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Friday Finds: Pristine Prams

Friday Finds: Pristine Prams

Screenshot 2014-05-29 10.11.03Before Hudson arrived, I decided to bite the bullet and invest in a double pram. I had tried to resist the urge as long as possible, but as my due date loomed closer, I realised that following the birth of our second child, I would need to ensure that I could ‘confine’ our fist whilst out and about. I have a Bugaboo Chameleon and had decided that the add on ‘skateboard’ would do…or so I thought. Ella is a gorgeous and quite placid little girl, but as soon as she hits the shops, thats it (who could blame her really?). I discovered that I was kidding myself, thinking that the skateboard will suffice, and given the fact that I am prone to a little retail therapy at times, I knew that getting a double pram would be the only answer if I didn’t want her running off at first glimpse of Peppa Pig Toddler ride!

Given the fact that I loved my pram so much, I knew that the choice to get a donkey would be my preference. However the thought of having to clean and sell my old one (in order to fund the new) was a little daunting. Luckily, my very wise cousin Lisa (aka Healthy Mumma) suggested that I try Pristine Prams. A friend of hers had used this service and was ravingly happy. This is how it works:

Pristine Prams is essentially a ‘detailing’ service for your pram. Specialising in Bugaboo, Nicole gives your stroller a Professional clean, polish & freshen up. Using Natural products including Steam she give your pusher a hygienic and safe makeover. Her service includes;

• Upholstery, Hood and Basket Spot Clean and Gentle Hand Wash
• Chassis and Seat Frame Scrub Down and Detail
• All Wheel Power Wash, Air and Shine
• Chassis, Brake, Suspension and Wheel Inspection and Lubrication
Extra Services Available include (POA):* Pick Up / Delivery
* Loan Pram
* Scotch Guard
* Car seats and High ChairsAnd the best part is she can also sell your pram for you, taking the hassle out of posting and bartering a price. She:*Cleans
*takes pictures
*researches & writes the ad
*answers questions from buyers
*gives you the cash!

Screenshot 2014-05-29 10.10.33
An example of a current Pristine Prams add on Gumtree

My pram was two and a half years old, and a cream colour. It showed some signs of general wear and tear, and needed a decent clean to be able to sell. The wheels were also a little under the weather and needed some TLC.

Here are some images of her great work:
My pram before and after her cleaning service:
Photo 29-05-2014 9 59 56 am
As good as new..
All the bits and pieces (keeping the manuals was worth it!)
Look at those wheels…
Specialising in Bugaboo she also offer a free information and advice if you are thinking of buying one new or second hand.  Nicole helped me purchase my new pram by giving me advice about the new features of the donkey, add ons and things to look out for. I dropped my old pram off to her, she cleaned it, wrote the add, sold it and put the money in my account. I had put my new pram on lay buy and she even rang the shop and paid off the remaining balance! Here is the pram that I bought…
Bugaboo Donkey Black Limited Edition
Nicole charges a very reasonable $75 dollars for her detailing cleaning service. She then charges 10% of your sale price, but caps the entire total cost at $105. Given the fact that she sold my Bugaboo Chameleon (1st Generation) for $650, I couldn’t have been happier. That was half the original price. She keeps you in the loop the entire time and will not sell the pram until you are happy.
I couldn’t recommend her service more highly. If you have a Bugaboo and are thinking of selling, upgrading or buying, then check out her Facebook page here. This is possible my most practical and beneficial Friday Find yet. I’m very happy to endorse her service and support this local Mum!


Hudson heads home!

Hudson heads home!

It is with great love, joy and heartfelt gratitude that today we bring our Hudson home. Born four weeks early, as you know this meant that our little man had to stay a little longer in hospital to fatten up, develop some good habits and generally be a little stronger to be a bouncing baby boy in his own home. It has been quite a surreal couple of weeks, to say the least. His arrival caught us by surprise, and this also meant that our renovation deadline was smashed to pieces. I have so many people to thank, and so much I feel I need to say…

Any Mum will tell you that the moment you walk through your doors with your new baby is one of those moments you cherish forever. It’s the little things…sitting on your couch, cuddles in bed and just having a sense of privacy as you learn to live and love as a family in your own home. It was so incredibly hard leaving Hudson, particularly at night. After coming home, having dinner and putting Ella to bed, I felt a great emptiness knowing he wasn’t with us. One night I found myself saying to Dan that it sometimes felt like we hadn’t had a baby. I found it easier, knowing that the nurses and doctors at the Freemasons Epworth in Melbourne were some of the most caring, reassuring and loving people I had come across. It takes someone special to work with children, and I have come to believe that those who are dedicated enough to work with premature and sick babies are pure angels on earth. Words could never express my thanks. Towards the end of the nearly three weeks, I found it harder that I was missing out on those cuddles at home. I always knew that we were blessed and that Hudson’s plight was no where near as hard as some of the families that I had met in SCN. That said however, any parent who has to leave their child in hospital for any amount of time will know that it is heart braking. You feel so helpless and guilty. Your time is precious in at the hospital and those cuddles in between the strict feeding schedules go so quick. You also feel so torn between wanting to care for your new child, and also being there for your toddler. Having family and friends there to help has gotten us through.

