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Out & About: The Brickman Experience @ Melbourne Museum

Out & About: The Brickman Experience @ Melbourne Museum

Lego is one of those toys that transcends generations. Whether you are 75, 35 or 5, chances are you’ve played with lego at some stage in your life, and it’s even more probable that you loved it. You loved it so much that you would jump at the chance to put together a few of those famous little bricks, to create your very own masterpiece. Whilst the infamous lego piece may be the arch nemesis of a parent’s foot late a night, during the day, we are all still in awe of the simple pleasure that comes from lego. I remember going to Lego exhibitions when we were young, heading into the city to see magnificent creations of sky scrapers, movie characters and the like, come to life. The feeling of going home with your very own box, filled with hundreds of pieces, waiting to be put together.

Today we had the pleasure of taking our children. Ella and Hudson to the incredible Melbourne Museum, to witness the lego phenomenon for themselves. The Brickman Experience is an exhibition of more than 50 awe-inspiring models on display at the ‘Wonders of the World’ exhibition.  Be taken on a hands-on educational journey through history, learning more about each attraction. From the Leaning Tower of Pisa, to the Titanic, Golden Gate Bridge and Pyramids of Giza. Kids of all ages can witness the amazing talents of professional Lego masters who spend thousands of hours, piecing together tiny lego pieces to create magnificent works of art. The Mona Lisa itself is even on show…in lego form that is!

The Brickman Experience Lego
The kids meet Lego Man!
 The Brickman Experience Lego
King Kong
The Brickman Experience Lego
The Kremlin
The Brickman Experience Lego
Kids alike: old and young
The Arch De Triomphe
The Brickman Experience Lego
Big Ben
The Brickman Experience Lego
The learning tower of Pisa

The Brickman Experience Lego

The Brickman Experience Lego
The Golden Gate Bridge

What is even better is the fact that each lego sculpture is surrounded by a moat of lego pieces, ready to be used to recreate the featured wonder. Adults and kids, together find pieces and make their own sculptures of wonder. A wall of wonder, with individual panels adorns the space, where each visitor can leave their mark. It’s simply, super cool.

The Brickman Experience Lego
The moat of lego around each sculpture allows everyone to create their own masterpieces

The Brickman Experience Lego
The gallery wall : Ella’s name in lego bricks!

Providing hours of fun for the whole family, visitors can even put their own building skills to the test in the master builder zones and help with some of the model making.

The exhibition opens daily in the Touring Hall from 10.00am. Closing times vary, please check preferred date on the Ticketek website for last entry.

Duration is approximately 1.5 hours, all customers are advised to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their session. We went on to visit the Melbourne Museum itself, with the kids loving the Bugs Alive, Childrens’ Gallery and of course, they met Phar Lap!. It is such a fantastic day out. You can even go home with your own projects to master and treasure.

The Brickman Experience Lego
Ants, Ants, Ants! Bugs Alive in the Melbourne Museum
Melbourne Museum
The children’s’ gallery is amazing!

Melbourne Museum

The Brickman Experience Lego
The kids are happy! Their own lego creations to master at home!
Melbourne Museum
Meeting Phar Lap!

Lego never gets old. It is, as the movie says ‘awesome’.


Getting out of the box – Family fun in the great outdoors

Getting out of the box – Family fun in the great outdoors

*A Sponsored Post from Zeigler & Brown

Out of the Box Weekend Activities for the Family

As time goes by, Ella is growing up fast, and so is her mind. As each weekend passes by I’m always thinking about getting out and doing things as a family. We are so lucky to live in a country where the beach, the country, the bush, the mountains are at our doorstep. Being from Melbourne, there are so many places that we can go, but lately I’ve been feeling as though we are not making the most of our surroundings. Weekends are precious, and if we stay at home the entire time, we end up doing housework and odd jobs around the house. So it’s my mission over the coming months to make the most of the great outdoors. Here are some great ideas for your family…

Let’s get started!

Family BBQ’s on the road….

