Bub Crawl

Bub Crawl

Today I’m sharing some happy milestones in the life of my little man. At just eight months he has recently mastered the commando crawl, sits himself up and has just acquired his fourth tooth thanks to an angry set of canines that have broken through. I’ve been looking back over our milestones with Ella and I have to say that whilst my little man has had his struggles, he is going gang busters in other areas.

His poor little brain has gone into overload. Crawling, sitting, teeth. It’s all happening. It’s funny that once your child learns the art of moving, they never stop. Ever so determined to get ‘that’ toy, he drags himself across the floor and proudly sits himself up when he reaches his target. There are so many things I’ve forgotten about this stage. The need to get everything out of reach, move things to the centre of the coffee table, keep the floors clean and ensure that you have lots of spare clothes on hand to change him after the endless dirt that appears down his front. I’d forgotten about the drool! The endless drool! The munching, on everything!!!

Screenshot 2015-02-03 12.23.33

I’d forgotten how frustrated they get..in the night when they wake, over and over. They sit themselves up and forget how to lay back down. They chew on everything. Think bite marks everywhere! Ella was a biter and chewed the side of her cot like a corn cob. The cute thing is Hudson is starting to add his own marks that are distinctive, and we can tell their ‘bites’ apart!

I’d forgotten how they pull themselves up onto everything. They beam with pride….

Screenshot 2015-02-03 12.26.57

I’d forgotten how dirty they get. How their fronts get covered in dirt and it makes you realise how unclean your floors are. Someone really should invent a Onsie mop!

However most of all, I’d forgotten how proud you feel when you see them sit up on their own. When you see them reach for that toy on their own. When you see them smile with that little toothy peg sticking out.

Screenshot 2015-02-03 12.26.41

Little milestones that make a big difference in their gorgeous lives.

Keep growing little man!


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