Hudson Heads Home
Hudson Heads Home

We know how lucky we have been to have our wonderful family. Whether it be helping with Ella or simply sitting with us, we have been so blessed. Hudson is truly so lucky to have been born into a loving family, and into world where his parent’s friends have blessed him with so many play mates. Our friends have been wonderful. Whether you were there in person, over Facebook or as a Happy Ella After reader, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your messages of warmth, support and encouragement. You will never know the impact that a small text, email or message has had on us.

I’ll struggle to type the next paragraph as I thank the love of my life. Daniel, you are my soul mate, best friend and the most amazing Father I could ever hope for my children to have. There is not a day that goes by that I am forever grateful that you chose (for some whacky reason) to spend your life with me. I will never ever take you for granted, or feel anything but heartfelt thanks that you are by my side. You have worked so hard for your family, and whether it be renovating our home, playing with Ella, feeding Hudson or being there for me, you are simply amazing.  They say the best gift a Father can give to their children is to love their Mother. You give it to all of us in spades.
Best Daddy on the planet!

To our baby boy. We want you to know how much we love you. We hope that your first few weeks in SCN have helped you grow strong and we hope that we can continue to give you everything you need. We hope that you know that we are always here for you, no matter what. We want you to laugh, love life and be happy. There have been so many people who have been thinking of you and praying for you over the last three weeks. We feel so lucky to have you in our life, and Ella is so looking forward to bossing you around. Whatever happens in life, we’ve got your back.

Cuddles galore
Cuddles galore

I’ve done a lot of crying today…pure tears of joy. We are so happy to have you home.

Love Mum and Dad xx


And then there were four!

And then there were four!

Well it has been a hectic couple of weeks in the Korber household. Four weeks early, Hudson James Korber just couldn’t wait anymore, and decided to make a grand and surprising entrance into our world. We are not sure if he simply wanted to meet his big sister early, or was eager to prove that he could beat our renovation deadline. Either way, we are completely thrilled and over the moon to welcome our little man to our growing family. Blessed with ‘one of each’ , like all parents do we just feel extremely lucky and grateful to have him here. Pure joy and love.

Photo 5-05-2014 7 22 14 pm
Minutes old – Hudson James Korber

His entry into this world was an interesting one. A story that will indeed baffle many and surprise some. I gave birth to Ella on a 43 degree day. On that day, Daniel suggested we go out for dinner, and enjoy my ‘last supper’ of choice. Without hesitation, I chose Jacks Satay Bar. A favourite amongst Essendon folk, it has the best Malaysian food in Melbourne. It was one day before my due date, and as most 40 week pregnant ladies do, had been feeling quite uncomfortable in the days prior. That said, it was the height of summer and I just thought it was the heat. During dinner (after entrée) I had a ‘show’ and we immediately left the restaurant (after paying of course). The rest is history, and our Ella was born.

And then there were four...
And then there were four…

Last Friday I went for what I thought would also be one of my ‘last suppers’ with three of my best friends. We had all been blessed with the birth of our first children in the same year, and one of these girls was also expecting her second child, three weeks before me. Given the fact that I had four weeks to go, I was not at all worried about going out for dinner, on this occasion again to Jacks Satay Bar. A few sarcastic messages had been flying throughout the day from both my friends and family about being careful ‘returning to the scene of the crime’. I wasn’t fazed about going back to Jack’s Satay Bar, so close to being due, and given the fact that I love their food so much, I was prepared to travel to the ends of the earth for their infamous ‘roti rolls’.

So it was very surprising that during dinner, I started to feel my waters break. Joking with my friends, they googled possible symptoms during my frequent trips to the toilet. I wasn’t sure if ‘was or wasn’t’ something, as my waters never broke with Ella. I knew it had to be something to check out, but was both dismissive and in denial of the fact that I was going into labour four weeks early, at the SAME restaurant where I went into labour with Ella. Surely it couldn’t be happening again. Could it? Well four days later, after a stop, start labour, my question was answered. For some reason I went into labour early, and our beautiful little boy just wanted to meet us. A crazy coincidence, or was it something in their food? Needless to say, I’ll be making a phone call to let them know of their magical powers. Hopefully next time I’ll get through a meal without anything happening!

Our little man arrived a little small, and as I’ve come to know, as a premature baby he has some growing to do. He has had to remain in hospital after we came home, something that broke my heart. I felt strong and calm until we got into the lift, as I struggled with a mixture of emotions. I know it is the best thing for him, and he is is in the most amazing care. However there is something that feels so wrong about coming home without your baby. Each day we venture into the Freemasons Epworth Special Care Nursery for two feeds and time for cuddles. The nurses are so supportive and caring. They made my Mothers’ Day last weekend by creating the most beautiful card with his footprints. A small gesture that was appreciated so incredibly. It’s hard to juggle your emotions, and remain strong for both your partner and toddler. We are so conscious of Ella’s world being thrown into disarray. That said, we know how incredibly blessed we are to have such amazing support of family. We know it could be far worse. I have met so many families in the SCN who have been faced with months of special care and travel in and out of the hospital. It gives you a great sense of perspective, and I know that in the grand scheme of things we are very lucky.

