Royal ‘T’. $27.95. Purchase via their online shop here.

5. Middle: The Kidstore Christmas Dolls. $15 each. Purchase via their online shop here.

6. Middle Right. Explore & Learn Wooden Shape Threading. $15.50. 25% from Sunday 1st December for 1 week. Purchase via their online shop here.

7. Bottom Left. Cocoon Couture Bean Bags @ Cotton on Kids. $41.96. Purchase via their online shop here. 

8. Bottom Middle. Sapling Child Cross my heart dress. $34.95. Purchase via their online shop here. 

9. Bottom Right. Cotton on Kids summer range. A range of prices. Currently 30% off. Purchase via their online shop here.

Now for Mummy’s Turn…

Kate’s Christmas Wish List

Photo 28-11-2013 12 56 25 pm

1. Top Left: Mor Candied Vanilla Almond Scented Candle. $39.95. Purchase via their online store here.

2. Top Middle. Jelly Beans ‘The Lionel’ Sandles. $34.95. Purchase via their online store here.

3. Top Right. Witchery Leopard Print T Shirt. $49.95. Purchase via their online store here.

4. Middle Left. Sunglass Hut. Prada Sunglasses. $395. Purchase via their online store here.

5. Middle. Mimco Lucid Baby Bag. $249. Purchase via their online store here. 

6. Middle Right. Country Road Dante Stacking Boxes. Set of 2. $69.95. Available @ Country Road Melbourne Central.

7. Bottom Left. Seed Heritage Fan Leaf Maxi. $129.95. Purchase via their online store here.

8. Bottom Middle. Chloe Tote Bag (designed by myself) via The Bag Department. $350. Design your own bag via their website here. 

9. Bottom Right. ‘La Beleine’ Print via Galerie Montmartre Vintage Posters. This item is a real wish at $2200, but given the fact that we are going to renovate soon, maybe it can be a gift over a few years??? I spotted this print at the Design Files Open house in Melbourne last weekend. Just gorgeous. You can purchase and view others via their online site here.

So there you have it. A whole lot of wishes, but really…all I care about is having a lovely Christmas with my family. Health and happiness for all.

Happy Shopping!


And the winner of our Explore & Learn Giveaway is….

And the winner of our Explore & Learn Giveaway is….

Congratulations to….

2013-11-27 14.45.37

Thanks to all for entering this fantastic giveaway! A huge thanks also to Janette from Explore & Learn. Beautiful toys at an affordable price this Christmas!

She also wanted to let Happy Ella After readers know that for a week from this Sunday 1st December, she is offering 25% off store wide, with reduced shipping rates! A fabulous way to save money this Christmas!


Check out


Here we go again!

Here we go again!

IMG_4535It’s so nice to finally be able to share the news that I am 13 weeks pregnant, and due to give Ella a little brother or sister in early June 2014. I must say that I’m feeling pretty good, following a couple of months of fairly full on nausea. I have no idea why they call it morning sickness, it should be renamed ‘all day long’ sickness. My kind falls into the category of waking me up in the morning, vanishing in the middle of the day, and reappearing at 4pm, right at the end of the day when I’m finishing work and due to start my second shift as a Mum. Cooking dinner was a struggle, and I’m lucky that my hubby was sympathetic and quick to get take away, or make something else for us. I felt a bizarre combination of nausea and starvation at the same time. Not sure how that works, but any pregnant woman will tell you that it’s perfectly normal!

The second time around is such a different feeling in so many ways. It didn’t really feel ‘real’ until I saw the scan last week. Even then, I had a bizarre send of deja vous, and really felt as though it was Ella that I was seeing on the screen. Obviously, it wasn’t, and Ella’s delightful observation of a ‘baby’ made Dan, myself and the radiographer laugh. It’s amazing how perceptive toddlers are.

I’m also finding myself so much more relaxed, and ready to go with the flow. I remember last time, I had read ‘Up the Duff’ from cover to cover by now, and was religiously checking my app for daily updates about the baby’s growth and changes that I can expect. I still check my trusty apps from time to time, but this time it is out of curiosity, as I’m reminded of the amazing things happening inside my body. Happening in silence, as we carry on our daily lives of work and parenting a toddler.

They say it is so different being pregnant with a toddler, and boy are they right. A pregnant friend recently told me that her new ‘happy hour’ is the hour she relaxes at night after putting her toddler to sleep. It’s an hour, because that is all she can last before crawling into bed. I’ve been that way for a while, and whilst I feel bad that I don’t get to spend alot of time with hubby, I know that sleep = a happy wife = a happy life. My Dad shared that with us in his speech at my wedding, and again…boy is he right!

So here we go again, on the roller coaster ride of pregnancy for a second time. I’m so looking forward to it, and this time, sharing the journey via the blog. It just dawned upon me that I named this blog after Ella. I guess it does refer to life ‘After’ her birth, so I guess the Happy Ella After can stay.

I apologise in advance for any venting, whining, or whinging that I may do along the way. I promise to share a balanced view….it really is an amazing experience and I look forward to the journey toward June 2 in 2014! For now, here is a glimpse of the little bump I’ve been trying to hide over the past few weeks. It’s great to be able to ‘let it out’ and not have to suck in those tummy muscles anymore!

