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Hudson’s First Christmas Wishlist

Hudson’s First Christmas Wishlist

I can’t believe that it’s nearly Christmas again. This also means that our little man will be 7 months old. His first Christmas. It’s been such a jam packed year, time has literally flown. We have had a ball welcoming our little man into the world, and have enjoyed every second of getting to know ‘all things boy’. From Super heroes to trucks, monsters to construction kits…it’s been a blast, and Ella has loved it too.

Last week I shared my favourite pics for a little girl’s Christmas in 2014. This week, I’m thrilled to share my top finds for little boys to place under the tree this Christmas Eve. Some of them are for play, some are for wear and some are for their room. Oh gosh, it makes me tear up even thinking about it…..

Photo 21-11-2014 9 14 09 am


Top left: Munster ‘Don’t START Wars’ kids tee from HipkinKids – $39.95

Top Middle: Red Steel Wagon from Mocka Australia – $49.95

Top Right: ‘I will chase the wind, Touch the sky’ decal from Wondermade Decals – $21.95

Middle Left: Batman Tent from Peachy Baby / Project T Bear – $150

Middle: RAAAAAA Sloppy Joe from Freddy Alphabet –$54. Let’s face it, anything from Freddy Alphabet would be nice!

Middle Right: Noughties Bat Cushion from Willow and Sage. – $65

Bottom Left: Bat Coat Hanger from Little Pop Studio (available for pre order on Jan 20th 2015). 

Bottom Middle: Newbies Super Skittles from Little Me Little You. – $59.95

Bottom Right: Batty Skinny Trackies from Kapow Kids – $39.95

Hopefully some lucky little boys will get some of these goodies under neath the Christmas Tree!!!

Fingers Crossed!kate

Ella Loves Local: The ‘Kates’ behind Kate & Kate Blankets

Ella Loves Local: The ‘Kates’ behind Kate & Kate Blankets

You would be hard pressed to find someone who loves blankets more than me. Since becoming a Mum, and especially, since moving back into our newly renovated home, I’ve got beautiful blankets everywhere. Nothing beats the look and feel of a warm, soft blanket on your bed, couch or chair. Kate & Kate blankets have brought their game to the world of beautiful blankets, and they are simply divine. The baby of sisters in law – Kate Pascoe and Kate Pacscoe Squire who run their gorgeous business across two states, with one living in Sydney and the other in Melbourne. The thing that stands their bleankets apart is the modern, clean and stylish designs. Beautiful colour pallets that really make their blankets the statement piece in the room.  Launched in October 2013, Kate & Kate offers a range of beautiful blankets and throws, knitted from the softest, breathable cotton and free from harmful substances.

Screenshot 2014-11-18 09.42.19

Kate & Kate blankets and throws are oversized and incredibly generous. Designed with flexibility in mind, they are the perfect size for babies, children, adults and the home. Their throws are just that bit larger, but equally as adaptable.

Here are some of my favourites…

The kiss baby blanket. $100 and available in a range of colours..

The love letter baby blanket – $100. Also available in a range of colours..


My favourite…the Kate&Kate x Suprette ‘Co Lab’ Blanket – $119. Even the bag is cool!


The Black and White Jagger – $119. Also available in Grey Marle and Snow white…


The larger, Love Letter Throws – $159. Also available in other styles…Excailbur-251x502

Just divine aren’t they! There is simply nothing better to give a new Mum for herself or her baby, than a magnificent blanket like these. So with that, lets meet the stylish team behind these stunning blankets and throws…

1. What inspired you to start Kate&Kate?

We were both embarking on separate projects at the time when we can across our amazing manufacturers. It was totally by accident, but within a half hour of meeting them, we’d decided we were going into business together and that blankets would be our thing.

2. How do you juggle business and family?

KP: It’s a constant battle – at some point something’s gotta give (usually the housework!)
KPS: You are aways pulled in so many directions, but I try to give ample time to both my business and my family… when I’m with one, the other has to wait! Great in theory, harder in practice.

3. What has been your proudest moment so far?

Seeing our blankets on the shelves of some of our favourite stores – so many ‘pinch me’ moments!

4. What has been your biggest challenge?

Probably working in separate states – although we totally make it work, it would be so much easier to be in the same space more often. We miss each other!

5. What is your advice to others wanting to start their own business?

Just go for it. Believe in yourself and the vision for your company – if you stay true to this, you can’t go wrong.

