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Month: April 2014

Friday Find: Egg-xcellent ideas for Easter

Friday Find: Egg-xcellent ideas for Easter

This week’s Friday Find is brought to you by Pinterest! Some super cute, super easy and inexpensive ideas for celebrating Easter next week. Whether you have babies, toddlers, teenagers or even adults, there is something for you amongst this list! I’ve put together a Pinterest board jam packed with ideas for you to celebrate Easter and have some family fun…

Some of my favourites include:

‘Thumb bunny’ loves you. Cute as anything….



Another gorgeous Easter card…I can see this one being brought out for the 21st’s!


Striped Easter eggs….


Simple ideas for decorating eggs with kids…the egg beater is genius!


and finally…these super cute Easter Egg Baskets made from good old Toilet Roll holders (or glad wrap tubes if you are hygiene conscious) !


Here is hoping you find something that will suit your family. You can check out these and more ideas on my Egg-xcellent Easter Pinterest Board here. You can also check out Little Melbourne’s Easter board with other ideas here.


Maternity leave round 2!

Maternity leave round 2!

This week marks 32 weeks of my pregnancy, and boy (no pun intended) have things started to him home. Last week I finished work to begin my maternity leave as it coincided with the Victorian School holidays. My beautiful boss commented on how much more relaxed I have been this time around. When probing her she said that last time I was much more stressed (aka crazy, neurotic, snappy) and was also very worried about the ‘unknown’ ahead. Finishing work last time was a very emotional process as I struggled to step out of a job and work family that I loved. This time however, I haven’t even given it a second thought….I have felt like I finished up for holidays like everyone else. I had been a picture of calm and poise (cough) that is, until my last couple of hours…

At lunch I was lead into the staff room for a beautiful afternoon tea. I was completely overwhelmed and it all hit me at once. In front of me lay beautiful food, decorations and words of great sentiment and love. I had earlier bragged to everyone that I wasn’t going to cry on my last day, but after hearing the kind words of my Principal, all I can say is that I was a blubbering mess. I literally had to cover my face and say ‘do I really need to speak?’.  After trying several times I was rescued by a beautiful colleague who simply said, don’t worry, we all know how you feel…

Here are some snaps from this beautiful afternoon tea…

This amazing baby carriage fruit salad…it looked like it had jumped straight out of Pinterest!

Photo 3-04-2014 1 56 37 pm


Handmade butterflies, cards and decorations in pink and blue of course…


Photo 3-04-2014 1 57 47 pm


I’ve been known to love a doughnut or two lately, and this was a little ‘homage’ to this custom…


Photo 3-04-2014 2 11 17 pm (1)

Nothing beats chocolate covered strawberries…

Photo 3-04-2014 2 11 07 pm

a beautiful celebration all round…so thankful!

Photo 3-04-2014 1 58 15 pm (1)

and last but not least…my beautiful co-deputy Principal created this fabulous Pinterest Board with ideas and tips for juggling two kids! Shared with our whole school, she clearly knows me too well. I’m going to need all the help I can get!

You can check it out here…

Photo 3-04-2014 2 38 51 pm


I feel truly blessed to work with people who feel like family. It is never beyond me how lucky I am to love my job and how blessed I am to be in this position. I truly thank them for making me feel so special!



New giveaway with Sticky9

New giveaway with Sticky9

This week I’m teaming up with Sticky9 to give my readers the chance to win your own set of ‘classic’ and ‘jigsaw’ fridge magnets from your favourite Instagram Snaps. If you read my Friday Find last week, you would know that Sticky9 (previously known as Stickygram) give Mums and Dads the chance to create gorgeous fridge magnets at a low cost. Winning this comp means that you too will have gorgeous fridge magnets for your little ones to play with, that are practical too!

Given the fact that Sticky9 sources it’s product from Instagram, I’m running this as an ‘instacomp’!. This means that you need to head on over to Instagram and…

1. Follow @happyellaafter

2. Follow @sticky9

3. Repost the following pic and hashtag it with #ellalovessticky9

Screenshot 2014-04-06 12.37.55

It’s that easy!

The competition will be open from Monday 7th April at 7am AEST and will close on Thursday 17th April at 6pm AEST.

This competition is run on Instagram and is open to readers world wide. The winning entrant will win one set of classic and one set of jigsaw magnets (Valued at $15.99 each AUD). The winner will be selected at random by Kate Korber and announced via this blog on April 18 2014.  Entrants must repost the above photo in it’s entirety on Instagram.

So get on board and you too may win your own personalised magnets from Sticky9!


Friday Find: Sticky9

Friday Find: Sticky9

As an Instagram lover, I’m always loving the gorgeous pics that come through my feed each and every day. There are loads of things you can do with your Instagram pics, and a few weeks ago I stumbled across ‘Sticky9‘. A simple and yet creative way to bring to life your snaps! Formally known as ‘Stickygram’,  Sticky9 allows you to create gorgeous fridge magnets out of your beloved Instagram snaps.

