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Life’s a stage with Netflix

Life’s a stage with Netflix

I’ve always been an avid lover of the theatre. There is something about heading to a show and just losing yourself for a couple of hours. Lately I’ve been obsessed with Mathilda and have had the soundtrack on high rotation, so much so that my children know the words to many of the songs. Secretly, am loving this.

What I find hard about the theatre is the fact that once you leave, you want to relive it straight away. You wish you could watch it all over again. That’s what is so good about the Soundtrack.

Recently I was lucky enough to attend a Netflix Blogger event with the Stream Team –  a group of Australian and New Zealand Bloggers who love nothing more than spending a night in watching their favourite bing worthy shows. It was one of those nights were I got to meet some amazing people, and felt very lucky to be part of such a creative team. Whilst I was there I got to talking to both other writers and the Netflix team from the USA about what I loved most about the content currently in their catalogue. I shared my love of the theatre and being able to relive some of my favourite musicals, as well as watching some pretty cool documentaries that reveal the magical process of creating a broadway hit, or not from scratch.



Netflix has recently started to add more titles that feature broadway content, meaning that you can bring the love of the theatre right into your own home.  I can’t wait to see their Broadway catalogue continue to grow to include some of the most loved musicals of all time. If you too are a stage show nut like me, then you might like to spend the night in watching the following:

Netflix Rent

Rent is a rock musical with music and lyrics by Jonathan Larson.   The story is about a group of poor young artists struggling to survive and create a life in New York City under the shadow of  AIDS.  On Broadway, Rent won a Tony Award for Best Musical among others. The Broadway production closed in September  of 2008 after a 12-year run of 5,123 performances.

© Sony Pictures Home Entertainment / Columbia Pictures – Annie 1982

Annie This adaptation of the smash Broadway musical follows America’s favourite urchin as she captures Daddy Warbucks’s heart with her unquenchable optimism. The best thing about this one is that it is the OLD one, the original!!!!

One of the most interesting things Ive watched, documenting the incredible highs and lows of Broadway.  MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG opened to enormous fanfare in 1981, and closed after sixteen performances.  For the first time, BEST WORST THING THAT EVER COULD HAVE HAPPENED draws back the curtain on the extraordinary drama of the show’s creation – and tells the stories of the hopeful young performers whose lives were transformed by it.

If you are yet to see Grease Live then all I will say it watch it! For the story and songs we all love, yes, but also to marvel in the incredible performance and organisation that must have gone into putting this entire show, live on national television!


Now for the little ones. To my delight we have recently been watching the new exclusive Netflix series: Julie’s Green Room.  Julie‘s Greenroom. Brought to life by the Jim Henson company, the enriching show advocates for the arts and the positive impact creativity can have on every child’s life. With an array of very special guests (Idina Menzel, Sara Bareilles, and Alec Baldwin to name a few), Julie‘s Greenroom might be a show you turn on for the kids but find yourself staying until the final curtain call. Each episode the children are taught about a different aspect of the theatre. Our favourite has been learning about percussion with STOMP! A truly gorgeous show that will instil a love of musical theatre in any one!

So if you count yourself lucky to be at home alone, or with the kiddies for a while then check out some of the above. You will be singing all the way home!


Local Legend: Issy from Seriously Milestones

Local Legend: Issy from Seriously Milestones

Motherhood. Magic, Mayhem, Milestones. Some milestones are well known – first steps, first tooth, first sleep through the night. Then there are the milestones that we all love or hate, that never seem to be ‘celebrated’. Stuff like picking your nose for the first time, throwing your first real tantrum and becoming a threenager. I’ve adored milestone cards for many years as a way to help parents snap and document the incredible moments of joy with their children. However Seriously Milestone Cards takes these events to a new level. Recently my son Hudson turned three, and if you’ve been following along for long enough, you’ll know that some of his milestones have been the result of magical mayhem. Sleep has been an incredible huge challenge in our household, and the first night he slept through the night, I could have shouted it from the roof tops. With Seriously Milestone cards – the Toddler Edit – you can do just that. Issy Ker has developed what is simply the best set of cards to help us all laugh and cherish the times that make us all laugh. Sure, she’s got the set of baby cards as well, but when I was asked to recently test out the toddler edit, I was in love.

Here is a sample of what you can get in this fantastic, real pack!!! Seriously real moments. Seriously real milestones.

Simply Milestone Cards

Simply Milestone Cards

Simply Milestone Cards

Simply Milestone Cards

Simply Milestone Cards

Simply Milestone Cards

Awesome hey!! Issy is a Mum from Bendigo. Let’s hear all about this local legend, and how Seriously Milestones came to be!

