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Month: February 2014

Reno wish list…

Reno wish list…

Renovating brings with it many challenges and frustrations. However it also brings a sense of excitement and wonder as your house becomes a blank canvas, ready for you to create your own masterpiece. Our ‘old’ house contained many furnishings that we love and cannot wait to re-home in the new spaces we are creating. We also, however, have had the chance to clear out the clutter and get rid of many things that we no longer want. This includes a white leather couch, and white dining table with chairs. We love white, but it does not mix well with toddlers and pets. Let’s just say we have learnt our lesson…

I’ve often said that I wish I could go back in time and get married in the ‘Pinterest’ era. Not to say that I would change anything, but being a Pinterest fan, I would have loved the chance to pin all of the amazing ideas and creations to my own board. The next best thing is being able to create my own ‘Renovation’ Pinterest board. This has been a great way to capture ideas, big or small, and store them in one place. I can also share the board with my husband, so our design can grow and we can literally be on the same page!

Here are some of the key ideas / design features we are hoping to incorporate into our renovation…

The window splashback….beautifully light and brings the outside in..


A fireplace above a concrete hearth…


Long, white subway tiles…beautifully classic but still modern


The Oak Chairs from the amazing Mark Tuckey..these are my absolute favourite…




Industrial lighting..


and an amazing entertaining area, just a step out from our living room…


Whilst we live amongst the dust and dirt, we will keep our eye on the prize (and budget) and hope that some of these renovation dreams become a reality!

To follow my Renovation board on Pinterest, click here.


*Images are linked to their original source via Pinterest.

Friday Find: Endless Alphabet App

Friday Find: Endless Alphabet App

I haven’t shared an App in a while, and this week, I thought I’d share a great one for toddlers. The Endless ABC App is a fantastic, interactive and visually captivating app that helps to develop letter recognition and fine motor skills. With over 50 words to play with, children drag various letters to create words. Gorgeous animations wriggle and dance as they make letter sounds and describe the meaning of the words.

It was the 2013 iTunes App store runner up, and the Editors choice. There are no ‘scores’ and kids can work at their own pace. Kids can simply have fun with letters and words.

The app is a little pricey at $7.49 but I can honestly say that it is well worth it. Available both on your iPad and iPhone, it can travel with you everywhere!

Here are some shots of Ella having fun and enjoying playing with letters and sounds…



Ella at work…or play?

If you need some more convincing, here is their youtube clip that shows all of the Apps great features!

Made by Originator Kids, it’s available for purchase through iTunes here. You can also check them out on Twitter here.

Have fun!!


Renovation Reality

Renovation Reality

20140206-123847.jpgSo this week, we commenced the great, epic adventure that is renovating. Renovating with children, and children on the way that is. Well, child on the way to be completely accurate. Renovating is one of those things that you really, really, really have to want to do, to do it. You have to keep your eye on the prize and put up with the endless months of tradies, dust, budgets, budget blow outs and general inconvenience. Not to mention the hard work.

One of the reasons that we chose to renovate, is that we are lucky that my husband works in the field, and this can do much of the process himself.  And the parts he cannot do himself, he can get trusted tradies to do for us. It’s half the battle trying to find good people to get you through the process, relatively unscathed.

We had talked for over a year about what we would do when our little family got bigger. We are lucky to own our own home (well, to live in a home that the bank owns), and feel extremely lucky that we live in an area we love, close to the city in Melbourne. We purchased our two bedroom home on the same day that we got engaged (Dan proposed out the front), and felt so blessed that we could simply be in the market, let alone own a home that we loved. Our two bedroom home is completely loved, and we discussed the possibility of keeping it as it is, and having our children share a room. If it were not for the toys that have invaded every part of every room (all five of them), then this could have been a viable option.

We also talked about selling and buying, but given the fact that we love the area, and we would be looking at well into the millions for something that is bigger, then we crossed off this option quite quickly. So the option that remained to be the most logical, affordable and reasonable was to renovate.

So after months of plans, permits and town planning, we finally got the go ahead with almost four months to go until baby Korber no. 2 arrives. We are lucky that we can move in with Daniel’s parents who also live locally, and have ample room to put up with the three of us, as well as store our worldly possessions packed into what feels like hundreds of boxes. We said good bye to our house for the next few months….the next time we sleep there we will have a new house and a new baby!


I write this from the couch of my Mother in Law’s after having moved in over the weekend. Daniel has worked at an incredible pace, pulling up the back deck, veranda and demolishing the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. We are almost ready for the new structure to go up and pray that this will all go according to plan. Like most people who renovate, we hope to stick to budget and timeline. Famous last words.

20140206-123903.jpgThey say renovating is a true test of marriage. We’ll see. So far we’ve agreed on most things, and had only a couple of minor arguments. Most of our discussions revolve around tiles, paint, floor boards, tapware, cornices etc. etc. but as long as he sticks to my Dad’s motto – ‘A happy wife is a happy life’, then we will be just fine!

As for Ella, she has no real idea what is going on. Ignorance is bliss!

Stay tuned for regular updates to see how we progress. If you are on Instragram, feel free to pop over and say hello, or follow the hashtag #korberreno.

Until then…Happy Renovating!

 A few pics so far…

Dan and Ella assessing what is left of our kitchen..


The tree loppers chopping down two trees in our backyard. This was the saddest part of deciding to renovate!


The name on our packing boxes was quite ironic…


What is left of the back of our house. Deck gone and veranda gone!


What do we pack?


Fun times ahead! Wish us luck!kate