6. Three words that describe Kate&Kate

Contemporary, graphic, generous.

7. What’s your favourite current product in your line?

KPS: The Sea Tangle throw in Silver Birch & Snow White. For sure. I’m obsessed.
KP: The Love Letter throw. It’s all greys and white and is definitely my favourite at the minute – but it’s constantly changing!

8. Pay it forward to another local business. Kate&Kate loves….

KP: Crate Expectations (Hampton & Malvern), Mr Wolf (Lower Heidelberg), Turner & Lane (Malvern, South Yarra & Middle Park)… So many goodies.
KPS: Kido Store (Clovelly and Surry Hills), The Cook & Baker (Bondi Junction… a girl’s gotta eat!) and Smack Bang Designs (the team behind the Kate & Kate brand).


So from one Kate to another (or a couple), next time you need a beautiful gift, or simply want to spoil yourself, support local and get yourself a beautiful blanket from their range.


Ella’s Christmas Wish List 2014

Ella’s Christmas Wish List 2014

Ok, so this wishlist may not come straight from Ella’s mouth, but I’m pretty sure that if she received any of these gorgeous items from Santa underneath the tree this Christmas, then she would be pretty stoked. Last year I shared some of my favourite finds for Christmas, and this year, over the next three weeks I’m excited to do the same, for Ella, for Hudson and for myself. This week I’m starting with Ella, and focussing on all things that any little Princess would love. Sourced primarily from local businesses, they are all created with love.

All of these business are on Instagram, so feel free to click on the links and head over to their pages to see their wonderful ranges..

So without further adieu, I present Ella’s Christmas Wishlist 2014…

Photo 20-11-2014 8 31 27 am


Top Left: Bloomingvale House Shelf Display Boxes from Leo and Bella. $79.

Top Middle: Various Sonny Angels from Leo and Bella. From $10.

Top Right: Peachy Baby Play Blocks. Set of 4 $26.

Middle Left: Knot Pillow from My Little Echo. $65. As styled in this image by Little Dwellings. 

Middle: Jess CcrochetUnicorn from Ladedah. $68. Note other unicorns currently sold out. All of their crochet toys are beautiful!

Middle Right. Twig Creative Wooden Camera. $40.

Bottom Left: Mini raindrop cushion and silver raindrop garland from Little Me Little You. $32 and $50.

Bottom Middle: ‘I Love you More’  silver foil print from My Sweet Prints. $32.

Bottom Right: Miffy Lamp from Talo Interiors – $265  and Rock & Pebble Apple House from Norsu Interiors  – $150.

A little girl (and her Mum) can only dream right?!!! Is it bad that I’m reliving my childhood through my daughter???

Stay tuned next week for Hudson’s FIRST Christmas wishlist!



Family fun in Fiji

Family fun in Fiji

Last week we enjoyed our first family holiday since our little man was born. All four of us packed up for a week of fun in the sun, as we jet setted off to the family friendly Fiji. I must admit, I was a little nervous, not of the destination, but of the challenge of just getting there! I was determined to pack light, but this concept is almost impossible when you need to take a week’s supply of nappies x 2, swimming nappies x 2, formula, bottles, snacks etc. etc. That said, I was pretty stoked to get everything loaded into three suitcases, and given the fact that our hotel was providing us with a portacot, we were in fact, pretty lucky. Given the fact that Ella is now two and a half, she had her own seat, and this helped immensely. We’ve always been pretty lucky that she travels really well on planes (thankyou Steve Jobs for the iPad), and we were hoping that our little man would be the same. After  a five hour flight we arrived, and an hour car ride later (with Ella in the back seat, and Dan holding Hudson in the the baby Bjorn!?!), we arrived at our hotel – the Shangri La Resort.

I’ve been asked loads of questions about our trip since returning, so I thought I’d share some of the highlights. This hotel is definitely family friendly. Everything is catered towards families. If you have kids four years and above, the Kids Club is wonderful. Ella was too young to go along, but we could see the other children having heaps of fun. The hotel is huge. Literally huge. It is situated on it’s own island on the Coral Coast. It is very far away from anything else (apart from other resorts), so this kind of holiday is the one where you stay put. The people would have to be the best part of Fiji. Absolutely beautiful, greeting you with a friendly ‘Bula’ each and every time they pass. They volunteer to take care of your children for you if you are struggling to get through a meal (as we were on our first night). You can hire baby sitters if you want some alone time, we thought we would do this before we went, but in fact, we just had such a nice time with the kids that we didn’t end up getting them!

