Ella Loves Local: Karen from Moonlit Sleep

Ella Loves Local: Karen from Moonlit Sleep

One of the questions I get asked the most is recommendations for kids’ linen and manchester. There is nothing more beautiful than divine, soft sheets for cots and children’s beds. Both for the look in the room, and most importantly, comfort for your child. Gone are the days of plain colours, and whilst I do love white, I’m also partial to funky designs for my kids! It was with pure delight then, when Karen from Moonlit Sleep contacted me to share her new business, and I’m thrilled to have been able to preview her range myself. Hudson has recently had the pleasure of sleeping (mostly soundly…i wish) on a gorgeous safari set in light blue and dark blue colours. What I love most is the generous size, for those of you with Boori Cots….it fits!!! Easy to wash, the vibrancy of the colours remain. Organic soft cotton, the set comes complete with pillow covers for those of you with babies who are transitioning to toddler pillows. Whilst Hudson still has a way to go before he gets his own pillows, I’m thrilled to know in advance that his set will be matching (the things that excite me!)

Here are some more previews of my favs from their range….

Dolls Picnic…


Fairy Garden…


and Hudson’s favourite….Safari



  1. What inspired you to start Moonlit Sleep?

My first born! Well, it was actually before she was born… I was looking for organic cotton cot sheets, and I just couldn’t find any in a design I liked. There were gorgeous baby clothes, but gorgeous contemporary baby bedding was seriously scarce! Finding organic cotton was important to me, as it’s such a beautiful fiber to sleep in. It doesn’t irritate even the most sensitive baby skin and it’s eco-friendly too! I actually studied Fashion and Textile design and had been working in the fashion industry for 15 years, so I was also ready for a change…. A bed sheet or quilt cover felt so exciting to design for, as it’s basically a huge canvas begging for a great print!!

2.     How do you juggle business and family?

We are a family business, so for us, family and business are very intertwined and I really LOVE it that way! My husband is amazing and very supportive. He built our warehouse space from re-claimed stage flooring that was being thrown out. My eldest is very interested and also my toughest critic… When I received the first Doll Picnic samples, the pillowslip had a white cuff on it like the flat sheet. She said to me, “ Mummy, that white bit looks funny on the pillowslip, like funny wrong”…. I must say, I agreed with her and it was promptly removed!!

In regards to the juggling, it is quite literally juggling! But, having Moonlit Sleep does allow me to work around the kid’s schedules and also my hubby’s odd work hours. I have two child-free days a week where I work like crazy. I also utilise nap time and get lots of work done at night after the kids are snuggled up in bed!

  1. What has been your proudest moment so far?

Oh goodness, we’ve had a few! Having our first orders come through from people we didn’t know was a massive moment for us. That was the moment when someone actually chose us over the established mass-market brands, and I was so thrilled and proud. There is still so much excitement in our household when orders come through!

The thing I’m most proud of though, is that all our sheets and quilt cover sets are certified organic to the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) standard. This means that it’s not just the cotton that has been grown organically, but the whole making process is free from nasty chemicals and produced according to strict global standards, both environmentally and socially.

I’m also really proud that, we’re selling our organic sheets and quilt cover sets at comparable prices to the non-organic brands of similar quality. I think it’s so important that people are able to make a choice affordably. It really frustrates me when organic options are either so much more expensive, or really “beige” looking! I wanted to make our organic bed linen really gorgeous, and affordable at the same time!

  1.      What has been your biggest challenge?

Finding the right factory to work with! It took over a year and a lot of work to find one that truly shared our beliefs and ethos. The factory we are working with is just amazing, they are a family business too and I feel so blessed to have found them. They have a really strong focus on quality and they specialise and have a personal LOVE of organics too. They also donate to a local charity in their area that provides shelter, food and education to local orphans and street kids. It makes me so happy and proud that by working with this particular factory, we inadvertently help kids who are so much less fortunate than our own. I can’t wait for Moonlit Sleep to be in a position where we can start our own giving back program!

  1. What is your advice to others wanting to start their own business?

Be brave, be organised and be confident in your own abilities and strengths! For areas where you are less experienced or less confident, seek out a mentor for advice. Go for It and Good Luck!

  1.    3 Words that describe Moonlit Sleep….

Organic, Gorgeous, Quality.

  1. What’s your favourite current product in your line?

Our Fairy Garden Floral Sheet Sets. I LOVE them so much as they were inspired by my Nanna’s super retro, floral sheets that I slept in at her house as a child…. So many happy childhood memories! They made such an impression on me even back then. I always loved that her sheets were a real feature in the room! I LOVE gorgeous printed sheets with a blanket once the weather warms up a little!

  1.    Pay it forward to another local business. Moonlit Sleep loves…..

Zoe Loves Ava, Patrycja makes the most gorgeous hand made woven wall hangings!

Available in single and cot sizes, their range is divine. Best of all, if you purchase you will be supporting a local family….living their dream!

Thanks to Karen for giving us an insight into her divine business!


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