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I'm a passionate educator who loves helping teachers and parents understand how to engage our students in this digital world. I'm also a Mum who is learning to tackle the everyday challenges of being a parent of a our two year old Ella and new born son, Hudson!
Review & Giveaway: Itchy Baby Co

Review & Giveaway: Itchy Baby Co

*Please note that whilst this is a sponsored post, all opinions and findings are my own.

If you have a child that suffers from allergies and skin irritations, then you know the heartache that comes with trying to ease your child’s pain and discomfort when it flares up. My Ella, with her Irish red hair and milky white skin, unfortunately suffered her first Eczema break out in her first summer, when sun cream was applied to her arms and neck. In the common ‘sweat spots’ her skin quickly becomes dry, scratchy and irritated. Often advancing quickly into red and raw sores that can be so painful. I quickly learned that particular brands of sun cream were her enemy, as were soap based cleansers. We have medicated cream on stand by for times when it gets particularly bad, but I’ve always kept my eye out for gentle products that help protect and nourish her fragile skin, particularly in her elbow areas.

So when I was approached by the Itchy Baby Company to try their range, I was excited to hear about their similar, back story. Developed in Australia by a pharmacist mum , Julia Simmonds, her son’s eczema is the reason behind itchy baby co. She ‘had hit rock bottom’. Admitted to hospital with her toddler’s infected eczema covering more than 75% of his little body. Despite having tried product after product, countless visits to the doctor and listening to anyone who had any advice to give, here she was. Felling guilty, helpless and utterly desperate to help her little boy.

Itchy Baby Co

Itchy Baby Co

Itchy Baby Co

Itchy Baby Co

Eczema is so challenging and we deal with it every day through the emotional heartache and practical problems it throws our way. Julia’s product range contains only the goodness of natural ingredients to nourish and hydrate your child’s skin without any chemicals or irritants.

I was lucky enough to try the following products from their range:

  • Natural Oatmeal bath soak
  • Natural Oatmeal bath soak with goats milk
  • NAtrual Oatemal Bath Soad with goats milk and organic coconut
  • Natural Oatmeal moisturise with organic coconut
  • Natural Scalp Oil

I’ve been using the bath soak in the bath with both my children each night. I’ve followed this with using the moisturiser on Ella’s skin. I’ve noticed that the areas, particularly on the inside of her elbows have remained clear and free of any irritation. Ella would sometimes wake in the night with irritated and itchy skin, and this has not happened at all during the last fortnight. IT’s been wonderful and I would so far recommend the range to anyone!

I’m thrilled to be able offer one of my readers the chance to win their own chance to experience the Itchy Baby Co range. Thanks to Itchy Baby Co, I am giving away an amazing prize pack including:

1 x Natural Oatmeal Bath Soak ($14)

1 x Natural Oatmeal Bath Soak with goats milk ($16)

1 x Natural Oatmeal Bath Soak with goats milk & organic coconut ($16)

1 x Natural Oatmeal Moisturiser with organic coconut ($21)

1 x Natural Scalp Oil ($18)

Total Value of product: $85



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One winner will be chosen on (date to be advised)

To view their range and shop, head to :

Comp is open 8pm Thurs 18th April AEST and closes on Sunday 21st April at 9pm AEST. No comp accounts please. Australian residents only.

This giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by Instagram. By entering you are releasing Instagram of any and all responsibility and agree to the terms of use.


Please note: For best results we recommend bathing in itchy baby co. bath soak every day and applying our itchy baby co. moisturiser immediately after the bath, while the skin is still damp. Our moisturiser can be used as often as needed throughout the day. · It is important you patch test itchy baby co. products first for allergies. Although they develop their products without irritants everyone’s skin can respond differently to natural products.

Out & About: The Brickman Experience @ Melbourne Museum

Out & About: The Brickman Experience @ Melbourne Museum

Lego is one of those toys that transcends generations. Whether you are 75, 35 or 5, chances are you’ve played with lego at some stage in your life, and it’s even more probable that you loved it. You loved it so much that you would jump at the chance to put together a few of those famous little bricks, to create your very own masterpiece. Whilst the infamous lego piece may be the arch nemesis of a parent’s foot late a night, during the day, we are all still in awe of the simple pleasure that comes from lego. I remember going to Lego exhibitions when we were young, heading into the city to see magnificent creations of sky scrapers, movie characters and the like, come to life. The feeling of going home with your very own box, filled with hundreds of pieces, waiting to be put together.

