Today’s the (daycare) Day!

Today’s the (daycare) Day!

Today was one of those days, that only Mums will truly understand. Today, Hudson started his day care orientation. Today, my little boy, who came into the world 18 month ago, ran through the doors and up the corridor of the beautiful daycare centre that his big sister, Ella, has called her second home for the past two years. Today was his turn. His turn to be the ‘big boy’ in Toddler 1. His turn to make friends, to conquer the jungle gym, to put on sunscreen, find his hat, and play in the sand pit. It was a day that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time, both for him, and for me…and yet…things didn’t turn out quite as I had expected.

I’ve been very quiet on the blog front lately, due to the fact that I’ve simply been run off my feet. Between my ‘real’ job, my print business and being a Mum of two little ones….I’ve really struggled to find the time to write, and share my feelings and experiences as a Mum. This is something that I’ve missed, and is at the core of why I started this blog. As a way to document the memories, challenges and achievements of my growing family. Well today, as my little man sleeps following his morning day care adventure…I am sitting down to document this day. This day, where my little man grew up just a little bit more.

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Anyone who goes back to work, or who runs their own business and has put their kids in day care know that it is not an easy decision. With Ella I tossed and turned for days. Should we? Shouldn’t we? Should she stay in the care of our Mums? Will it be good for her? Well with great enthusiasm and gusto, I can honestly say that it was the best decision we ever made. Ella has thrived in the care of her beautiful teachers and has grown into herself and her beautiful personality. Being the only grand children on both sides of the family, it also has meant that she’s had the chance to be with other kids almost every day. It has been wonderful.

So it was an easy decision for us to eventually put Hudson into the same daycare centre, after first giving him some time to get through his first ‘social’ winter. Being a prem baby, and having the experience of Ella getting really sick in her first real winter, we decided to have him stay with our Mums whilst I initially went back to work. We are so incredibly blessed to have their support, and know that not everyone is lucky in this regard. That said, we also knew that the time would come where he needed to fly on his own a little more, and that day was today.

Whilst I did not have anywhere near the nerves and anxiety of the time leading up to Ella starting daycare, I was surprised when I felt myself tearing up as I left him there today for a  few hours. As I left his area, Ella saw me and burst into tears, causing a chain reaction that left the three of us crying. The funny this is that yesterday I lead our new parents through the prep transition process at my school, and today…I find myself being the one on the other side.

The best thing I could do was leave. Make it quick, like a band aid. The experience was actually hardest on Ella as she both found it hard to see her brother crying, and also to have me come and go. Lucky, I could duck in and quickly find Hudson without Ella seeing, as I picked him up after a few hours.

I guess the lesson is, that we’ve all grown so much in such a short space of time. I know that things will be fine and that they will get used to the new routine quickly. Even my poor Ella who has unfortunately inherited her Mother’s emotional sensitivity.

I hope our little man loves his time at daycare with his amazing teachers, and new friends. It’s such a mixture of emotions, but I wouldn’t want it any other way….


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