Product Review: Kingdom of You from

Product Review: Kingdom of You from

Chances are, that if you are a parent of small children then you read a lot of books. There IS nothing better than spending time with your children, and reading magical books.  In fact, it is recommended that all children read 1000 books before they start school. If you are like me, then you are always on the look out for beautiful, vibrant and engaging picture books that you know your children will adore. There are so many classics that we all love and cherish, and then, every now and then, a new one comes along that just captures your imagination.

You may have come across my previous reviews of the LostMy.Name series of personalised books. Ella and Hudson have both adored seeing themselves immersed in stories of wonder and awe. Previously, Ella was lucky enough to have her own story of adventure, finding the letters to her name as she met some curious and creative creatures along the way. Hudson has found himself lost in space, trying to find his way back home to Melbourne. Both stories are personalised with not only their name, but loved facets of their life.

Their new offering is Kingdom of You.  Literally creating a kingdom that reveals their most loved possessions and treats.. This story is more than simply personalising it with their name. The Kingdom of You is a unique story built around a child’s favourite things. Whether they love dinosaurs and pizza, or princesses and pasta, each young reader is thrown into their own fantasy kingdom packed with whatever they love the most.  Everything in their dream-kingdom is named after them and it becomes their personal quest to clean it up after an unforgettable adventure. The story begins with a frustrated little girl (or boy if you choose) who is ‘fed up’ with grown ups telling her what to do. Escaping to a world of her own, she quickly finds herself in a world of decadence and wonder, until that it is, it all goes slightly wrong. Trying to get back home to her real world, and realising that sometimes it is better to just be happy with what you have. My Ella found herself the Queen of her kingdom, where Princesses helped her solve the problems of the day.  An ice cream monster becomes her arch nemeses as she tries to use wishes granted to her by a ‘laundry genie’ to help her get back home.

A beautiful story brought to life with amazing illustrations make this book a nightly favourite in our household…

Kingdom of You Lost my Name

This book is one of those gifts that will last a life time. Whether they are 5 or 10, they will cherish this story over and over. I simply love the entire range of LostMy.Name books, and have personally given so many as gifts, I’ve lost count! Priced at $39.95 with FREE SHIPPING, their turn around is super fast. Perfect if you’ve left it late! This is one of those reviews that I’m truly thrilled to share as it really is a quality product that families will adore.

To learn more head to their website where you can start creating your very own adventure!


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