If you don’t get to spend much time with extended family, why not reconnect over a weekend? It may take some planning but if everyone chips in and takes it seriously, it will happen! Maybe you could gather at a park or beach for a picnic lunch. If someone has a portable barbecue, that will make things so much easier – they’re indispensable! Try getting a Ziegler & Brown from a place like BBQ Galore. Or why not go on an outing instead? Sports, museums, theme parks, there’s so much you can do with the entire family, plus you might cut down on costs by negotiating group discounts. It’s a win-win!

Get yourself a Zieglar & Brown Portable Grill
Get yourself a Zieglar & Brown Portable Grill


Something for families with older children, this is an outdoor treasure hunt using a GPS receiver to hide or seek containers (‘geocaches’ or ‘caches’) anywhere in the world. It’s a wonderful way to spend time with family and friends, while enjoying nature and other places you may not otherwise venture into. You’ll also keep fit as a lot of geocaching involves walking, sometimes hiking, and even swimming to find the hidden treasures. The caches usually contain items of little value, but the activity has become a worldwide phenomenon with about 700,000 geocaches registered on websites. It’s played in 100 countries, so you’re certain to find one to participate in locally and maybe even overseas when you’re on vacation! Trust me…google it!

Garage sale with a difference…

You may not have thought of this as a ‘family’ thing, but it can be! This is a perfect time to get the whole family involved in deciding what they would like to give away or sell and a great way to give your kids a lesson in maths and business. Get the kids to decide how much each item should sell for, and when it’s over, get them to count up the earnings and split it up between everyone, or better yet, put it towards other weekend activities.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles…

There are so many places in outer Melbourne that kids would love. Have you ever taken them to watch the planes land near Tullamarine Airport? We used to do it on a Saturday afternoon with my Dad. There is nothing like watching them land, just over your head.

Eltham Miniature Railway and Puffing Billy are two places that I am dying to take the kids. I can just imagine Ella’s legs dangling over the rails as she watches the world go by. As stated earlier, you could throw a portable BBQ in the car and head off for a family picnic to boot. The best part is not having to wait to use the communal BBQ’s in the picnic areas!

And finally, just go for a drive. Whilst my little man currently hates the car, I’m so hoping that this will change. I remember jumping in our family Tarago on the weekend and just heading off for a drive. We’d head to a country town, sample the bakeries and have fun at a new playground. There is nothing like a n unplanned find and sometimes being spontaneous is the best kind of fun!

Family time is really important in bringing up well-rounded children. There’s a plethora of activities you can do as a family on weekends, and not just the ones mentioned here. Weekends are the perfect opportunity to not only kick back, but connect with each other and discover the things you have in common. So, what will you do?


Experience the Colour Club @ Highpoint

Experience the Colour Club @ Highpoint

Shopping Centres who specially cater for families are very smart. A couple of weeks ago, Ella, Hudson and I were invited to experience Highpoint Shopping Centre’s new ‘Colour Club’ – a fully supervised and free program offering hands-on activities for children and exclusive retail offers for grocery shoppers.

Launched on Monday 6 October, The Colour Club will be held at 10:00am every Monday in the Fresh Food Mall on Level 2.

Local youngsters will be treated to exciting and interactive workshops, from giant Lego construction to craft activities and storytelling.

There’s also something for the Mums and Dads, with Highpoint’s fresh food retailers offering exclusive deals on produce every Monday.

We went along to find story time being offered for this week’s activity, with Ella promptly requesting ‘Peppa Pig’ from the selection of stories. A a Mum of two, I think that it is very clever for Shopping Centres to be offering great experiences for families. Anything that makes shopping time easier and more enjoyable for kids and their parents is a winner.

Ella and I enjoying Story time at the colour club…
Screenshot 2014-11-11 10.03.30

Enjoying a baby cinno in the new fresh food market!