Today we had the pleasure of taking our children. Ella and Hudson to the incredible Melbourne Museum, to witness the lego phenomenon for themselves. The Brickman Experience is an exhibition of more than 50 awe-inspiring models on display at the ‘Wonders of the World’ exhibition.  Be taken on a hands-on educational journey through history, learning more about each attraction. From the Leaning Tower of Pisa, to the Titanic, Golden Gate Bridge and Pyramids of Giza. Kids of all ages can witness the amazing talents of professional Lego masters who spend thousands of hours, piecing together tiny lego pieces to create magnificent works of art. The Mona Lisa itself is even on show…in lego form that is!

The Brickman Experience Lego
The kids meet Lego Man!
 The Brickman Experience Lego
King Kong
The Brickman Experience Lego
The Kremlin
The Brickman Experience Lego
Kids alike: old and young
The Arch De Triomphe
The Brickman Experience Lego
Big Ben
The Brickman Experience Lego
The learning tower of Pisa

The Brickman Experience Lego

The Brickman Experience Lego
The Golden Gate Bridge

What is even better is the fact that each lego sculpture is surrounded by a moat of lego pieces, ready to be used to recreate the featured wonder. Adults and kids, together find pieces and make their own sculptures of wonder. A wall of wonder, with individual panels adorns the space, where each visitor can leave their mark. It’s simply, super cool.

The Brickman Experience Lego
The moat of lego around each sculpture allows everyone to create their own masterpieces

The Brickman Experience Lego
The gallery wall : Ella’s name in lego bricks!

Providing hours of fun for the whole family, visitors can even put their own building skills to the test in the master builder zones and help with some of the model making.

The exhibition opens daily in the Touring Hall from 10.00am. Closing times vary, please check preferred date on the Ticketek website for last entry.

Duration is approximately 1.5 hours, all customers are advised to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their session. We went on to visit the Melbourne Museum itself, with the kids loving the Bugs Alive, Childrens’ Gallery and of course, they met Phar Lap!. It is such a fantastic day out. You can even go home with your own projects to master and treasure.

The Brickman Experience Lego
Ants, Ants, Ants! Bugs Alive in the Melbourne Museum
Melbourne Museum
The children’s’ gallery is amazing!

Melbourne Museum

The Brickman Experience Lego
The kids are happy! Their own lego creations to master at home!
Melbourne Museum
Meeting Phar Lap!

Lego never gets old. It is, as the movie says ‘awesome’.


Egg-cellent Easter: cute craft ideas for kids

Egg-cellent Easter: cute craft ideas for kids

With Easter rapidly approaching this weekend, we are also in the midst of school holidays. That can only mean one thing. Bored kids! With the long weekend ahead, a great way to prepare, and keep the kids occupied is with some simple crafts. Not crafts that require you to spend a fortune and run around town searching for the latest and greatest materials. Just some simple, fun activities that use items that you are sure to have around the house.

To give you all some simple and stress free ideas, I’ve created a Pinterest Board here.

Some of my favourite ideas need little to no explanation. Here are a few below (click on each image to be taken to the Pinterest board).

Thumb Bunny Loves You!!!
A mess free way to dye Eggs! Genius!
Possibly one of the simplest, yet cutest craft ideas of the all. Make one for each person celebrating Easter lunch or dinner!
What to do with all those old toilet rolls?
Bunny cups!
Easter craft ideas
Bunny Paper plate with pipe cleaners and cotton wool!
This gorgeous painted canvas is made by placing a rabbit cut out on a canvas. Once painted over, you remove the cut out, and voila!


For my ideas, head to my Pinterest Page below. Happy Easter!

Local Legend: Polly from Piccolo & Peony

Local Legend: Polly from Piccolo & Peony

Flowers. We all love to give them, and squeal with delight when we receive them. Finding a great florist is a little bit like trying to find a great hair dresser. You want great service, great products and great value. They are often hard to find, but when you do, you stick with them for life! If you haven’t already heard about this next little business that I’m sharing as part of my local legends series, then you had better make a cuppa and read on. Last year, I came across Piccolo & Peony as I scrolled through my Instagram feed. The concept was simple. A simple, but oh so beautiful piccolo (bouquet) of flowers created each day. By 9am, they  upload the day’s piccolo on their website as well as Instagram and Facebook page. Orders are taken until 12 noon Melbourne time, or until the piccolos have sold out and deliver them to their recipients in the early afternoon. For a very humble price, they were delivered to the door of your choosing. Delivery was, wait, included! Such a great idea, and one that has taken off! So it’s with great pleasure that today, we share the love and story behind this business as we meet it’s founder, Polly!

(p.s. stay tuned to the end and you can order your own piccolo for a great discount! Just for Happy Ella After readers!)

Here are some of my favourites from their past piccolo offerings!

  1. Tell us a bit about your business, your dream, your story

Piccolo & Peony came about for two very special reasons – the love of freshly cut flowers and the enjoyment I get from showing someone I care.