All in all, it was a wonderful week. Let’s face it, no matter where you go, it is just great to have your family together.

Here are some happy snaps showcasing the beautiful holiday…

Island paradise…



The Shangri La has it’s own private beach on the coral coast…



Blue skies, blue water…


mastering ‘floaties’ for the first time!


baby’s first swim in the ocean…


he came home with two teeth…


she got her hair braided….clearly loved it!


the view from our room….


our little island princess.


My boys…

Screenshot 2014-11-18 09.17.08

Celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary with the loves of our lives…Screenshot 2014-11-18 09.16.57

It was a wonderful week. To check out the Shangri La and deals they may have, visit their website here. 

Until next time, Bula!!!


Ella Loves Local: Lydia from Project T-Bear

Ella Loves Local: Lydia from Project T-Bear

10606506_293133230889312_5652417510497577894_nI recently came across Lydia from Project T-Bear after Kate from Yorke-Lee Prints paid it forward and recommended her business as part of her own profile on my blog. Immediately, I went to Instagram and instantly I fell in love. Those who know me know, that when it comes to Superheroes, I’m obsessed. What I love especially is businesses who are using simple, iconic and monochrome details of superhero decor. Created after she too saw a gap in the market, she started making items from scratch, teaching herself the skills and then it all grew from there. Her range is just beautiful. Here are some of my favourites…

Monochrome cross blanket….she also does a variety of customised cot blankets!


A new collaboration with Peachy Bear- their Batman Tents!


Classic Batman pillows…



Something for Mum…


Mummy & Me!!! from the new Lil Minimalist line…


and my favourite…the personalised Batman Pillows. This one lives on my little man’s Bed!

Screenshot 2014-11-12 09.06.05

As we all know, behind every great business is a great mind. So with that, let’s hear about the amazing Lydia – the Mum behind Project T Bear!

1. What inspired you to start Project T-Bear?
My son was my inspiration to start Project T-Bear… hence the name ‘T-Bear’ as thats a nickname I call my son. Whilst I was pregnant with him, my nesting was out of hand! Lol I learnt how to sew and create my own things that I wanted in my son’s nursery. I would then take photos of my projects and upload them onto my personal Facebook account. Soon my friends saw my work and asked if I could make things such as quilts, change mats & nappy wallets for them too.. soon I found my new hobby! And with the push from my parents & husband, I launched ‘Project T-Bear’ and never looked back.

2. How do you juggle business and family?
Essentially I work on weeknights when my son goes to bed at 8pm thats when I start working on my orders.

3. What has been your proudest moment so far?
My proudest moments lay within every like, comment & purchase. My heart smiles with glee when people love the products I produce. It makes it all worth it & I love doing what I do.

4. What has been your biggest challenge?
My biggest challenge is time! I need more hours in the night for me to work. I get so caught up in working at night that I end up going to bed late and I often wake up with low energy.

5. What is your advice to others wanting to start their own business?
Just do it! You can’t loose anything from trying. Give it a shot. If you love what you produce, chances are someone out there will enjoy your products too. You don’t want to go on living and looking back and thinking “what if…”. Put your head into it and do it!

6. Three words that describe Project T Bear,..
Modern, monochrome and handmade

7. What’s your favourite current product in your line?
I love all my products and I take pride in all of them but I gotta say, my favorite would be my Batman quilt. Although I might be a little bias as I love anything Batman. My husband and I are huge nerds.

8. Pay it forward to another local business. Project T Bear loves…
“Peachy Baby”.. everything is customizable to your liking and their products are super awesome. We love peachy baby.

A huge thanks to Lydia for giving us a little insight into her world, life, business and amazing mind behind this great brand.


So get involved, support local and jump online to check out her beautiful range here.




Experience the Colour Club @ Highpoint

Experience the Colour Club @ Highpoint

Shopping Centres who specially cater for families are very smart. A couple of weeks ago, Ella, Hudson and I were invited to experience Highpoint Shopping Centre’s new ‘Colour Club’ – a fully supervised and free program offering hands-on activities for children and exclusive retail offers for grocery shoppers.