1.Tell us a bit about your business, your dream, your story

Seriously Milestones was a total piss-take! My husband and I always talk about ways to make millions of dollars and not have to ‘work’ – this was one of those ideas and it just wouldn’t go away so I decided to run with it. Once I realised that it was actually going to happen, I put a lot of time and effort into making it the best product I could –ensuring the product and packing was all sourced locally and as ecofriendly as possible. Plus I wanted to donate to relevant organisations right from the start, and in less than a year I’ve raised 2K and taken on a sponsor child, which is definitely a highlight.

2. Magic: What is the most magical thing that has happened to you as a small business owner?

Having people believe in my product right from the start. My goal was to have 10 stockists signed up before I launched, which I achieved thanks to some amazing stores who could see my vision. And I say my vision because most of them were on board before I even had a physical product produced. It still blows me away.

3. Mayhem: What has been your greatest challenge, moment of mayhem?

Everyday is mayhem at my house! Honestly! I don’t have an ‘office space’ as such, well, I do, but there is no door…and with 2 crazy kids running around, it can be tough.

I’m super lucky that they are both good sleepers though and get to bed at a decent hour, and my husband works from home too so he can help me wrangle them while I do things if I really need him too.

Actual work challenges are that of most small businesses, the fact that I’d probably earn a better income from stacking shelves at Coles – but at the end of the day it’s about adjusting to the challenges so you can do what you love and what works for your family.

4. Milestone: What has been your greatest achievement, milestone?

There are SO many!

From things mentioned above like getting my first 10 stockist and raising money for charity, to being nominated for business awards and sending products overseas – I feel really lucky that the business is going so well in its first year and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future brings.

5. Pay it Forward: Who do you love? What small business are you lusting over right now?

This question is hard because I live for small businesses and the people who support them too! If I had to say just one right now, it would be @hello_zef because I just picked up a pair of Suzie’s shoes last week and they are to die for! Plus I am in awe of her ability to run this business, plus work another job, all while looking after her son – she is a legend and still totally chilled out!


That’s why they call them the terrible two’s

So if you are after something REAL to give to yourself or a friend, then head on over to SERIOUSLY MILESTONES and grab a pack today!


Local Legend: Tamara from Nit Clips

Local Legend: Tamara from Nit Clips

Nits. Nothing worse. As a child, I had them. Several times. Living in a household of four kids under six years old meant that if one got it, we all got it. So much so that my Mum actually became a ‘nit nurse’ for a period of time, travelling to schools, checking hair and letting parents know if the dreaded lice or nits had called their child’s head home. I vividly remember having my hair doused in KP24 (think strong chemical shampoo) and lay on Mums bed, face down on a towel as Mum combed my hair and picked each one out. As a child it drove me nuts. I cannot even imagine how my Mum stayed sane!

Lucky enough, we’ve been able to elude the dreaded nit in the Korber household so far. I regularly check around Ella’s hair line (Mum taught me that this is the first place the lice lay their eggs), but to my delight, so far we’ve remained a nit free household. In part, it’s been due to an amazing product that I came across earlier this year – Nit Clips. A simple idea where you apply a couple of drops of tea tree oil (included in the kit)  to a specially crafted hair clip that Ella wears in her hair each day. What makes them even better is the clips come in bright and funky colours, and are able to be used time and time again.

I approached Tamara, Nit Clips owner to ask her about how her business came to be. A local Mum, Tamara saw the need to create a product that could not only serve the purpose of a regular clip, but also keep homes free from dreaded nits and lice. So let’s meet Tamara and learn a little more about this super cool product.

Nit Clips Nit Clips

1. Tell us a bit about your business, your dream, your story

Life is crazy busy, I am a marketing consultant, wife and mum to two girls in daylight hours who crazily decided to start a new business adventure in the few hours a day that remain. NitClips are a fantastic product I discovered and I just knew they were every mums’ dream come true. A simple, natural solution to keep the lice away that was too good to keep to myself, so I went for it. And the rest (like sleep) is history.

2. Magic: What is the most magical thing that has happened to you as a small business owner?
As a small business owner, each mini milestone has been magical – developing the logo, packaging, website, first sale but the most magical thing has been discovering networks of other working mums, who are all so supportive of each other and generous with their advice.

3. Mayhem: What has been your greatest challenge, moment of mayhem?
Lol, school holidays are always mayhem! The ongoing battle between work and family life, accepting calls from unidentified numbers and risking the shriek of children on the background, trying not to be on the phone and focusing on the kids, using your ½ hour of ‘me’ time to answer emails instead of cooking dinner. Everyday is mayhem when there are so many balls in the air.

