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A Merry Korber Christmas

A Merry Korber Christmas

I can’t believe it’s here again. Christmas 2014. Seriously, how did that happen? This year, it is every so joyful in our house, as Hudson celebrates his first Christmas. Ella is of the age where this time of year is truly magical, and she is becoming a bit of a Christmas nut, just like me. We are also so incredibly excited to be celebrating our first Christmas in our newly renovated home. With the tree up, decorations hung and stockings dangling above our new fireplace, the scene is set for what we know will be a wonderful couple of weeks.

Each year, I bring out the old favourites, and add to my collection with a new few friends. Christmas in my house is all about memory. Each decoration, or ornament has special meaning. As we place them around the house, they remind me of happy times, and also people who have left us. It’s a time that I truly become a child again, as I remember all of the things that make this time special. Growing up in a large family, this meant getting our real tree decorated, watching Christmas cartoons, making gingerbread houses and chocolate trees and playing Christmas carols.

Here are a few snaps of my home…











All I wish for at this time of year, is health and happiness for my family and friends. This week has been an incredibly hard one in Australia, and I simply hope that the following week can bring some happiness back into homes across our beautiful country. It’s time to enjoy the simple things with family, and truly appreciate the magical smiles on our children as they anticipate the arrival of the man in red! Tonight we’ll take our kids to the Boulevard in Ivanhoe to walk along and admire the lights that have traditionally been held for decades. On Christmas Eve, we’ll spend the night with Dan’s family – an Eastern European tradition. Christmas morning will be just us, fun with our beautiful children, and then we’ll head to my family’s home for a day in the sun, and hopefully a swim in the pool. There is nothing like Christmas in Australia.

So whether you are celebrating in summer, or having a white Christmas, I wish you all, a safe, happy and joyous time. I’ll be taking a break from the blog for a few weeks, but will be back, bigger and better in 2015! Our print store will also be closed until early January as we take a family break!

So until then, here is our annual Christmas Card! Click on the image below to see the animation!


Merry Christmas and thanks for all your support this year!


…and we’re open! Happy Ella After Prints

…and we’re open! Happy Ella After Prints

This weekend was a big millestone for me, launching my own little business – Happy Ella After Prints. After months of admiring, and adoring the talent I’ve seen on Instagram, and the amazing range of kids’ decor, much of it local, I decided to put my creative genes to work. Since moving back into our home, I’ve simply loved decorating the kids’ rooms and have developed a real love of unique kids’ prints. Being a lover of technology, I’ve been busy working on a range of colourful, bright and simple prints. Most of them celebrate the funny things that Ella says, and some of them share our love of superheroes, and things we do as a family. I’ve spend a couple of years, supporting local businesses via my ‘Ella Loves Local’ and ‘Friday Finds’ series, but this time, I’m sort of supporting myself. Being on maternity leave, I’ve found my blog to be a creative outlet, and this is simply an extension of that. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take up too much room in my house! In the beginning, I’m selling A4 prints, with A3 coming soon. All of my prints are affordable, being priced at $15. They are printed on quality 300gsm card, and will be sent via registered post, to ensure smooth delivery. Currently, I’m shipping to Australian Residents only, with New Zealand coming soon, along with the rest of the world! So without further adue… here is my current range (each image links to the web shop):

Batman’s Got Nothin – A4 – $15


The First Avenger – A4 – $15



Just One More – A4 – $15


Build it Up (White on Black) – A4 – $15


Build it Up (White on Black) – A4 – $15


Some More Please – A4 – $15


Play On (Blue) – A4 – $15


Play On (Black) – A4 – $15


Play On (White) – A4 – $15


I really hope you like them! My store is available by clicking on the PRINT STORE @

To celebrate my opening, I’m running a giveaway for my Facebook Followers.  Five lucky followers will win an A4 print of choice!

Simply follow the instructions below!

Good Luck and thanks for supporting Happy Ella After Prints!


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Ella Loves Local: Sevi from Baby Bistro

Ella Loves Local: Sevi from Baby Bistro

Any busy Mum knows what it is like to feel that there is never enough time to get everything done.  Whether it is housework, paid work or time with the kids, there never seems to be enough hours in the day. Lately, with a seven month old baby, and a two year old, just having the time to have a shower, and eat my own lunch has been a struggle. So it is no suprise then, that with Hudson starting solids over the past few weeks, I’ve found it really difficult to prepare enough home cooked food for him. With Ella, I peeled, cut, steamed and pureed each and every meal she had until she went onto more formed solids. I had the time, when she slept, to take the time to prepare and freeze, at least a week’s supply of food for her. This time around, I must admit that I’m struggling to find the time. I try my best to ensure that he gets the best food possible, but I’ve looked for practical alternatives to help ensure that Hudson is getting what he needs.


