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Egg-cellent Easter: cute craft ideas for kids

Egg-cellent Easter: cute craft ideas for kids

With Easter rapidly approaching this weekend, we are also in the midst of school holidays. That can only mean one thing. Bored kids! With the long weekend ahead, a great way to prepare, and keep the kids occupied is with some simple crafts. Not crafts that require you to spend a fortune and run around town searching for the latest and greatest materials. Just some simple, fun activities that use items that you are sure to have around the house.

To give you all some simple and stress free ideas, I’ve created a Pinterest Board here.

Some of my favourite ideas need little to no explanation. Here are a few below (click on each image to be taken to the Pinterest board).

Thumb Bunny Loves You!!!
A mess free way to dye Eggs! Genius!
Possibly one of the simplest, yet cutest craft ideas of the all. Make one for each person celebrating Easter lunch or dinner!
What to do with all those old toilet rolls?
Bunny cups!
Easter craft ideas
Bunny Paper plate with pipe cleaners and cotton wool!
This gorgeous painted canvas is made by placing a rabbit cut out on a canvas. Once painted over, you remove the cut out, and voila!


For my ideas, head to my Pinterest Page below. Happy Easter!

Valentine’s Day from the Kids

Valentine’s Day from the Kids

Last year I shared some fabulous Valentine’s Day craft ideas for kids to create for their Dad, Mum, Grandparent and anyone whom they love! Last year Ella created this gorgeous LOVE canvas for her Dad, and not only did he absolutely love it, it was super cheap, easy to make and lots of fun too…

Screenshot 2015-02-09 16.08.41


There is simply nothing like receiving a gift of love on Valentine’s Day, but what could totally top that is a handmade gift from your child. This year, we have another little person to help make a gift for their Daddy and I can’t wait to see the look on their Dad’s face when he receives it. So with that, here are some of my fabulous finds from Pinterest for making something with your kids for someone they love. Each are linked to their original source on Pinterest.

From the bottom of my heart, to the tip of my toes..



A simple, but oh so gorgeous photo..


Nothing better than baby kisses..


Salt Dough Footprints…


52 things we love about you…


I love you to pieces…


Hands Down! You’re my hero…


and probably my favourite….if you can be a little clever…


So with that, take some time to make something small, but oh so precious for someone you love this Valentine’s Day. You can see some more ideas on my Pinterest Board Here.


An early Friday Find: Fathers’ Day Ideas for the kids

An early Friday Find: Fathers’ Day Ideas for the kids

This weekend is Fathers’ Day. As a Primary teacher, we always create something cute for the Dads from their kids, and whilst I’m not at school at the moment, I’ve been raiding Pinterest for ideas that I can make with my own kids. So I figured that there must be some of you out there, who would appreciate some simple, inexpensive and super cute ideas that you can make with your kids, that are sure to make their Father’s Fathers’ Day this weekend, and so I’m sharing an early Friday Find today!

 Each image is linked to the original idea via Pinterest..

Hands down, best Dad ever…


My Dad Rocks!!!


Daddy’s Golf course…now this one is awesome! 8093854e7f8f61d915470293f1aca517

Following in my Dad’s footsteps…


I’m hooked on Daddy…


My little footprint..


And possibly my favourite. A little time consuming, but how worth it would it be if you had multiple generations! A beautiful gift for Dads and Grandads!139e45f8450e20657919d3e361326f4f

For more ideas for Fathers’ Day gifts to make with your kids, visit my Pinterest Board here.

Happy Fathers’ Day!


I’m no Martha Stewart, but…

I’m no Martha Stewart, but…

I’m no Martha Stewart, but I have to admit, I do love a bit of DIY crafting. It must be the Primary School Teacher in me. There is nothing more exciting than a glue gun, some patterned scissors and some Pinterest inspiration.

