‘Finish’ those dirty dishes with ease

‘Finish’ those dirty dishes with ease

*A sponsored post from Finish Quantum Dishwashing tablets

I love cooking, but I hate doing dishes. Like most parents, I love nothing more than a one pot meal. It means less cleaning. Each night after cooking up a storm, I have to make sure that my kitchen is clean, wiped own, dishes stacked and unstacked ready for the next day. After investing in a great dishwasher years ago, I’ve come to rely on it like a friend. It is stacked at night, and unpacked in the morning. If I miss my routine it means that dishes end up stacked high, and whilst I could use my hands and elbow grease to clean them myself, as a busy Mum I rely on my good old dishwasher to get things done. Couldn’t live without it!

That said, there is one thing I’ve learned, like most things, you get what you pay for. This can be said for dishwashers, and it can also be said for detergent. It can be tempting to spend nothing on dishwashing tablets to clean your dishes, but I’ve found out, by experience that if you spend nothing, you get nothing. You get what you put in, dirty dishes. Finish Powerball dishwashing tablets however, ensure that your dishes are not only cleaned, but come out looking as good as new. There is nothing more satisfying than putting away clean, sparkling dishes, still hot from drying in the dishwasher.

According to Finish, their new Quantum tablets contain fewer chemicals than any other brand.



  • Their new formula has Boosted Active Oxygen, to power away stubborn stains
  • Their Power Gel delivers a pre-soaking action
  • Their Powerball fights spots and watermarks for a clean so clean it shines


  • Get the results you expect from Finish with less chemicals
  • This special formulation has no added phosphonate, and less dyes and allergens

So if you are like me, and simply want your dishes cleaned so that you don’t have to….invest in something that will get the job done! Available in all leading supermarkets



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