4. Milestone: What has been your greatest achievement, milestone?
First online sale from someone who wasn’t family or friends.

5. it Forward: Who do you love? What small business are you lusting over right now?
There are 2 ladies in Sydney who have launched funnily enough a hairclip business. I don’t know them, they just popped into my Instagram feed and I love what they are doing online, offline and the brand they are building @omgitsmisscat check it out. Locally I am loving the @motherhoodmelbourne feed, watching the launch and growth of an amazingly supportive bunch of people. Lusting over artwork at the moment. Watercolours by @stefangevers are at the top of my list.

So head on over to Nit Clips if you’d like more information. Everyone will love them, except the lice!


An awesome giveaway with The Gro Company Australia!

An awesome giveaway with The Gro Company Australia!

We loooorve everything from the Gro Company! From their famous sleeping bags, to their Gro Clock, their products literally save our lives!  To celebrate the launch of The Gro Company new Australian website (click here!) we have teamed up with this company to give one lucky follower the chance to win a hamper of their goodies valued at almost $500! It includes:

Insect Shield Grobag – 0.5tog – $59.95
Orla Kiely Grobag – 2.5tog – $84.95
Orla Kiely Swaddle Grobag – Owl Newborn, Light – $44.95
Grohush $49.95
Groegg $49.95
Groclock $59.95
Carrie Cat Breathable Grofriend $19.95
Gertie Guinea Pig Flat Comforter $16.95
Giraffe Teether Comforter – $19.95
Have a Giraffe Groswaddle $24.95
Be A Dazzler Grosuit – 6-9 months $27.95
Muslin 3 Pack – $44.95

Total Value $496.40

The perfect prize for a new Mum, or Mum to be!

To enter, it’s simple!

Head to @happyellaafter on Instagram here. 
1. Follow @happyellaafter & @thegrowcompanyaus
2. Like this pic
3. Tag two friends (no comp accounts please).

Open to Australian Residents only.

T’s & C’s & Stuff
Comp opens Monday 27th March @ 9pm AEDST and closes Wed 29th March @ 9pm AEST.
One entry per person (no comp accounts please)
To see the entire list of what is included, head over to my blog (link in profile).
This giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by Instagram. By entering you are confirming that your are 18+ years of age, and release Instagram of any and all responsibility and agree to their terms of use!




Product Review: Splashout in Speedo this summer!

Product Review: Splashout in Speedo this summer!

Summer is comin!!! Well, let’s hope it is….given Melbourne’s weather so far this season it is debatable! When it does finally arrive, we want our kids to be ready! We were lucky enough to recently review Speedo’s latest range of kids’ swimwear. We also recently had a little family trip to Bondi, and gave the ‘togs’ a go on the iconic beach. Speedo is also such an iconic brand and it’s great to see they have never changed in terms of the quality of their gorgeous bathers. I remember swimming in nothing else. Some things change, some stay the same.

Their new range is just gorgeous. If you are a lover of prints, then the girls’ range will capture your heart. Ella’s bathers were literally almost impossible to take off her, and she wanted to wear them all day long.

You really can’t beat the quality. The seams are thick, the fabric is light but durable, and the prints don’t fade in the wash. Given the amount of times we have to wash out kids’ clothes, then obviously this is something that we loooove!

Their Rashies are great too. Perfect to protect their beautiful skin from the harsh rays of our Australian Sun.

All in all, we loved them. You can find Speedo’s range in most swim wear stores, or online here!

Nothing better than supporting a great Australian Brand in summer! You can also read more about this review both from myself and other local Mums via our write up in Babyology here. 


Product Review: DC Superhero Action Dolls

Product Review: DC Superhero Action Dolls

So it’s a week before Christmas. For some reason, actually…because of my hip surgery, I have all my shopping done for my kids. I did it online and it was so much easier. But what if you haven’t done yours yet? Even worse, what if you haven’t got any idea what to buy? Well if you have to buy a gift for a girl between 4-10 then this one is for you! If you have seen my IG feed of late, you would have seen a snap of my Ella kitted out in a Wonder woman dress up from Warner Brothers. She was also holing a Wonder woman Doll: a DC Superhero Action Doll. These dolls are just fantastic. If you live in a household dominated by Superheroes (Huddy’s room is out of control), but your little lady loves them too, then these are your answer.


Warner Bros have brought out a range of action dolls, based on female super heroes. Beautiful quality, their outfits are bold, bright and colourful. They also make sounds and light up with the touch of a button. What I love about them is the fact they they encourage girls to be fierce. Brave, courageous and risk takers. They can take on the world and save the day! My Ella is somewhat shy and reserved at times, playing it safe. So when she dons her wonder woman outfit and grabs her doll in hand, she becomes invincible! Paired with the wonderwoman dress up, she will want to save the world!

