Friday Find: Cre8tive kids Art & Craft @ Kmart

Friday Find: Cre8tive kids Art & Craft @ Kmart

Ella is a real toddler now, and her curiosity and enthusiasm for creating and exploring has simply exploded. She loves to paint, draw, glue and pretty much do anything that involves craft. It’s gorgeous to see, and as a Primary School teacher, we are both very much at home with coloured paper and a pair of scissors. You could go nuts looking for ideas that are suitable for a two year old, and whilst most $2 shops have a great range, recently I’ve come across the Cre8tive Kids range at Kmart.

I recently purchase Ella a splash mat, set of water colour paints and plaster paint set. Each of them were $2 and she has spent hours of fun painting and creating her own little masterpieces. The range is huge, from felt balls and pipe cleaners, to paints, paper and sequins. It’s nice to know that there is an affordable range of products, with the quality that will last longer than a toddler’s attention span!

Here is a snippet of Ella having fun with her plaster paint set. They come in a range of characters, for this one she chose horses..

The splash mats are thick and easy to clean…

Photo 7-08-2014 3 05 49 pm


The plaster set comes with figurines, brushes and paint..


Photo 7-08-2014 3 09 34 pm


Reminds me of ‘The plaster fun house’ as a kid..


Photo 7-08-2014 3 09 50 pm

Hours of fun…

Photo 7-08-2014 3 09 55 pm

I’ll certainly be heading back to Kmart to stock up on more Art and Craft Items in the coming months. The full range is not available online, but you can find a selection of the larger items here.

Happy Crafting!


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