Friday Find: Kmart Water & Sand Play Table

Friday Find: Kmart Water & Sand Play Table

For Christmas, Ella was given this fantastic table by her gorgeous Aunty Mon. Ella just loves the water and regularly comes home form Day Care in a new change of clothes, because her other ones are soaking wet from water play. I thought Ella would love this, but was actually so surprised how much she did.

Screenshot 2014-01-15 12.20.40


The table comes at the perfect height for a toddler and comes with lots of little obstacles and utensils for her to splash about. You can add water or sand to the table, but given the fact that we are in a heat wave in Melbourne right now….water solves everything!

Screenshot 2014-01-15 12.21.57

At $25 from K Mart, it is a great bargain that will give your toddler hours of fun outside! To purchase this product online, click here.



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