Screenshot 2014-11-11 10.03.22

Another great aspect of their new development, is the amazing parent room. Not only does it provide practical, clean and bright amneties for parents to feed and change their little ones, but it includes a wonderful play area for toddlers. I spoke with their PR team about the need for families with more than one child to have an area that is safe and stimulating for their toddlers whilst they feed their babies. Often, there is a room, but it is tiny. These days, you need space, room to fit a pram (in my case a double), a microwave, clean water, todder toilets and if you are really lucky, a TV with the Wiggles on it! Well I am pleased to say that the parent room in the new section of Highpoint Shopping Centre is probably the best I’ve come across. It’s actually more like a play ground for toddlers. Spacious, clean, attractive and inviting.

Ella having a ball in the new parent room…

Screenshot 2014-11-11 10.03.03

More like a playground, than a place to stop for a nappy change!!

Screenshot 2014-11-11 10.02.52

Well done Highpoint! You can check out their website for details of up and coming Colour Club Activities here. 

***Best of all, Highpoint have teamed up with Happy Ella After to offer our followers the chance to win a $200 voucher to spend on baby and kids clothes and wears at their centre! All you have to do is head over to Instagram, and check out Happy Ella After here!

Photo 10-11-2014 9 01 39 pm

Thanks Highpoint!


Ella reviews the Royal Melbourne Show!

Ella reviews the Royal Melbourne Show!

unnamed-3Yesterday we set off to experience the Royal Melbourne Show. An annual family tradition in Melbourne, that draws crowds from all over. It has been a favourite of mine since being a kid. I remember going along, the eldest of four kids each year. We were allowed one ride, one lolly showbag and one toy showbag. We used to go later in the afternoon and stay until the fireworks at night. I have so many fond memories of growing up at ‘the show’. My earliest is the year that my Dad took my sister, brother and I, just after my Mum gave birth to my youngest sister Jane. He took us straight to the ID stand and had ‘lost and found’ identification cards made, that we had to wear all day, just in case he lost us. A pretty good effort on his part I think, firstly to take three kids on his own, and secondly, not to lose us. Whether your memories are of the showbags, the animals, the rides or the country fanfare, if you grew up in Melbourne then the chances are, you have fond memories of this old favourite.

I was very lucky to have been given the opportunity to review the Royal Melbourne Show this year, and share my experiences with my readers. So a few friends and I set off with our kids this week to find the best attractions for families with little ones. I left my little man with my Mum and took Ella out with her Aunty Jane for a girls day out! There is much that has changed, and much has also stayed the same. Overall, the grounds are much cleaner, more modern, spread out and generally more accessible than I remember as a kid. It is orderly, there are plenty of people to help, maps to help direct you and it is very family friendly. Below, I share my favourite aspects of the show from a parent’s point of view then then more importantly the things that Ella found fun and fabulous.

Tips for the parents:

  1. Parking – By far the best place to park is at Ascot Vale Primary School. For $22, you get an all day park, close to the gate and best of all, the money goes to support the kids at that school!

  2. Park your pram – around the show are opportunities for you to park your pram with attendees. This means that you can have fun with your little one (s) and know that your pram is being cared for. That said, never leave valuables in your pram. I used this service in the nursery and in the entertainment dome.

  3. Toddler ride area – I loved the fact that near the nursery, there is an area dedicated to toddlers. Rides and grass to sit and relax. The perfect area just for little ones.

  4. Water fountains – take your kids’ water bottles along, and refill at the many water fountains around the show.

  5. Ride tickets – The tickets in the toddler area were $5 each of 5 for $20. A lovely lady gave us some of her un -used tickets and I say, pass on the love. If you don’t use up your tickets, pass them to another family.

Tips from the toddler:

  1. The Disney Show at the Entertainment Dome. By far one of the best aspects of the show. Dance with Mickey, Minnie and Friends. Check out the times via this link.


  1. Animal Nursery – an oldie but a goodie. This year, they de-cluttered the nursery and sectioned it off. There is a ‘park your pram’ area, an open nursery where animals run around, and other exhibits where kids can get up and personal with the animals. Feed is available for $2 a cup!