Piccolo & Peony is owned and operated by Polly, a mother of three and former primary school teacher who has in recent years discovered her love for flowers, interior design and all things pretty!

Piccolo & Peony is a small and unique flower business delivering simple bouquets (piccolos) to the inner suburbs of Melbourne for just $33.

Whatever the occasion – to say thank you, I love you, Happy Birthday, congratulations or just to brighten someone’s day (even if that someone is yourself) we are up early to source the best and freshest seasonal blooms available from wholesale markets and local growers in order to create your unique piccolo.

By 9am, we will upload the day’s piccolo on our website as well as our Instagram and Facebook page and email our newsletter subscribers.

We will take orders until 12 noon  Melbourne time, or until our piccolos have sold out and deliver them to their recipients in the early afternoon.

I dream of being able to share my love of flowers with others and bring joy to the recipients and a wonderful customer experience to the senders.

2. Magic: What is the most magical thing that has happened to you as a small business owner?

I think the most magical thing I have found when starting a small business if the community of other small businesses who support and celebrate your successes, even the really small ones. The encouragement and willingness to offer support has been a really lovely surprise and really validated my decision to start Piccolo & Peony.

Polly and her gorgeous family


3. Mayhem: What has been your greatest challenge, moment of mayhem?

As a Mum to three little ones I have at times found the juggle between family life and early morning market runs and the dining room table being full of flowers challenging. My family is extremely supportive and are my biggest cheer squad and I really could not do this without them.

 4. Milestone: What has been your greatest achievement, milestone?

My continued support and following on social media has been so encouraging, however I think the most rewarding thing about Piccolo & Peony is seeing repeat customers use my service to deliver beautiful blooms to their friends and loved ones.

5. Pay it Forward: Who do you love? What small business are you lusting over right now?

I am really loving Pure Home Body @purehomebody at the moment. They sell eco and health friendly home cleaning and body care products.

I also love @cinquecandles – they create my custom made candles – which smell AMAZING. Elisa is very professional and so good at what she does!

This is the incredible piccolo that was delivered to my home last week. So beautiful, and in it’s own vase! So if you’d love to order your own little piccolo today, then you are in luck! Each follower can get 30% off their first order with the code PICCOLOANDPEONY30. It can be used STORE WIDE! Head to to support this local gem!

Fast & Healthy Mid Week Meals

Fast & Healthy Mid Week Meals

 This post is sponsored by Weight Watchers but all thoughts and opinions including meal suggestions are my own.

I’ve always been someone who has been super busy. When school heads back each year I’m swamped not only with work demands, but extra-curricular activities for the kids, appointments, washing, cleaning…the list goes on. In recent times my husband and I have really tried to focus on cooking quick and healthy meals for our family. Like everyone I guess, we do our best to keep a balance, but sometimes it’s just so hard to cook after we get home from work. So when I was asked to try out the newly re-launched frozen meal range from Weight Watchers (, I jumped at the chance!

Weight Watchers

I have to admit that I’ve never really needed to diet, but since turning 30, the need to ‘watch’ what I’m eating has really changed the way my body reacts to food. Since becoming a Mum, I have also really struggled to eat well during the day, as I’m so busy.

Dinner is usually my one main meal and so I want it to be quick, easy but also healthy if possible! So I was intrigued and interested to see what the Weight Watchers frozen meal range was really like.

Would the meals taste like they look? I have to say that I have been pleasantly surprised.

Their new three tier range of meals (Light, Classic and Gourmet) are designed to include the perfect combination of wholesome and nutritious ingredients, flavour and balance as well as provide the option modern and traditional meals that are convenient and easy to eat.

Dan and I have talked about the need to ensure that our portions are right. No more piling food up on the plate! These meals are perfectly portioned to ensure that you are eating not just the right thing, but the right amount.

The three meals I chose to try are:

Honey Soy Noodles from the Light Menu range. Asian style food is my favourite and this meal is great for lunch or a light meal. A great alternative for working days!

Pumpkin and Ricotta Cannelloni from the Classic Menu. I adore pumpkin, but my hubby doesn’t, so this meal is perfect for days when I am cooking just for myself if he is out.

Weight Watchers

Moroccan Chicken and Pearl Couscous from the Gourmet Range. We have loved cooking couscous lately as an alternative to other carbohydrates. I love couscous, especially the pearl variety!

I have to say that the best thing about these meals was the flavour. At approximately $6.50 each, the price is fantastic too.

Weight Watchers

If you are after quick meals for yourself, but want to ensure that you watch your portion sizes then I can highly recommend the new Weight Watchers Frozen Meal range (

Available at supermarkets across Australia!

An awesome giveaway with The Gro Company Australia!