The beautiful card given to me by the nurses in the Freemasons special care nursery.
The beautiful card given to me by the nurses in the Freemasons special care nursery.
Snug as a bug in a rug...
Snug as a bug in a rug…
His big sister, the big helper...
His big sister, the big helper…
Holding hands for the first time...
Holding hands for the first time…

So until we can bring him home, we will stay positive and just keep plugging away to help him do what he needs to do. We have received so much support from so many, and I’d like to thank you all for everything. The little messages help so much, and from one Mum to another, I am truly grateful.

I look forward to writing his welcome home post, and celebrating in style. Until then, give your babies a cuddle and keep them close to your heart.


Friday Find: Win a $50 voucher in our Maternity Sale giveaway

Friday Find: Win a $50 voucher in our Maternity Sale giveaway

This week for Friday Finds, I’m giving my ‘pregnant’ readers the chance to win a voucher towards some fabulous maternity wear. A couple of weeks ago I did a review of Eve of Eden Maternity wear, available through the Maternity Sale website. I road tested three pieces of maternity wear, and can honestly say that I love wearing them!

Screenshot 2014-05-01 17.07.53

I have found it really hard this time around to find affordable, stylish and comfortable maternity wear. I’ve been contacted by a few companies who have sent me some great pieces of clothing, and the range from Eve of Eden is fantastic. The team at this great label are offering my readers a $50 voucher to use towards purchasing an item of your choice from the Maternity Sale website. Whether it be a dress, top, pants or other item of clothing, you are set to be comfy and stylish in their range.

This competition is open to Australian Residents only. Entrants need to use the following link to ‘like’ both the Happy Ella After and Maternity Sale Facebook pages. You can also earn extra points by sharing your favourite piece of clothing from their range in the comment section below. The competition will be open from 8am on Friday 2nd May and will close at 6pm on Thursday 15th May AEST. The winner will win a $50 voucher to use towards any item on their website!

Good Luck!





When baby arrives…

When baby arrives…

With just under 5 weeks to go until our second baby is due, I am well and truly starting to think about their arrival. This week has seen my Braxton Hicks go to a new level, and I must admit that I’ve been a little ‘wary’ of the onset of early labour. We are planning on moving back into our house in in four weeks and I’m praying that the baby stays happy inside my tummy to give us time to move in and hopefully have at least one night in our new house. However as things don’t go to plan, I know that there isn’t much I can do to stop it!

That said, I’ve been thinking a lot about those first few hours and days after the baby arrives. With your first, it is such a blur. Depending on your labour you could be incredibly tired and drugged up. I gave birth after 16 hours and after some ‘help’ Ella arrived safe and well. I felt really groggy and exhausted and remember those first few days as though I was floating through a dream. Having no idea what I was doing, my emotions swung from complete excitement to shear terror. I remember feeling really scared being alone with her in my hospital room at 10pm on my first night. Scared, not of her, but of what I was meant to do. I was in a fair bit of pain and couldn’t sit up. Should I wake her? Feed? How do I feed? Change her nappy? What if I did something wrong? Would I get sleep? Would I be a good Mum? It was such a mixture of emotions.

This morning I read a beautiful article about a Mum cherishing a special moment with her new born child. A simple photo taken by her, alone with her new born baby in their hospital room. Titled ‘giving birth for the first time’, Lauren Jackman describes the simple pleasure she feels in looking back on this photo and the special time she shared alone with her baby in those first few hours. After Ella was born, I remember my family coming in, a few visitors fussing over us all and general excitement. I remember Dan staying with me until late at night at which time I sent him home to get a good rest. He always says it was the best sleep he ever had that night. I intend on doing that again!

What I felt most about this article however, was the fact that this time, I will cherish those first few hours a little more consciously than before. Knowing what to expect, and with all things hopefully going smoothly, I am looking forward to just being calm and still with my new little one, and enjoying them being here. Just to stop for a moment and enjoy the time, before the circus of going home begins. I cannot wait to hold this little one in my arms, and see my Husband become a Father all over again.

Looking back on this time with Ella, I smile as I remember what we must have been feeling when she arrived in this world….


A couple of new parents, no idea what to do, but a whole lot of love to give…


Our first night…she looks so peaceful in this shot!


No words really needed to describe this shot…


One of my favourites. Our little bundle all wrapped up…


So all I need to do is to remember to remember to pack the camera, and we will be right!!! I hope you have lots of photos that bring you equal joy of the moment when your child arrived in this world. Incredible beyond words.