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Month: March 2015

Ella Loves Local: Sarah from Little Fox Crochet

Ella Loves Local: Sarah from Little Fox Crochet

There is nothing sweeter than donuts and ice cream. That is, until you find these delights, hand lovingly crocheted into little toys that you could seriously almost eat. I came across Sarah from Little Fox Crochet via Instagram, and was immediately taken by her beautiful work. Seriously cute, seriously talented, seriously amazing. Her creations range from your typical donuts in various colours (and flavours :-), ice creams, garlands and crocheted superhero toys. Sarah lovingly hand makes each and every thing she sells, and once you invest in one, you’ll be hard pressed not to be addicted and want more. Her beautiful creations are the stuff of childrens’ dreams, and lets be honest, grown ups too…

Here are some of my favourites…

Photo 27-03-2015 8 01 41 am Photo 27-03-2015 8 01 49 am Photo 27-03-2015 8 02 00 am Photo 27-03-2015 8 02 09 am Photo 27-03-2015 8 02 20 am Photo 27-03-2015 8 02 25 am


I had the chance to chat with Sarah recently and learn more about her work…

1. What inspired you to start Little Fox Crochet?

I’ve been crocheting since I was 10 years old but I hadn’t picked up a hook in years. On a whim I decided to get back into it after my 3rd baby was born at the beginning of last year, and I couldn’t stop! I was crochetingso much that my family was in danger of drowning in a sea of crochet! So, with the support of my fabulous husband, I decided to take a chance and open up a shop! And of course, I had to name it after my son – he’s my little fox

2. How do you juggle business and family?

 To be honest, I feel I don’t do a very good job of the juggle! When I started out I had 3 kids under 4 and not a lot of time to myself to work! I do most of my crocheting at night after the kids go to bed or during nap time. Which means of course, if the baby has a bad night, not much work gets done. I’m still working on finding a routine that works for us and I’m actually heading back to my “real” job very soon where I’ll be working 3 days a week, so we’ll see how that goes!! 

3. What has been your proudest moment so far?

My very first sale was by far my proudest moment! It was so scary to put my stuff out there and then just wait for something to happen! When I got that first sale I was so excited I danced around my kitchen like a crazy person! I still get excited when people buy my creations –  there’s not quite as much song and dance these days, but I’m still so touched and humbled that people like my stuff enough to continue buying it!
4. What has been your biggest challenge?
Oh Gosh there have been so many!! Haha! I think the biggest one for me has been getting the balance right between keeping up with current orders and finding the time to develop new stuff. My head is constantly buzzing and I have so many new product ideas practically bursting out of me! But crochet is a time consuming art and there’s a lot of time and effort put into each item, which doesn’t leave me a lot of time to get all of these ideas out of my head! But I’m trying to work on not taking on too much at once – it’s a work in progress!

5. What is your advice to others wanting to start their own business?

Find something you love and just go for it. You never know if you never try. I thought about opening a store for so, so long. I was really worried that no one would want to buy what I made – so I put a few things up on my personal Instagram page, and got a feel for what people thought. I was honestly surprised to find people were willing to pay me money to do what I love! I still am! And because I love doing it, it doesn’t feel like work at all!

6. Three words that describe Little Fox Crochet…

Quality, fun, original

7. What’s your favourite current product in your line?

I have two: doughnuts and ice creams! I absolutely love making them and I love seeing all the different colour combinations my customers come up with! I also love doing custom orders because it gives me a chance to try new things and use different colours than I would normally use.

8. Pay it forward to another local business.  Little Fox Crochet loves…

This is a tough question!! I love the Instagram community so much and there are so many talented women I adore and who inspire me everyday. I’ll give you three favourites, but keep in mind this list could on forever! Arlo and co, Little Olive and Co, and Top Knot Girl

Ella was lucky enough to sample some of Sarah’s delights, and these donuts sit proudly on her new shelves in her room…

Screenshot 2015-03-27 08.57.48

Be sure to support this local gem, and purchase some of her delights from her web store here!


Hop to it! : Cute ideas for Easter gifts

Hop to it! : Cute ideas for Easter gifts

Let’s face it, Easter IS all about chocolate. Heck, I’m not trying to compete, and heaven knows I would never say do without! However if you want to add a little bit of sparkle to your child’s Easter this year, there are loads of cute ideas, outfits and decor made by local businesses that would bring a smile to any child’s face.

So today, I’m sharing my favourite finds for Easter….