An awesome giveaway with The Gro Company Australia!

We loooorve everything from the Gro Company! From their famous sleeping bags, to their Gro Clock, their products literally save our lives!  To celebrate the launch of The Gro Company new Australian website (click here!) we have teamed up with this company to give one lucky follower the chance to win a hamper of their goodies valued at almost $500! It includes:

Insect Shield Grobag – 0.5tog – $59.95
Orla Kiely Grobag – 2.5tog – $84.95
Orla Kiely Swaddle Grobag – Owl Newborn, Light – $44.95
Grohush $49.95
Groegg $49.95
Groclock $59.95
Carrie Cat Breathable Grofriend $19.95
Gertie Guinea Pig Flat Comforter $16.95
Giraffe Teether Comforter – $19.95
Have a Giraffe Groswaddle $24.95
Be A Dazzler Grosuit – 6-9 months $27.95
Muslin 3 Pack – $44.95

Total Value $496.40

The perfect prize for a new Mum, or Mum to be!

To enter, it’s simple!

Head to @happyellaafter on Instagram here. 
1. Follow @happyellaafter & @thegrowcompanyaus
2. Like this pic
3. Tag two friends (no comp accounts please).

Open to Australian Residents only.

T’s & C’s & Stuff
Comp opens Monday 27th March @ 9pm AEDST and closes Wed 29th March @ 9pm AEST.
One entry per person (no comp accounts please)
To see the entire list of what is included, head over to my blog (link in profile).
This giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by Instagram. By entering you are confirming that your are 18+ years of age, and release Instagram of any and all responsibility and agree to their terms of use!




And then she was five.

And then she was five.

Somehow, a few weeks ago, our Ella turned five. Five years old. In some ways it seems like a small number. However in my eyes, five years feels like my who life. How did we ever ‘be’ before our Ella? Before this little princess was born into this world, into our life? As a parent, when your babies are new, people tell you over and over to enjoy the time as it goes too fast. At the time, in the midst of feeling through the fog, you nod and smile without really understanding the gravity of it all. Fast forward five years and our little baby has grown into a girl. A beautiful soul who we love and adore. Who has, just these past few weeks showed us a new, courageous side to her personality. One where shyness steps aside to reveal a confident and capable girl who will no doubt, take on the world.

The thing is, I remember turning five vividly. I remember feeling so excited about having a party to celebrate being five years old. It made me think about the fact that Ella will now remember these times as an adult. She will remember the feeling, the happiness, the joy of being a child. Of celebrating with family. Turning five is a big milestone.  These really are the times to cherish.

So we gathered a few close family and friends in our local Harleston Park to celebrate the occasion a few weeks back. Celebrating birthdays at local parks is something that I love doing. Enjoying being outside, playing. enjoying each others’ company. If you are lcuky enough to live in the Caulfield area in Melbourne, then you may or may not know about this gem of a park. It not only has a fabulous park, but a man made water creek where kids can dip their feet and play. I hired the rotunda and we brought some delicious treats made with love from local businesses including cookies by Frosted By Nicci and our cake by Nerida’s cakes. We also had facepainting again by the incredible, and oh so affordable Jenny from Little Sparks entertainment. Ella squealed with delight as she ran around in her gorgeously gold dress, brought home from Japan by her Dad on his recent trip. She smiled from ear to ear as she had her face painted with her kinder friends.

Here are some precious snaps of her celebration!

Happy Ella After 5th Bithday
Waiting to wake up….
Happy Ella After 5th Bithday
Lucky Girl!
Happy Ella After 5th Bithday
Happy Ella After 5th Birthday Paw Patrol
The cake! By @Nerida’s Cakes
paw patrol cookies
THE most amazing cookies ever by @frostedbyNicci
Dog bone anyone? Created by my amazing friend Kelly!
Face Painting
Jenny from Little Sparks, adding a touch of sparkle to little one’s faces!
My best mate and I will adore watching our children grow up together!
Happy Ella After 5th Bithday
My beautiful family
Happy Ella After 5th Bithday
Dancing Buddies: Big Ella & Little Ella
Happy Ella After 5th Bithday
Cray Cray
Happy Ella After 5th Bithday
Mates forever!
Happy Ella After 5th Bithday
Happy Ella After 5th Bithday
Korber Girls x
Happy Ella After 5th Bithday
Daddy’s Princess
Happy Ella After 5th Bithday
Aunty Monga!
Happy Ella After 5th Bithday
Our Birthday Girl
Happy Ella After 5th Bithday
Such a great day!

Ella darling, I hope you feel loved and full of joy. You are such a kind, generous and giving soul. You always want to help others and do the right thing. We hope that your continue to grow to love who your are, find your passions and know that you can do anything!

Love Mum