Simply log into Sticky9, connect your account and away you go! For $15.99 (including free worldwide postage) you can create 9 of your own magnets. Alternatively, you can create a nine piece jigsaw of one larger photo for the same price. It’s so simple, and looks just gorgeous on your fridge!

Screenshot 2014-03-02 13.29.16

Here is a snapshot of the ones that I have created. I have tried both the ‘classic’ and ‘jigsaw’ collections…

Screenshot 2014-03-02 13.27.10

Ella has just loved playing with them and showing every visitor that comes through the house. I think that it is a simple, cheap idea that can help bring your photos to life!

ella magnets

Best of all, you can create your own magnets for a discounted price! I have a ‘frienduldp’ code that I can share with you that gets you %15 off your first order. When you create your magnets, you too will receive a code that you can share with friends. It will help you earn credits that you can use towards future orders. Simply use the code below:

Screenshot 2014-03-02 13.27.38


Happy Ella After readers are once again lucky enough to be given the chance to win your own Stick9 set of collections. Next week we will be giving away a set of classic and jigsaw magnets valued at over $30! Stay tuned for this great giveaway and start selecting your favourite Instagram snaps!






Do we or don’t we?

Do we or don’t we?

With baby no. 2 coming in (roughly) ten weeks, we have lots to think about. Finishing our renovation, moving back into our house and preparing for our baby’s arrival. One thing that has crept up on us is helping Ella to get ready for this new chapter in our family’s life. After turning two, she is growing in independence and it has made me think about how we can best prepare for the months ahead. Ella is going from being the centre of our world (literally, being the only Grandchild on both sides), to having to share the limelight with a new little person.  This will be a big challenge in itself!

Given the fact that she has just turned two, there are a couple of other challenges that I wanted to tackle before the baby arrives. I decided, but undecided. I want things to be easier for us all, but also don’t want to rush things. In my head I have decided to tackle these challenges, but I would love to have some advice from people who have been there, done that….


Firstly, toilet training. The thought of two kids in nappies is enough to make me try it. Ella is showing the right signs…she is interested, tells me (every now and then) when she has a wet nappy and at 25 months is the right age to have a go at trying. Given the fact that I am living at my Mother in Law’s, I don’t want to ‘make a mess’, but I am determined to spend three days bunkered down to at least try. I have visions of chasing Ella around with a mop, but I know that given the fact that I have eight weeks before the baby comes, I need to give it a try.

Secondly, moving Ella to a ‘big girl bed’. This one I think will be a little harder, as we cannot do it until we move back into the house. If timing prevails, we will have two weeks to get her used to her new room and new bed. We will be using her cot for the new baby and so really need to pull through with this one. We have already bought her the bed and will invest in side rails, but I worry about her staying in bed and have visions of her running around in the middle of the night. Ella has not been the best sleeper and has of late, returned to crying (no screaming) when we put her to bed. Last night I was surprised that the neighbours didn’t come knocking themselves. I’m just hoping that the novelty of a big bed is inviting enough to help her ‘want’ to go to bed. I know it is probably wishful thinking.

So there in lies my challenges before the baby arrives. Do we or don’t we? If we do, what advice to you have to make the time as stress free as possible? Believe me when I say that we will need it!


Felt Ball Rug Heaven

Felt Ball Rug Heaven

Last week I posted a picture of a beautiful felt ball rug that we have purchased for Ella’s new room after we move back into our renovated house. I’ve always loved these rugs. They are so much fun and just make you smile when you see them. You can get them at a number of places these days, but I have always struggled to find one in a larger size, and even harder, one that is still made of wool. I have searched high and low for the right rug and the right price, and last week I found it. After posting this photo, I’ve had heaps of inquiries via my Facebook page, so I thought that I’d share the details with you here.

Photo 28-03-2014 11 52 03 am

Imported from Nepal, this 200cm in diameter Felt Ball Rug is hand made from sheep’s wool. It is just beautiful and the quality is wonderful. At a cost of $650, for a rug this size the price cannot be beaten. I purchased it through Silk Road Rugs on ebay, however they also own ‘Harugs’ in Mornington and offer free shipping throughout Australia. They have a wide selection of felt ball rugs in different shapes and sizes.

Photo 28-03-2014 11 50 34 am


Beautiful quality…

Photo 21-03-2014 7 36 30 am

Large sizes for smaller prices…

Photo 21-03-2014 7 36 14 am

I’m always on the look out for bargains, and hope that this info can help you out if you too, are looking for one of these exquisite rugs for your child’s room. I can’t wait to share how it looks in her new room!