Photo 25-03-2015 9 25 41 am


Top Left:Mooi Baby  – Bunny Booties  – $49

Top Middle: Arlo & Co – Pastel Bunny Garland –  $35

Top Right: Happy Ella After – Strawberry & Cream Heart Print – $17 single, $30 duo 

Middle Left: Hello Mala – Yummy Bunny Print – $30

Middle Right: Cotton on Kids – Cozy Romper – $24.95

Bottom Left: Little Olive & Co – Bunny Banner – from $40 (note this store is currently restocking orders for April)

Bottom Middle: Little Noggi – Limited Edition Ears – $17.95

Bottom Right: Knobbly – Bunny Wall Hooks – $16






Remembering Didda

Remembering Didda

To my dearest Ella & Hudson

I’m writing this now, for you to read in many years to come. Right now, you are too young to understand. Too little to comprehend what it means to have someone close to you pass away. Yesterday we said goodbye to your beloved Didda. It’s hard to find the right words we can use to explain what has happened, where he is now, and why he has gone. Last week he passed away, and right now, all I want to do is keep his memory alive for you, to treasure in your hearts.


Whilst I cannot help you to understand right now, I CAN help you in years to come, to look back and see how much he loved you. For you to know that your Didda was so incredibly proud of you, and how happy you made him. There are so many memories, many of which you won’t remember. However there are so many little things that we will miss, that I want you to know:

We will miss how he called you his little Champions.

We will miss how we smiled from ear to ear and clapped as your smiled at him.

We will miss his constant fear that you would knock your heads on the coffee table.

We will miss him always telling you not to touch the cactuses.

We will miss him calling you his little ‘Strutca’ – affectionately known as ‘Little Bread / Little One’ in Slovenian.

We will miss him hiding the torch for you to climb up and find behind the couch.

We will miss his love of ‘Deal or no deal’, and the way that Ella would exclaim ‘no deal’ with him

We will miss him eating pancakes with you

We will miss him trying to beat you in a race to finish your chicken soup

We will miss him teaching you words from his home land

We will miss him tinkering in his garage, and you helping him to water the concrete and plants

We will miss him at Rosebud

We will miss the arguments we had over saving the purple Jacaranda, and his annoyance over the mess it makes when it drops its leaves

We will miss seeing his slippers at the back door

We will miss seeing him lift you up to touch the Christmas decorations that hung from the ceiling

We will miss the walks to the shops that he had with you

We will miss the look of love that he had for you, and the way in which he held you in his arms

We will miss the way you yelled ‘Didda’ with such love and adoration.


Ella and Hudson, you were so blessed to have your Didda in your lives. We will all miss him. He loved you dearly and was truly at his happiest when you were with him. In  the years to come, I want you to know that each time we talk about him, or look at a photo, he brought you so much happiness.

These memories will love in our hearts forever.

Love Mum  & Dad xx


Ella Loves Local : Jess from Gus Makes Three

Ella Loves Local : Jess from Gus Makes Three

Heck. It’s been a while since my last Ella Loves Local post. Apologies for that. I’ve been dealing with trying to get my little man to sleep more, and in turn, dealing with my own exhaustion. After a hospital stay, and lots of rest I’m raring to go, and this means that I can continue to support local businesses and the amazing Mums and Dads who have taken a risk to follow their passions.

Today I celebrate Jess from Gus Makes Three. I’m lucky enough to call her one of my ‘online mates’, and have seen Jess’ business evolve and flourish via her account on Instagram. Jess creates the most divine hand made cushions. What makes these different however is something very simple. She beautifully re creates milk bottles, lattes, forks and spoons, vegetables and baby bottles. Ready for any little one to cuddle. She also creates cuddle dolls – cute little doll cushions that can be hugged for hours on end. Jess’ idea is a great one. People love simplicity with a dash of cuteness. Whether its a baby shower, a new born or a toddler…they are the perfect gift. Being a fan, I was lucky enough to get a couple of her dolls for my Ella to meet. She simply loves them, and I’m sure your little ones will too. Here are a few snippets of her beautiful work…

Screenshot 2015-03-10 10.00.51

Screenshot 2015-03-10 10.01.01

Screenshot 2015-03-10 10.01.10

Screenshot 2015-03-10 10.01.17

Screenshot 2015-03-10 10.01.24

So with that introduction, lets meet the brains behind Gus Makes Three – Jess:

1. What inspired you to start Gus Makes Three? The more I talk to women around my age the more I kept hearing them expressing the need for a change or somewhat of a change in there life, myself included. This is where ‘Gus makes three’ came about. I love my job but I also wanted something for me. I used to make these Cuddle Cushions for friends and family. I then gave birth to our third child Gus and made one for him and thoroughly enjoyed it. So I thought why not…maybe others might like them too.

2. How do you juggle business and family? Some days are harder than others but I tend to be a highly organised person (most of the time) and try not to let both over lap too often. My family will always come first. Mostly my creations happen at night when everyone is all happy and tucked up in bed.

3. What has been your proudest moment so far? I think the positive feedback I have received. It is always such an enlightening and surreal moment to hear that people and children really love what you have created. So thank you everybody!

4. What has been your biggest challenge? I suppose the guilt as a mother of wanting to do the best for my family and making sure that that side of things never comes second and at the same time wanting to achieve and succeed with ‘Gus makes three.’ I think this is something that will probably always be a challenge. It is not necessarily a negative point, more of a way to always keep me focused on what is most important.

