Product Review: Zak Australia

Product Review: Zak Australia

I don’t know about you, but if I had to count how many drink / water bottles I own in my house, it would be more than 15. Actually it would be about 5 because I’ve got that many miss matching tops and bottoms that it’s hard to keep track. The same goes for plastic ware. I’ve got so many with lids that don’t actually work that it’s driving me crazy!

So when I was asked to take a look at Zak Australia‘s range of kids plastic ware and drink bottles, I was happy to throw some of the old stuff out and start afresh. The kids were immediately drawn to their bright colours, and being Minion themed, they were an instant hit. My own little minions adore all things Minion Mania and their bright designs really make it easy to spot them in the bottomless drawer that holds all of the kids plates, bowls and bottles.



Here are some of our other findings:

  1. The colours also make it easy for kids to ‘spot their bottle’ at daycare. No more sharing germs.

  2. The thick lids wrap around and snap onto the bottom. Not just a little ‘snap’, I mean it really fastens on. So no more coming off in your handbag in the car, or accidently spilling popcorn everywhere when your little one gets it out of their lunch bag.

  3. Microwave safe. Win

  4. Dishwasher safe. Win win.

  5. Snack tubs are a great size. Not too small, not too big. Easily fits in Mummy’s handbag so no lugging around the bigger lunch box.

  6. The bottle lids easily turn, but fasten shup. My kids can do it themselves which is great.

  7. Price point is spot on. Most of their range retails under $15 and are easily available at supermarkets, Kmart, Big W and other stores listed below.

Screenshot 2016-02-23 12.01.33

So there you have it. A great range, fantastic quality, affordable, appealing and accessible. They also come in other fantastic themes including Frozen. A great idea for a present, or simply for your little one’s school bag or daycare.

Zak certainly gets this family’s tick of approval, and I’d happily add to the range!

To view their products visit Zak Australia here:



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