  2. Toddler Rides – as said above, there is a great area near the nursery where rides are dedicated for the little ones. Many of them allow you to go on with your child, if it makes them feel more comfortable.

  3. Showbag hall – this year we found it fairly easy to access. My advice is know what you want, get in and get out. The lolly bags are much more reasonably priced than the toy ones. We chose the good old Peppa Pig bag, and it was worth it, even though the $25 tag (for most toy bags) is a little steep. Check out the bags spread out on the wall before you buy them to make sure that you are happy with the contents. For value, you simply can’t go passed the $2 Bertie Beetle.

  4. Dolls on a stick – throughout the show there are vendors selling everything from balloons, to face painting and bubble makers. Ella got a gorgeous old fashioned dolly on a stick, and for $9 it was a pretty reasonable buy.

Here are some pics of our day out….

Ella clearly overwhelmed by the need to choose ONE toy showbag…

Screenshot 2014-09-30 10.39.52

tasting fairy floss for the first time…

Screenshot 2014-09-30 10.40.16

The Ferris Wheel…

Screenshot 2014-09-30 10.40.22

Fun with Aunty Jane in the Nursery…

Screenshot 2014-09-30 10.40.27

Miss Piggy…

Screenshot 2014-09-30 10.40.35

Three Blind Mice…

Screenshot 2014-09-30 10.40.40

A rare day out with Mummy and Daughter…

Screenshot 2014-09-30 10.40.45

Toddler Ride Fun…


So there you have it, our picks of the show from the parent and the toddler! If you go along, make sure that you pack some snacks to take with you. That tip will never get old!

For more ideas, check out the ‘things to do and see’ page on their website here. Thanks to the Show for having us, and to my gorgeous friends for their great ideas!

Have fun!kate

Family fun with the Australian Ballet

Family fun with the Australian Ballet

Screenshot 2014-03-17 09.05.13A week ago, I was lucky enough to be invited along to a beautiful night of dancing at the Telstra Ballet in the Bowl.  Telstra Ballet in the Bowl is a FREE evening of ballet under the stars. To celebrate 30 years of partnership between Telstra and The Australian Ballet, this year’s event featured excerpts from a range of favourite works, including The NutcrackerThe Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and more. Families were encouraged to bring bring a rug and a picnic, and enjoy a spectacular evening of ballet’s best, accompanied by Orchestra Victoria.

If Ella was a little older, I would have taken her myself, but I decided to take my life long friend, fellow Mummy and lover of all things Ballet..Laura. We were amazed (and a little excited) to take our seats near the front of the stage and take in the atmosphere. I was equally astonished at the sheer numbers of people who had come along, literally thousands, to enjoy such a beautiful evening. Families, children, teenagers and older couples. All having a great night out in Melbourne.

Here are a few snaps from our lovely night out..

Photo 7-03-2014 8 52 32 pm


Photo 7-03-2014 9 05 37 pm


However the fun doesn’t end there. If you have children who love to dance, then the Australia Ballet offers a wide range of programs, public performances and workshops that would suit any family. Ballet Centre Tours allow you to gain an insight into the magical world of ballet, from the dancers to the costumes. Open to all from ages 6 and up, this would be a wonderful way to give your kids a unique glimpse into the world of Ballet.

Screenshot 2014-03-17 09.18.13

Have an aspiring Ballerina? Why not take them to an Australian Ballet class? Open from Ages 10 and up, this would also bring them closer to their idols and help them see how a life of ballet could indeed be their own. Similarly, if you have a boy who loves to dance, they might like to go along to the Boys Day and meet some of the male dancers! Bring your autograph book along to People’s Day, and meet the company, ask questions and feel the ballet love!

Screenshot 2014-03-17 09.18.31

And finally, I look forward to taking Ella along to Once Upon a Time – Story ballets are a wonderful introduction to the art form for children. This engaging 60-minute performance will feature fully staged excerpts from much-loved story balletThe Nutcracker, with narration by one of the central characters and live musical accompaniment. Once upon a time has been specially designed for families with children aged 4 and up and is the perfect activity for the September school holidays.

