Friday Find: The Supreme Kitchen Team Series

Friday Find: The Supreme Kitchen Team Series

Today’s Friday Find appeals to the Primary School Teacher inside of me. It WILL also definitely appeal to any parent who loves and values reading, and developing a sense of wonder and awe in their children. Today’s find also celebrates a Dad, who, having read to his daughter’s each day, wanted to take the leap of faith to writing his own storybook for his children. Together with Amy Chung and Illustrator Paula Bossio, Frank Scifo has realised his dream and together they have created ‘The Supreme Kitchen Team’ series.

What makes these books even more beautiful, is the fact that they have infused cooking and baking into the process. I can’t think of a better way to get children engaged and motivated to read, than to follow a story that encourages them to create something of their own at the end, and best of all, they get to eat it! With their vision ‘ To inspire young children to discover home style cooking’,  the first installment in the series is called ‘King Rupert’s Raspberry Vanilla Cupcakes’. King Rupert is hosting a banquet and has requested his favourite raspberry vanilla cupcakes, only the castle’s oven isn’t working.  Will Ruby and the Supreme Kitchen Team be able to appease King Rupert on this grandest occasion?


According to the team, their books are:

* Fun, engaging short adventure stories

 * Warm, friendly and enchanting characters

* Magical recipe books, magical aprons, and a secret pact!

* Loads of fun & fantasy

* A hint of magic & a pinch of creativity

And there is of course our key point of difference. We’ll always finish with a home-style recipe to encourage interaction between parents & children at home. This is my absolute favourite part of the book. A genius way to get your kids involved in reading and baking together in the kitchen.

Screenshot 2014-09-18 17.10.26

Needless to say, Ella and I will be heading to the supermarket to get all of these ingredients. They look delightful!

Screenshot 2014-09-16 12.38.29

Future titles in the pipeline include:

* Captain Jack Stir and the Ravenous Pirates *  Raja The Baby Elephant’s Spaghetti Bolognese

I just love this idea, and love the fact that a Dad took a punt and did something that he thought would help his children. In turn, I’m sure that there are many other families who love and will love the series. You can purchase your own hard copy, or e-book via their website here for $9.50 AUS.

We look forward to the next installment!


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