To the toilet…day 2

To the toilet…day 2

Well today I’m feeling it. I’m not sure if it is meant to be this way, but it feels like we have taken one step forwards and five steps backwards. I guess that is normal. I’m hoping that this is all part of the plan and Ella will ‘click’ tomorrow. The cabin fever is getting to me a bit and you certainly have to keep your whits about you.


The lessons I’ve learned after day 2:

  • You can’t really leave their side. It’s easier for them to come everywhere with you. Even to the toilet yourself.
  • Keep the toilet door and light on. It’s incredibly frustrating trying to open the toilet door with a peeing toddler in your arms
  • It makes sense to just take her to the toilet rather than using the potty. I’m hoping this will pay off in the long run.
  • I’m finding it difficult to think of other words to use in my day apart from poos, wees and toilet
  • The step ladder / seat is a great investment
  • The stickers seem to be a draw card
  • You will have lots of false alarms
  • Eucalyptus is a great sanitiser, and smells great too
  • I’ve put a bottle of hand sanitiser next to the basin, just to make sure that I’m clean too

So with day 3 looming, I’m hoping and praying that Ella will get it tomorrow. I know it’s not fool proof, but it has to be better than today. If I wasn’t pregnant, I would be sitting down to a rather large glass of wine right now….


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