So if you want to bring a sense of wonder and rebellion to a little girl in your life, then head to KMART and check out these dolls via this link. You can also see other fabulous offerings from Warner Bros via my ‘unboxing’ video below. Hope you like!



The products in the video

LEGO Juniors – Batman™ & Superman™ vs. Lex Luthor™

Suit up alongside Batman™ and Superman™ and prepare to take on Lex Luthor™! Get the Batmobile™ ready and arm the Batcave’s bat-disk shooter. Help Superman take to the skies with his launcher before Lex Luthor arrives in his robotic vehicle with grabbing claw and kryptonite-powered laser gun. Save the day with your favorite Super Heroes!

RRP: $29.99

Stockists: All major retailers


Mattel – DC Super Hero Girls 12-Inch Dolls

Unleash your inner Super Hero with these DC Super Hero Girls action dolls inspired by the students of Super Hero High! Available in Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and Bumblebee

RRP: $32.99

Stockists: All major retailers


Imaginext DC Super Friends Super Hero Flight City

Double the fun and double the trouble as Gotham City and Metropolis combine! Let Batman and Superman take flight in the 360 degree flight pack with an additional Super Hero launcher. But be careful – Lex Luthor is always close by.

RRP: $149.99

Stockists: Target, Big W, Toys R Us


It takes a village to raise a parent.

It takes a village to raise a parent.

Today, I’ve been having one of those days. One of those days that we struggle to parent. Where everything goes wrong. When it rains, it pours, or rather buckets down. Today I had that twinge of guilt when I (fleetingly) felt like I didn’t want to be dealing with Motherhood today (don’t hate me).

You see my day started off like this:

8am: Kids yelling and screaming at each other

8.10am: Ella started crying because Hudson tipped all of her Shopkins down the ducted heating vent

8.20am: Hudson took his nappy off and wee’d down the corridor

8.30am: Whilst the kids were eating breakfast, I tried to get ready (highlight tried). Ella screams’ MUUUUM’ and I return to find my two year old son had climbed up onto the bench, helped himself to the honey, took it back and squeezed it all over the carpet. Having a ball at the same time I might add.

8.30-9am: After googling, ‘how to remove honey from carpet’ I use a whole packet of wipes to try to remove it, without damaging the carpet.

9.15am: kids are ready, Mum is ready, gather everyone and everything up to head out to do erands before ballet. Can’t find keys.

9.16am: realise my keys are in hubby’s car. Call Hubby. He has my keys. Realise that my day is screwed. Hubby puts keys in an uber.

9.45am: Uber arrives with keys. We head off to ballet.

We all have days like this. Days that are hard. Days that we know are an anomaly. You see the thing that has made me feel better though is knowing that I’m not alone. Knowing that whilst I’m sitting here cleaning up honey from my carpet with baby wipes, that somehow, somewhere there is someone else doing the same thing. Having a rubbish day. After sharing my horrid start to the day with my friends and followers, I was ‘virtually’ picked back up onto my feet by the dozens of messages. Messages of empathy. Messages from friends and strangers who exist in this ‘virtual’ village. This village of Motherhood. Sometimes they are people who I know, and who know me. They know that I am someone who needs to talk things through to get through them. To be ‘talked out’ of what feels like, catastrophe. To vent. And then there are those ‘friends’ who I only know as their IG handle. Those virtual friends who often and regularly share messages of support, knodding through cyberspace.

Screenshot 2016-08-08 14.33.43

Well I can tell you that all of this helps. Whether its virtual or in real life, getting behind your mates when they are having a rough day is often the thing that gets them through. Motherhood is blissful and wonderful, but sometimes it can be downright hard to tackle. It’s the phone call from a friend, or a message from someone who you ‘know’ or funnily enough even don’t, that can change the way you feel about your day, and yourself.

None of us can really know how to ‘Mother’ until we do it in real life. We go to school, we practice driving a car, we test out recipes. But Motherhood? We only know how to do it, when we do it. We succeed, we make mistakes. Lots of them. Some of us are lucky to have family close by, and others call their friends their family. No matter what we are, or who we are, we are all human and all need help from time to time. It takes a village to raise a child. It also takes a village to raise a parent.

So today, thanks to your messages of empathy, humour and hope….my day has indeed gotten better.  We’ve had a laugh, we’ve baked a cake, we’ve played some games. I’ve left the mess and just sat on the couch and read a book with my little ones.

I hope that you all, no matter what you are doing have someone to pep you up if you are feeling down. It may even be topped off with a kiss from your little ones.

Keep calm and Mother on.

It takes a village to raise a parent