5. What is your advice to others wanting to start their own business? Start small and don’t set your expectations too high to begin with. Also always be nice to other businesses we are all trying to achieve the same goal and there are so many people who will help and assist you out there.

6. Three words that describe Gus Makes Three?… Different, Practical and Cuddly

7. What’s your favourite current product in your line? My ‘milk bottle’ would be my favourite. I love creating this along with the others but I think it is just a perfect little gift for any bubs because it is unisex. I struggled with purchasing unisex items when having my babies as we never found out their gender. I was determined to have a few of these products when creating and as it turns out all of my designs are that way.

8. Pay it forward to another local business. Gus Makes Three loves… I would love to pay it forward to Captain + Co. (instagram: @captainco.tasmania) who is such a beautiful felt creator and a lovely mama. When I mentioned before about being kind to other businesses she has been such a lovely, positive support from the beginning.

You can check out and purchase your own little milk / doll cushions via her Etsy Store here. 


Remember, supporting local means supporting Mums and Dads, and their children. Local economy, local family.


A letter of thanks from a grateful Mum

A letter of thanks from a grateful Mum

To the amazing staff at Masada, and the friends I met along the way…

There is nothing like being a sleep deprived parent. The feeling of helplessness and frustration as everything you try, to help your baby sleep, doesn’t work. A few nights turn into a few months, and after a long period of time, the sleep deprivation takes it’s toll.  After nine months, and what seemed like a lifetime, I decided that I needed some help.  I was at the point of breaking and felt so many negative emotions that I simply didn’t feel like myself, or like the person who I was becoming.

I felt guilty that I couldn’t help my son sleep.  Surely given the fact that I was a second time Mum, I had a toolbox of strategies to help us help Hudson. We had been through a very challenging time with Ella when she was one, and we had used a range of strategies to get her to sleep well. Surely, we could do it on our own. I started to feel like a failure, and this, coupled with sleep deprivation made me lose confidence and become negative. I hated the Mum I was becoming. I felt terrible about the wife I had become. I was negative all the time. I felt flat. I was stressed. I was short with Ella all of the time. I’d complain each day (with good reason, sometimes I know). However, I just simply hated the fact that I couldn’t enjoy being Hudson’s Mum, and worse that I couldn’t fix his unsettled sleep, and in turn get some for myself. I knew I was so lucky to have great support. Especially from my amazing husband and wonderful family. However things were not working, and my exhaustion just kept growing. It seemed relentless and endless.

Screenshot 2015-03-08 11.10.50

Then one day, I bit the bullet and rang Masada Mother and Baby Unit. I had heard about it from lots of other people, however I needed to come to the decision to go on my own, and with the support of my husband. Upon deciding to go, and after great stories from friends who had experienced dramatic changes in their children, I had high hopes.  Upon walking through the doors, I knew that things would be great. I felt nervous, but calm. It didn’t seem like the ‘baby boot camp’ that I thought it would be. What I didn’t know however is the incredible way in which my son would be transformed, and the friends that I would make along the way.  For this I will be eternally grateful.

I hold nothing but deep gratitude, respect and thanks to all of the staff at Masada for what they have done for my family. They have helped Hudson sleep through the night. They have helped him sleep soundly in the day. They have helped me be a confident support to him, to help him settle. They have helped me to feel comfortable with my feelings prior to coming in. I was at a loss to know what to do, and they helped show me the way. Some small changes have had dramatic impact. For this, I will be eternally grateful.

Screenshot 2015-03-08 11.11.27

I have found my week at Masada to be calming, supportive and empowering. The staff was never judgemental or critical. They have simply helped us all to see a new angle, and have simply given us our lives back. For this I will be eternally grateful.

I have found new friends who have been brave enough to share their stories and ask for help. Each of us came here for differing reasons, but with the same goal of wanting our babies to be happier, and in turn, help us to feel happier Mothers. We have stuck together. Sat in the corridors, pacing the hallways, praying for things to be better. We have listened to one another, comforted and encouraged each other. We have developed wonderful connections in such a short period of time. Most of all, we’ve made friends who have come together to help each other. For this, I will be eternally grateful.

I know that coming home won’t be easy, and there will be stressful times. I know that managing a baby and a toddler can be tough, but I know that with the strategies and knowledge I have taken away with me, I am confident to tackle what may come. I know that consistency is the key. I know that I have help if I need it, and that I’m not alone. For this, I will be eternally grateful.

When my husband rang each day, he asked how my day had been. It has been a long time since I have confidently been able to say ‘great’. I am going home thankful, not only because my baby is sleeping like a rock star, but confident that I will be able to help him through the tough times. I know that this will help me to enjoy Motherhood again. I know that this will help me to enjoy being a happy wife to my beautiful husband. However, most importantly I know that this experience will help me to get a piece of myself back.

For my experience at Masada this week, for my children, for my husband and for myself…I will be eternally grateful.