Recently, I’ve been decorating my kid’s new bedrooms. There have been so many gorgeous things I’ve bought, many from local businesses, but I have to say that there has been nothing better than making my own decorations and adding them to their walls. There is something about knowing that you have put your love into things for your kids. It may not turn out as wonderful as the photo you saw on Pinterest, but if you choose things that are simple enough, you can’t go wrong. It’s a lot cheaper too, and many businesses have DIY kits that help you to source the parts, but put them together yourself!

Some of my favourites have been…

The felt ball garland. As easy as pie, all you need is some felt balls, thick thread and a needle. I purchased these balls from Felt Foxes in packs of 50 for under $20! This one was made by myself, and Ella helped me choose the colours.



Another garland, this time in classic black. Perfect for a little boy’s room. Sorry no, Hudson didn’t lend a hand with this one!



This one was made by my dear friend Janine. A name canvas. A beautiful way to welcome people to your room.


Whilst I didn’t actually make these letters, this OMM Design banner allows you to create your own magic, words of wisdom and inspiration! I reviewed this product last week and you can read it here.


A simple Tea Towel in an Ikea Frame!


And probably my favourite would have to be these button hearts. I saw them on Pinterest when Ella is born, and headed to spotlight for supplies to put them together. They took a while (I’m talking months), but when I had time I made them bit by bit, and I think they look beautiful in her new room.


So whether it’s a large project or a small one, there is nothing nicer and more satisfying than creating something for your own children, and seeing it on their walls. It may not stay there forever, but whilst they love it, I will too.


Friday Find: Keep the ANZAC memory alive

Friday Find: Keep the ANZAC memory alive

This week’s Friday Find is a simple one, yet it could have a profound effect on your family. Today I share with you some simple ideas to help keep the ANZAC memory alive with your children. As the Great Grand Daughter of a soldier who fought at Gallipoli, I am very passionate about teaching our young children about the sacrifices made by those brave Men and Women so many years ago. Hopefully the lessons learned will ensure that our children will never have to face a time where they will have to go to war to fight for peace and freedom.


I have created a simple Pinterest Board with lots of ideas, books and creative ways to teach your children about the ANZAC legend. I hope it helps you help keep the ANZAC memory alive. Simply Click on the link below…

Click here to visit my ANZAC Pinterest Board




Friday Find: Egg-xcellent ideas for Easter

Friday Find: Egg-xcellent ideas for Easter

This week’s Friday Find is brought to you by Pinterest! Some super cute, super easy and inexpensive ideas for celebrating Easter next week. Whether you have babies, toddlers, teenagers or even adults, there is something for you amongst this list! I’ve put together a Pinterest board jam packed with ideas for you to celebrate Easter and have some family fun…

Some of my favourites include:

‘Thumb bunny’ loves you. Cute as anything….



Another gorgeous Easter card…I can see this one being brought out for the 21st’s!


Striped Easter eggs….


Simple ideas for decorating eggs with kids…the egg beater is genius!


and finally…these super cute Easter Egg Baskets made from good old Toilet Roll holders (or glad wrap tubes if you are hygiene conscious) !


Here is hoping you find something that will suit your family. You can check out these and more ideas on my Egg-xcellent Easter Pinterest Board here. You can also check out Little Melbourne’s Easter board with other ideas here.


An early Friday Find: Valentines Day Kids’ style

An early Friday Find: Valentines Day Kids’ style

With Valentines Day coming tomorrow, there is always much hype around the day being ‘commercialised’ and ‘tacky’. I say make the day about family, and do something from the heart. Given the fact that Dan and I are parents now, I couldn’t think of a better way to express our love, by including Ella. I thought I’d share some great Pinterest ideas I have found that are simple, inexpensive and really come from the heart…

‘Thumb body loves you’ – definition of cuteness…


Handmade heart – who wouldn’t feel loved?


‘You light up my life’ card – simple and fun to make..


‘Be mine’ valentines card – hands and hearts combine…


LOVE…a gorgeous art idea for family…


‘You’re one in a Million’…a yummy valentine treat


and finally my favourite…a beautiful card that says it all…


So whether you plan to go out or stay in, these Valentines day gifts will be sure to make anyone feel loved.

I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

kate*Each image is linked to their original Pinterest source