A Merry Korber Christmas

A Merry Korber Christmas

I can’t believe it’s here again. Christmas 2014. Seriously, how did that happen? This year, it is every so joyful in our house, as Hudson celebrates his first Christmas. Ella is of the age where this time of year is truly magical, and she is becoming a bit of a Christmas nut, just like me. We are also so incredibly excited to be celebrating our first Christmas in our newly renovated home. With the tree up, decorations hung and stockings dangling above our new fireplace, the scene is set for what we know will be a wonderful couple of weeks.

Each year, I bring out the old favourites, and add to my collection with a new few friends. Christmas in my house is all about memory. Each decoration, or ornament has special meaning. As we place them around the house, they remind me of happy times, and also people who have left us. It’s a time that I truly become a child again, as I remember all of the things that make this time special. Growing up in a large family, this meant getting our real tree decorated, watching Christmas cartoons, making gingerbread houses and chocolate trees and playing Christmas carols.

Here are a few snaps of my home…











All I wish for at this time of year, is health and happiness for my family and friends. This week has been an incredibly hard one in Australia, and I simply hope that the following week can bring some happiness back into homes across our beautiful country. It’s time to enjoy the simple things with family, and truly appreciate the magical smiles on our children as they anticipate the arrival of the man in red! Tonight we’ll take our kids to the Boulevard in Ivanhoe to walk along and admire the lights that have traditionally been held for decades. On Christmas Eve, we’ll spend the night with Dan’s family – an Eastern European tradition. Christmas morning will be just us, fun with our beautiful children, and then we’ll head to my family’s home for a day in the sun, and hopefully a swim in the pool. There is nothing like Christmas in Australia.

So whether you are celebrating in summer, or having a white Christmas, I wish you all, a safe, happy and joyous time. I’ll be taking a break from the blog for a few weeks, but will be back, bigger and better in 2015! Our print store will also be closed until early January as we take a family break!

So until then, here is our annual Christmas Card! Click on the image below to see the animation!


Merry Christmas and thanks for all your support this year!


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