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Month: August 2014

Friday Find: Mamadoo

Friday Find: Mamadoo

There’s nothing better than stumbling across a new shopping website. Since having my children, my obsession with online shopping has, let’s just say, become a bit of a problem. There is nothing more relaxing (and exciting) than finding a site that you love, with products you adore and prices that can’t be beaten. Today I’m sharing my Mamadoo find with you! It’s a site that has hundreds of products, many of which you have seen in stores for higher prices. There’s something for everyone…clothing, feeding products, toys, maternity, sleep etc. It’s like a major department store, but available from the comfort of your own couch, and you get to shop whilst wearing your pj’s (if you want, that is!)

I am always happy to check out new products and experiences that make the lives of children and their parents happier! Mamadoo features many retail shops under one roof, about 55 at present and 5000 products on the website, with more and more being added each day.

By far one of the best features of this site is that most of the businesses offer free shipping. FREE SHIPPING! I don’t know about you, but there is nothing worse than finding a bargain, only to find that your shipping costs more than the product. It’s great to know that you can in fact find great products for a great price, and you won’t be stung with a hefty postage fee!

So I’ve been doing some snooping around the new site, and I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite finds (each image is linked to their store)…

This beautiful Penny Scanlan Juicy Apple Raincoat – $69.95



and what’s a gorgeous raincoat without matching gumboots? – $29.95


Red Leather Jack and Jill Boots – $24


Long Sleeve Organic Dino Tee (Hudson would love this I’m sure)- $28.50


Duckids Pink Puffer Vest – $24.95 (Also available in blue and red)


Duckids Cargo Shorts – $14.95


Ash & Madi Personalised Print – $14.95 (various available)


Bathtime Organiser – $54.95


and finally, the Telling Tales personalised story books! These are just adorable! $39.95

Screenshot 2014-08-05 13.52.24

I’m thrilled to share that I have been asked to be an official blogger of Mamadoo and today I’m guest blogging over on their new site! I’ll be reviewing some more of their products in the months to come, and look forward to seeing more of what this site can offer  Mums and Dads!

Be sure to check out Mamadoo here!!!!

You can also stay connected with their sales and offers by following them on Facebook here.



We are getting there…

We are getting there…

So it’s been 13 weeks since our little man surprised us, and over this time it has been some of the most joyous and also challenging times of our lives. Obvious joy, love and immeasurable happiness in copius amounts. He has started smiling recently, and this sky rockets the love to a whole new level. Seeing him react to your interactions is the true definition of love, and makes being a parent the most rewarding thing in the world.

We have also experienced lots of challenges as we have navigated the world of colic, reflux and all things gassy. As readers would know, we have tried everything. I mean everything. To no avail, the medications and interventions have not helped ease Hudson’s discomfort, and we have resigned ourselves to the fact that time will simply be the factor. I have to say that whilst it’s been hard knowing that there isn’t a great deal we can do to both ease Hudson’s discomfort, and make time go faster, it has been overwhelming to receive so many messages of support from so many parents who have found themselves in similar situations. It’s hard to admit at times, that you not only want things to be better for your child, but also for yourself. I know that in order to be a good Mum, I need to feel good and rested, and that is very hard when you have a newborn with colic, and a toddler on the move.

That said, we are getting there. We have been giving Hudson bottles of expressed milk with a thickener at night and this seems to be helping. Whilst this means that it takes longer (after feeding and settling, I then need to express again), the time spent doing this means that we get more time to sleep afterwards. We’ve also been putting him to sleep on his tummy to settle, and then turning him over. This is very hard and stressful, as I’m always trying to ensure that his sleep space is SIDS safe. He is still pretty up and down, and with every few good nights, he also has his fair share of bad. It gives me hope however to know that he CAN do it, and like all things parenting, once you observe your child doing something, you know that inevitably, they will do it again.

Screenshot 2014-08-07 14.08.52

Many people have said that they feel it is harder having your second child suffer with colic, but in many ways, I’m thankful that it has been in this order. After already having a child, I”m not stressing about the things that seem overwhelming as a first time parent. I know how to be a Mum (well I try to be), and I’ve already been through the times when you doubt yourself and lose your confidence. This time around, I’m not upset, I’m just tired. A confident tired. Well, an experienced tired. It means that I have a bit of experience behind me, to help me through the tough times when I doubt myself. It means that I can draw on those times when I felt like what I was doing wasn’t working, and then, miraculously something clicks. Hopefully, what feels like a whole heap of hoop jumping will pay off soon, and he will have more better nights than bad.

In the mean time, we just keep plugging away. Thanks for the messages of support, and to all the parents who have dealt with colic and have given me advice and suggestions. You are not only helping Hudson, you are helping my whole family. It’s awesome to know that what ever you are going through, there is another Mum, somewhere who is feeling and experiencing the same thing.


Friday Find: Childcare Bed Guards

Friday Find: Childcare Bed Guards

The Korber household is in the thick of all things toddler. Tantrums, toilet training and moments of intense sleep meltdowns. After the (sudden) birth of Hudson, toilet training took a back seat after a few weeks of progress. When we moved back into our house, the need for Ella to move to her ‘big girl bed’ was a priority, as we moved the cot into Hudson’s room. The timing seemed right, she was ready, and well, we just wanted to set her new room up with the bed we had purchased. We have found lots of things challenging as new parents, like everyone, but one thing that has gone relatively smoothly (touch wood, touch wood), is her move to a big girl bed.

Ella has taken to it quite well, and whilst she doesn’t sleep right through every night (she never did anyway), there have been relatively few tantrums, and no falling out of the bed. This has been mainly due to the fabulous bed guards that I discovered in Baby Bunting. A friend of mine (thanks Amy) recommended them to me a while ago. The best thing about these guards is that they can be put up at night, and go back down during the day. That way it doesn’t look like she is living in a hospital. They come in various colours and a couple of sizes to match your type of bed. I went with the 120cm white model and they have been great.

Here is what you can expect…

Folds up when you need it…

Photo 31-07-2014 12 38 31 pm


Folds down when you don’t…


Photo 31-07-2014 12 38 12 pm

Hidden in the day time..

Photo 31-07-2014 12 37 56 pm

Best of all, they are currently reduced for $29.95! You can purchase them here.