When baby arrives…

When baby arrives…

With just under 5 weeks to go until our second baby is due, I am well and truly starting to think about their arrival. This week has seen my Braxton Hicks go to a new level, and I must admit that I’ve been a little ‘wary’ of the onset of early labour. We are planning on moving back into our house in in four weeks and I’m praying that the baby stays happy inside my tummy to give us time to move in and hopefully have at least one night in our new house. However as things don’t go to plan, I know that there isn’t much I can do to stop it!

That said, I’ve been thinking a lot about those first few hours and days after the baby arrives. With your first, it is such a blur. Depending on your labour you could be incredibly tired and drugged up. I gave birth after 16 hours and after some ‘help’ Ella arrived safe and well. I felt really groggy and exhausted and remember those first few days as though I was floating through a dream. Having no idea what I was doing, my emotions swung from complete excitement to shear terror. I remember feeling really scared being alone with her in my hospital room at 10pm on my first night. Scared, not of her, but of what I was meant to do. I was in a fair bit of pain and couldn’t sit up. Should I wake her? Feed? How do I feed? Change her nappy? What if I did something wrong? Would I get sleep? Would I be a good Mum? It was such a mixture of emotions.

This morning I read a beautiful article about a Mum cherishing a special moment with her new born child. A simple photo taken by her, alone with her new born baby in their hospital room. Titled ‘giving birth for the first time’, Lauren Jackman describes the simple pleasure she feels in looking back on this photo and the special time she shared alone with her baby in those first few hours. After Ella was born, I remember my family coming in, a few visitors fussing over us all and general excitement. I remember Dan staying with me until late at night at which time I sent him home to get a good rest. He always says it was the best sleep he ever had that night. I intend on doing that again!

What I felt most about this article however, was the fact that this time, I will cherish those first few hours a little more consciously than before. Knowing what to expect, and with all things hopefully going smoothly, I am looking forward to just being calm and still with my new little one, and enjoying them being here. Just to stop for a moment and enjoy the time, before the circus of going home begins. I cannot wait to hold this little one in my arms, and see my Husband become a Father all over again.

Looking back on this time with Ella, I smile as I remember what we must have been feeling when she arrived in this world….


A couple of new parents, no idea what to do, but a whole lot of love to give…


Our first night…she looks so peaceful in this shot!


No words really needed to describe this shot…


One of my favourites. Our little bundle all wrapped up…


So all I need to do is to remember to remember to pack the camera, and we will be right!!! I hope you have lots of photos that bring you equal joy of the moment when your child arrived in this world. Incredible beyond words.



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