It’s official. I’ve lost my marbles.

It’s official. I’ve lost my marbles.

So it’s official. I’ve lost my marbles. Please return them if you find them. Or perhaps hold onto them for safe keeping, because I’m sure that I will lose them again. You see, I’ve lost my ability to remember things. Simple things. Mainly where I’ve left things. I’ve always been quite forgetful and have been known to drive home with my wallet on the roof, but today things hit a new low. Twice in one day in fact….

Today whilst we were out and about I…first…lost my keys. We were having a lovely breakfast when, after a stroll through the shops, we returned to our car minus a set of keys. There I was, on the side of the road, unpacking my handbag on the pavement for all the world to see (think of all the things in a woman’s handbag. No make that a pregnant woman’s handbag). I kept thinking about my good friend Anneiliese who always says ‘do a Mum search’. This means taking every single thing out of your bag to ensure that you have not skipped anything. Needless to say the keys weren’t there. Dan went back to the restaurant. No keys. So up we walked to each shop we had visited, and low and behold, I found them in Cotton On Kids. Feeling thankful, but a little embarrassed, we ventured back to the car, and and set off for DFO South Warf to shop for some important renovation items.


After a successful shopping trip and thrilled to find some amazing ‘one day only’ bargains, we purchased our new sofas and pendant lights for our kitchen. Feeling very happy with ourselves, we then set off for the car park. After I paid for the ticket and packed the car, I sat in the passenger seat and searched my handbag for my phone. No phone. No phone anywhere. So again, we pulled over and I did a “Mummy search”. This time in the car park. I checked my bag, the car and the pram. No phone. Dan went back to each shop we had been to. 20 minutes later. No phone. So we set off for home, but when we went to pay, our ticket time had lapsed and we then held up cars in line whilst we had to pay at the terminal. As I sat in my seat trying really hard not to cry, I felt so frustrated and annoyed with myself, and also sorry for my husband who was being so patient and trying to help me.

I knew that if I could get to my computer, I could log into the ingenious app ‘find my phone’ and it could tell me where the phone was. I just needed to access it through a Mac. Dan tried to call my phone all the way home, and even made a spontaneous trip to McDonalds to buy me a junior burger to cheer me up. Yep, he is a keeper.

So when we arrived home, I got out my Mac and did the search. It was at DFO. Dan called it again, and a lovely man answered who told us that Centre Management had it and that all would be fine. There are good people in the world.

The thing is, I wasn’t so upset about the phone, but rather more embarrassed and frustrated at myself for losing it. Again. I recently read this fantastic article by Jennifer Chandler called ‘I had a baby and lost my brain‘. It explains be perfectly. It’s hard to explain, but when you’ve had a baby, let alone pregnant with another one, you really do seem to lose brain cells. Quite ironic really when you need more of them to problem solve and cope with a new realm of challenges each day. There must be Mums everywhere, walking around feeling the same. It’s so hard, especially when I know that in my work, I’m on the ball, make decisions quickly and feel 100% confident in what I do. And then I go out on the weekend, and lose my keys and phone in one day. It honestly feels like I’m losing my mind, and I know that its a combination of lots of things. Business, tiredness, craziness. But I still feel as though it shouldn’t be this way! I should be able to do something as simple as put my keys in my bag!

So if you happen to find my marbles, please let me know. Actually, if you happen to find a set of keys, phone, wallet…heck anything, please hand it in to lost property. They probably belong to some poor Mum who has lost their brain too.



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