Product Review: Lost My Name Book Series

Product Review: Lost My Name Book Series

I’m always on the look out for unique, personalised and thoughtful gifts for kids. Aside from my own NAME IT Prints (excuse the self endorsement), I love nothing more than giving beautiful books to children to develop their love of reading. So it came at no surprise then, at my reaction when I came across the LOST MY NAME series of books. I can honestly say that I don’t think I have found a better book to give to a child. Completely personalised, this series takes your child on a journey where they are the star. They are literally jumping off the page and are the main character in the story.

Lost my name


The first book in their series is titled ‘The little girl (or boy) who lost their name’. You simply choose your character, add in the child’s name and it instantly creates a magical tale, all about them! This beautiful story helps your child develop an understanding of their own name, as they weave their way through a beautiful story of mystery and wonder. AS they journey along, they meet quirky and funny characters who help the little girl or boy find and rediscover their name. Letter by letter, they read on, beautifully rhymed and illustrated to help them find their way home. If your child is like mine, and has more than one of the same letter then you need not worry. The book cleverly tailors duplicate letters to different characters. As a family we read this to Ella almost every night. She is utterly obsessed and especially loves the personalised greeting at the front, which you can also add in yourself.

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The second and most recent series is called ‘The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home’. This time, the book is tailored to your address of choosing. We created a book for our son Hudson, and he found his way home to our house in Melbourne. What is so fabulous is that they include not only a picture of your city, but a Google Map style birds eye view map above your house, and show the rocket zooming down to earth. It is honestly so beautiful and my children just love finding our house on the page where he almost arrives home.

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I have purchased and personalised so many of these books for my friends who have utterly loved them. There is nothing more beautiful and special than giving the gift of a book. What’s more, their books can be dedicated to your little one in the front cover, so it can be treasured forever.

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To purchase these beautiful books, simply head to their website here. They can be delivered to your door, or to the birthday girl or boy, and can even be gift wrapped. You will most certainly win the prize for best birthday present!!



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