Step in Baby Bistro. The brain child of Sevi, a local Melbourne Mum, she started her business when she too had her own children. Determined to help other Mums provide their children with organic, home made produce, she started this fabulous business that has since helped many hundreds of families, and created a loyal customer base in the process. Over recent weeks we have road tested their purees and toddler meals, and I have to say that they are a life saver. They are just right. Just the right size, just the right variety, just the right price. Conveniently delievered to your door (in a freezer bag I might add), there is no excuse for giving your little one the best!

So let’s here from Sevi about this great local business…


1. What inspired you to start Baby Bistro?

I was inspired to start Baby Bistro when my first born, Lucas started solid foods and I struggled to find anything available to feed him that was quick easy, convenient that actually had nutritional value. It was always important for me to always offer foods that were nutritious, organic and without additives, preservatives or chemicals.

2. How do you juggle business and family?

It’s not easy but we make it work. I’m lucky to have a supportive husband who helps.

3. What has been your proudest moment so far?

There have been many proud moments for me. I have been very fortunate to have met and supplied Chrissie Swan, mentored by Caroline Creswell and recommended by Rebecca Judd and featured on her blog, but the biggest has to be the fact that something I created and something that was important for me and my family is feeding babies and toddlers and children all over Melbourne.

My dream is to make it available across all of Australia.

4. What has been your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge has been shipping. It’s not cheap to ship a frozen food product, but we are working on that and will hopefully have some news in the new year.

5. What is your advice to others wanting to start their own business?

I would say go for it! “The only impossible journey is the one you never began” Tony Robins

Since starting Baby Bistro I have meet many wonderful and very supportive mums in business that have not only become my friends but have helped, and continue to help me on my journey.

6. Three words that describe Baby Bistro…

Convenient Clean & Nutritious

7. What’s your favourite current product in your line?

It’s seriously too hard to pick one favourite. I love the Oven Baked Risoni, Osso Bucco Beef Casserole and Chicken Mushroom Risotto … and the Mac & Cheese ..

8. Pay it forward to another local business. Baby Bistro loves…

The Organic Place. Brooke is a Melbourne mum who is passionate about health and making a difference.

So with that, hop to it! Head to Baby Bistro’s website and check out their extensive range!




Mumma Christmas Wishlist 2014

Mumma Christmas Wishlist 2014

I won’t lie, this week has been tough on many fronts. Yesterday felt like an eternity, as I juggled toilet training (for the 100th time), and a teething baby. Sometimes there are days that just seem to go on for ever. I do know however, that you have to roll with the punches, suck it up and know that for every bad day, you’ll have a hundred great ones. There is so much to look forward to at this time of year, and this weekend, I’m super excited to put up our Christmas decorations and ornaments around the house. Christmas with kids is just magical, and this year, Ella really knows what’s going on. I can’t help myself, every time I’m online, I find something else to get her from ‘Santa Claus’. I don’t know about you, but I spend so much time organising gifts for the kids, that when someone (aka. Santa Dan) asks me what I want, I actually can’t think of anything.

So with that, I’ve taken the time to browse my favourite Insta feeds and have discovered a few lovely things that this Mumma would love to see (for me) under our Christmas Tree….

Photo 1-12-2014 1 38 13 pm


Top Left: Boss Mumma Singlet from Howi Clothing – $30

Top Middle: PK Copenhagen Limited Addition Print from Norsu Interiors – $90

Top Right: Ferm Living Storage Baskets available from Norsu Interiors – from $90

Middle Left: Anarkid wall prints available from Hush Little Baby – Currently on sale from $15!!!!!

Middle: Nike Air Pegasus Runners – $160

Middle Right : Gold Trim Maxi Dress from Witchery – $149.95

Bottom Left: Amazonia Bucket Shoulder Bag from Mimco – $499 *#MYFAVOURITE

Bottom Middle: Sorbet Sunrise Tank Dress from Mister.i  – Pre-order

Bottom Right – the one and only, Thermomix – approx $2500

Some of these are to wear, some are to admire and some are to dream about.

C’mon Santa Baby, I’ve been a very good girl this year!!