Screenshot 2014-03-17 09.18.55

So whether or not it is you, or your children who love to dance, be sure to stay tuned to the Australian Ballet for public programs family friendly events around Australia throughout 2014.


Friday Finds: Mathilda’s Christmas Market

Friday Finds: Mathilda’s Christmas Market

mm_logoLast year I blogged about the fabulous Mathilda’s Market! This Sunday, they are holding their annual Christmas Market at Caulfield Racecourse. For any parent who simply loves beautiful, stylish and affordable toys, nursery items, clothing and manchester, then this is the market for you. Over a hundred stalls of mostly handmade products, from bibs, to wooden instruments, framed prints and bamboo sheets, the range at this market will please any fussy parent. I have been over the past two years and each time, I have found precious new things to adorn Ella’s room.

This year, some of the items I will be looking out for are:

These beautiful wall stickers from ‘Beautiful Online Boutique



These gorgeous personalised aprons from ‘Marybelle’s Co


and finally, these unique letter ‘toy bins’ from Little Big Designs


With thousands more on show, be sure to get on down to the market this weekend!  Best of all you will be shopping local, and supporting families!


Happy Christmas Shopping!


Wild about the Toddler Safari @ Werribee Zoo

Wild about the Toddler Safari @ Werribee Zoo

IMG_0020Last Friday we had the pleasure of heading off to the new Toddler Safari experience at Werribee Zoo! As a guest of the zoo, we were there to check out the new experience, and my Mum and sisters were thrilled to tag along for a ‘girls day out’ with Ella and myself. I hadn’t been to Werribee Zoo since I was a kid, and I had whilst my memories were sketchy, I remember having a ball there on a hot summer’s day. So off we set down the Princess Highway to Werribee, picnic packed and sun cream in tow.

We were blessed with a beautiful day and arrived to find a newly renovated centre with beautiful open spaces and a real ‘savannah feel’. Booked into the 11.15 ‘Toddler Safari‘ tour, I was curious to find out how different it would be to the normal ‘safari tour’ offered to all visitors. We parked out pram, along with dozens of others in the special spot, and boarded the specially fitted out bus. Inside we found toys, vines and gorgeous little bags filled with samples of fur for the kids to feel. The driver clearly knew how to interact with kids as she narrated our way around the fabulous tour. What made this toddler tour different was the fact that there were songs to sing and dance to along the way. The driver made the experience so captivating for all of us and she asked the children lots of questions about the animals that they saw. The bus provided us with room to move and the window bars allowed the children to peek through to view the animals, whilst providing safety at the same time. When we arrived back we were so excited and amazed by all that we saw.

Here are some snaps from our favourite experiences at the Werribee Zoo!

A beautiful day, perfect for a visit!


Nanna trying to be a giraffe….


What can I see???


Up close and personal…


Family fun on the bus!


Beautiful open spaces for a picnic!


Only my Mum would bring a china tea cup and saucer for a cup of tea!


Whose a cheeky monkey?


Look at those HUUUUGE Hippos!


Lions and lionesses….IMG_0024

Decorating her own little Hippo and adding it to the super cool wire hippo!IMG_0027


What a day….she fell asleep within 5 minutes!


Honestly, our visit to the Toddler Safari at the Werribee Zoo was absolutely wonderful. I cannot recommend it more highly.

The Toddler Safari is an energetic 35-minute safari bus tour for young children and their families. The tours feature music and lots of animal action.

Price: Included in general admission price. No pre-booking required, but spaces are limited. Please arrive at the Zoo early to ensure a seat on the bus.
Times: Tuesdays 10:15am, 11:15am and 12:15pm
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 10:15am and 11:15am

The Zoo also offers a range of activities for Toddlers including a ‘village dance party’. Check out their toddler page here. If you are a Zoos Victoria family pass holder, the best part is it includes entry to Werribee Zoo!! Hurrah!

A huge thankyou to Kimberly Polkinghorne for having us on the day!