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Month: December 2015

Product Review: Curash Jumbo Wipes

Product Review: Curash Jumbo Wipes

*This post is sponsored by Curash

Hudson is currently teething really badly, and I don’t know about you, but for me teething means nappy rash. Given the fact that he is currently getting his molars, this nappy rash has been extra harsh, and I’ve really had to think about the products I’m using on him to help keep his little tush clean and clear.

I’ve found that the Curash range have always been really gentle on my children, and especially have loved their wipes. I’m a fan of extra thick wipes that also help to keep your own hands clean. I’ve recently been using their JUMBO WIPES range, and the best thing about these is that they are so much bigger than a standard size wipe. This obviously means more coverage, in less time! That means less wiping, and helps to save his little bum!

Curash Jumbo Wipes

Available at Woolworths, they are also perfect for the No 3’s (bigger than a number 2) ha ha and big messes where hands and face also need to be cleaned up.

As a Mum I don’t have time to waste on cheap products that don’t last the distance. Curash wipes are well worth the investment! For more info, go to

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