Launched on Monday 6 October, The Colour Club will be held at 10:00am every Monday in the Fresh Food Mall on Level 2.

Local youngsters will be treated to exciting and interactive workshops, from giant Lego construction to craft activities and storytelling.

There’s also something for the Mums and Dads, with Highpoint’s fresh food retailers offering exclusive deals on produce every Monday.

We went along to find story time being offered for this week’s activity, with Ella promptly requesting ‘Peppa Pig’ from the selection of stories. A a Mum of two, I think that it is very clever for Shopping Centres to be offering great experiences for families. Anything that makes shopping time easier and more enjoyable for kids and their parents is a winner.

Ella and I enjoying Story time at the colour club…
Screenshot 2014-11-11 10.03.30

Enjoying a baby cinno in the new fresh food market!

Screenshot 2014-11-11 10.03.22

Another great aspect of their new development, is the amazing parent room. Not only does it provide practical, clean and bright amneties for parents to feed and change their little ones, but it includes a wonderful play area for toddlers. I spoke with their PR team about the need for families with more than one child to have an area that is safe and stimulating for their toddlers whilst they feed their babies. Often, there is a room, but it is tiny. These days, you need space, room to fit a pram (in my case a double), a microwave, clean water, todder toilets and if you are really lucky, a TV with the Wiggles on it! Well I am pleased to say that the parent room in the new section of Highpoint Shopping Centre is probably the best I’ve come across. It’s actually more like a play ground for toddlers. Spacious, clean, attractive and inviting.

Ella having a ball in the new parent room…

Screenshot 2014-11-11 10.03.03

More like a playground, than a place to stop for a nappy change!!

Screenshot 2014-11-11 10.02.52

Well done Highpoint! You can check out their website for details of up and coming Colour Club Activities here. 

***Best of all, Highpoint have teamed up with Happy Ella After to offer our followers the chance to win a $200 voucher to spend on baby and kids clothes and wears at their centre! All you have to do is head over to Instagram, and check out Happy Ella After here!

Photo 10-11-2014 9 01 39 pm

Thanks Highpoint!


Going Grrrrrrrrrrey

Going Grrrrrrrrrrey

I’m going grey. There I’ve said it. I’m going grey, and yes, I hate it. I started going grey in my mid twenties and since then, particularly in my thirties it’s been getting worse and worse. It started with a few stray hairs,then a patch, then since having my second baby, boom. It’s everywhere. I’m lucky in that I’m light, and get my hair treated with foils in three different types of blonde, but this time around, it’s just gone crazy. Im starting to get really paranoid and I hate it. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m going grey, heaven knows that there are so many of ‘us’ out there, but it’s just so unfair! They say that stress and genes have a part to play. Many women go grey after having children, and this has been the clincher for me. Our poor bodies go through so much, and yes it is wonderful to have such an amazing ‘prize’ at the end, in the form of my beautiful babies, but I wish that our hair could be spared in the process. I’m up for stretch marks, body shape changes, heck, even a weak bladder, but going grey, and for me going greyer after having my babies is a pill that is very hard to swallow.


The problem is, that it’s going to become increasingly expensive to cover. I normally have my hair treated in a blissful few hours at the hair dresser every two months, but this time, I really need it touched up after 5 weeks. It seems to be showing through in places that it wasn’t before, and, well now I’m scared that everyone will notice (yeah, I know it’s my fault given the ironic fact that I’ve now professed it to the world).

I’d like to think that I’m not vein, but when it comes to my hair, I am. Don’t get me wrong. all power to any woman who wants to go fully grey and do without the expense of dying it, but I just don’t want to. Not yet. I love having lovely hair, and for me, that means having no grey.  I mean C’mon, I’m only 35! I know that there are plenty of women who go grey a lot earlier and I don’t want to sound like I’m winging, but, well, I guess I am. Whilst my kids are both sleeping, I should be doing the ten loads of washing that need cleaning after our return from our holiday, but for the past hour I’ve been googling options, and looking around at what to do. Continue with the hair dresser, or go with home colour? Is there a better option?

I know it’s just my bruised ego, but I’m genuinely feeling down about it, and I guess, want to know from other Mums who have experienced the same thing.

What is a (semi) grey haired girl to do?

I should feel better for getting this off my chest, but I’m actually petrified / mortified / worried / scared… get it…

So with that, I take a deep breath, and press ‘publish’.