13 Weeks pregnant

2013-11-25 12.50.24




Friday Finds: Mathilda’s Christmas Market

Friday Finds: Mathilda’s Christmas Market

mm_logoLast year I blogged about the fabulous Mathilda’s Market! This Sunday, they are holding their annual Christmas Market at Caulfield Racecourse. For any parent who simply loves beautiful, stylish and affordable toys, nursery items, clothing and manchester, then this is the market for you. Over a hundred stalls of mostly handmade products, from bibs, to wooden instruments, framed prints and bamboo sheets, the range at this market will please any fussy parent. I have been over the past two years and each time, I have found precious new things to adorn Ella’s room.

This year, some of the items I will be looking out for are:

These beautiful wall stickers from ‘Beautiful Online Boutique



These gorgeous personalised aprons from ‘Marybelle’s Co


and finally, these unique letter ‘toy bins’ from Little Big Designs


With thousands more on show, be sure to get on down to the market this weekend!  Best of all you will be shopping local, and supporting families!


Happy Christmas Shopping!


Win an Explore & Learn Christmas pack!

Win an Explore & Learn Christmas pack!

On Friday I posted about a gorgeous local company that sell quality and affordable toys for toddler learning! Janette from Explore and Learn has been kind enough to offer Happy Ella After readers the chance to win a Christmas Prize pack, consisting of three beautiful toys valued at $38.50. The prize includes:

A Peg & Stack Board – ($15.50)

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 10.56.31 AM

 a Wooden Shape Threading pack – ($15.50)

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 10.56.45 AM

and a cute set of Santa cluster bells ($7.50)!

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 2.47.41 PM

This pack would light up any child’s eyes this Christmas morning! It will also help any Mum and Dad tick off a few items on their kids’ Christmas list! This giveaway is open to Australian Residents only. To enter, please visit the link below. Entrants agree to the terms and conditions as set in the competition link. The competition is run via the Rafflecopter App on Facebook! Entrants can also earn extra points by commenting on their favourite Explore and Learn product below this post!

The competition will close at 6pm AEDST on Monday 25th November.

Good Luck!

To enter the Explore and Learn Giveaway, please visit the link here.


Friday Find: Explore & Learn

Friday Find: Explore & Learn

I’m always on the look out for local businesses to feature on Friday Finds. In particular, I love to feature ideas and products created by clever Mums and Dads. Usually, they have found a gap in the market, and end up creating products that we all need, or have been searching for for ages! I’m always looking for good quality toys, particularly those that develop imagination and fine motor skills. Normally, these products cost an arm and a leg, and a hefty price is enough to turn anyone off even the most beautiful wooden set!

Cue Janette Colbert, who created her own WAHM (Work At Home Mum) business called “Explore and Learn Toddler.” Explore and Learn Toddler was born after her first son Cian (now 2) entered his toddler years (she also has a second son, Sam – aged 7 months). With a background as a primary school teacher, lots of friends would always ask her ‘what can I get for my toddler to help then learn?’. She wanted to show them that schools help children learn through play and hands-on real-life experiences. With this, the hunt begun for high quality toddler toys (she specialises in wooden toys) that support learning through play. Best of all, they come with a very, very reasonable price tag. Perfect for this time of year as Christmas approaches!

She also has a Facebook page that shares ‘Invitations to Explore and Learn’ – hands-on craft, fine motor and sensory play activities for families to try with their children at home.

Here are some of my favourites from her range:

The Peg & Stack Board – $15.50

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 10.56.31 AM

Wooden Shape Threading – $15.50

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 10.56.45 AM

Matching Expressions Game – $16Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 10.56.58 AM

Wooden Shape Threading – $21Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 10.57.14 AM

Wooden Chocolate Cake – Currently on sale for $18Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 10.57.46 AM

and finally… the Wooden Animal Magnets – $15. These magnets also come in other ranges, including transport!Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 10.58.14 AM

I just love her idea, and especially think that parents will love the quality and price. Janette has been so kind as to offer Happy Ella After Readers the chance to win their own Christmas gift from her range next week. Stay tuned on Monday to learn more.

In the mean time…you can visit her gorgeous range via Explore and Learn. Janette is also offering readers a special $5 discount off shipping rates. Simply use the code word ‘ELLA’ in the checkout!


Friday Find: Brush your teeth!

Friday Find: Brush your teeth!

A few conversations have been had of late about how to get toddlers to brush their teeth. We’ve been lucky in the Korber household, with Ella taking to it like a duck to water. With a few little tricks, and clever songs along the way, brushing doesn’t have to be a nightmare. So I thought that for this week’s Friday Find, I would share with you a simple song that has ensured that brushing toddler teeth is as easy as a, b, c….

Cover.170x170-75Brush your teeth song – Andrew Mc Farlane

This has been our life saver. This is a simple tune that Ella loves. You probably remember it from your childhood days of watching play school. It’s a gorgeous song that goes for almost 2 minutes. A perfect length of time for brushing your teeth! Bop along together whilst cleaning those gums!

Available via itunes, or on Spotify. You can download it here.

Happy Brushing!


*Featured image source can be found here.