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KProduct Review: Custom by Bobux

KProduct Review: Custom by Bobux

Aw my gawd. These were the words that spilled our of my daughter’s mouth when she saw the new shoes before her eyes. Custom by Bobux are literally those shoes that every child has dreamed of. Shoes that they can colour in. Shoes that reflect who they are, their personality, their love of colour. Bobux have always been known for creating beautiful shoes that are the best quality. Recommended by Podiatrists, they fit well, move well and last well. They are always made of the best quality fabrics to support little, growing feet. This time, however, they’ve taken it to the next level.

The Creativity is something that I believe is one of the most important things that we should nourish in our children. The ability to use their imagination. Think beyond the square. Question, wonder, discover. These custom shoes also allow each and every child to nurture their unique, individual personality. To make their very own pair of shoes that are their own, different and special. Then, they can rub off their work and start all over again! The design allows children to colour in but also to create their own shapes and ideas.


  • High quality coated leather upper –
    colour in with pens provided & wipe off with water
  • Breathable cotton lining
  • Comes with a set of 5 pens in reusable pouch
  • Velcro strap fastening which allows for greater adjustability
  • Built on a specialist Kid+ last, which has been anatomically
    designed to fit children at this stage of development.

Ella has simply love, love, loved the chance to colour her own pair of shoes, and could not wait to wear then to kinder today!

Custom Bobux

Custom Bobux

Custom Bobux

So if you want your very own custom pair for your child, then best head to their website STAT!!! 

You can’t beat Bobux: New Summer Range

You can’t beat Bobux: New Summer Range

If you know me, you know that one thing I love and look for if great kids shoes. Beautiful, good quality, hard wearing, funky. Some brands create fads: blingy new ranges that come and go. Some look great, but don’t last longer than a few wears. This is wear Bobux is different. Fashion focussed with foot health in mind. Many of you may not know that Bobux shoes receive the tick of approval from Podiatrists, meaning that your little one’s feet not only look fabulous, but they feel fabulous too.

Since we last shared our love of Bobux with you, they have been busy bees themselves, designing and releasing new ranges with loads of cool designs.

For little ones, their Xplorer range now comes in variety of colour ways! The Xplorer is the perfect shoe for kiddies who are learning to walk. They are super flexible and lightweight which makes sure that they can move naturally when trying to take their first steps.

The Hi Tiger blaze, with synthetic leather, and micro armour outer and cotton melange lining, is a real show stopper! The vibrant Tiger not only makes these shoes look epic- but they are also designed to help your little one tell their left from right. If the tigers are facing each other- the shoes are on the correct feet! The animal design is also are made out of a handy water resistant fabric- which helps keep the water off during the colder winter months! These bad-boys also feature the new Bobux sole. Developed using the latest technology- the sole is designed to be super flexible, durable as well as provide enough grip on slippery surfaces. And for the cherry on top- these shoes also feature a scuff resistant, micro-armour toe cap which helps limit bumps and scuffs on the front of the shoe. Woo! These shoes are seriously awesome- developed and designed to be the perfect shoe for PLAY.


And quote possibly my favourite for girls, the new SKIP and POP sandal range for summer. We all know that sandals that are super cool, sytlish and hard wearing are all our kids need for summer!


Be sure to head on over to BOBUX to see their new range and purchase some for your little ones this summer!




Giveaway: Win one of three pairs of Bobux Shoes

Giveaway: Win one of three pairs of Bobux Shoes

If you know me, then you know I love Bobux Shoes. If you’ve read my previous post / review about these little gems then you will know that they are simply the best, most light weight, fashionable shoe that your little one can have on their twinkle toes. They are also recommended by Podiatrists! The clincher for me is the velcro. It’s thick, and wide and actually keeps those little suckers on their feet!

Since last time we shared their range, Bobux is proud to announce the release of their latest styles- Aktiv & Xplorer City. This is the result of their exclusive partnership with Solène Roure, a French fashion designer based in London. Earlier this year, Solène – whose extensive portfolio includes companies as diverse as Nike, Yves Saint Laurent, North Face and Levi’s – turned her attention and distinct fashion design to kids’ shoes, collaborating with Bobux to create eight beautiful designs (ranging from Soft sole sizes S-XL and shoe sizes 18-29).

Bobux shoes

Following months of brainstorming and development, Solène’s shoe designs were unlike any other; they stunningly challenged the idea of what a child’s shoe can be.

Lucky for you we are giving away THREE PAIRS from this new range to three lucky winners. This giveaway is run via Instagram, so you will firstly need to head on over there.

To enter, simply

1. Head to this link: and decide which style you like. 

2. Follow @happyellaafter and @bobuxshoes on Instagram (click here to head to my account)

2. Like the photo (the one posted that looks like the one above) and comment with the style you would like to win

*For an extra entry, tag a friend (no comp accounts please)

*for a double score entry, repost this image and tag with #ellalovesbobux

Other stuff:

*Australian Residents Only

*Giveaway closes Saturday 9th July at 9pm

*winners announced shortly after

Good luck xx


Product Review: Bobux Shoes

Product Review: Bobux Shoes

Kids need good shoes. They need comfortable, durable shoes that stay on. THAT STAY ON!!! If you are lucky, these shoes may also look cute and funky. Like adults, kids can get swept up into wanting the most sparkly, funky, crazy cool shoes on the market. However I’ve learned that you get what you pay for. Shoes can look great, but they can be cheap and nasty. Think blisters and sore feet. They fall apart after two wears. The velcro is rubbish and doesn’t work.

For Ella, she has been able to get away with having buckles / clips. She’s actually enjoyed her shoes and has kept them on most of the time. Hudson is another story. His current obsession for all things shoes means that he wants to wear five different kinds in five minutes. He also loves taking them off at any given point of time. So I was thrilled when Bobux were relaunching their brand in Australia and asked me to test out their range. Given that it was Ella’s Birthday coming up, I thought it would be a great opportunity to try out a girl and boy’s pair from their new PLAY range.


If you don’t know about Bobux, then here is a brief summary. Bobux started in New Zealand and have recently relaunched their brand here in Australia. Their whole their new range is styled to demand attention and be sought after by trendsetting Mums and Dads worldwide expert foot health is very much at the hear of everything they do. The Bobux shoe works with the concept of ‘stage, not age;. This means that rather than focussing on the age of a child, each range has been developed to suit the different stages of a child’s development, from newborn to children confidently running. They look at how kids use their shoes to run, jump, kick and climb and changed their design approach to make sure that their product actually enables kids to do these things in comfort.





The PLAY range includes the BLAZE collection for confident walkers and the Xplorer for crawlers and new walkers.

We decided to try the pink Unicorn Blaze for Ella, and the blue Wolf Blaze for Hudson. Here is what we found….

  1. Immediately Ella was drawn to the gorgeous animal graphic. The design actually has been focussed on helping kids to remember their left and right. Totally cool!

  2. They stay on. THEY STAY ON. No matter how hard he tries, Hudson cannot get them off. The velcro is strong. As a Mum who battles to find shoes around the house, this is by far the most amazing benefit of these shoes. Thank you!!!!!

  3. They are light, and the kids love running in them. The Blaze range are the lightest of shoes and are made of advance rubber composite soles.


  1. No worries when walking / running in the wet. I honestly couldn’t believe this! Inspired by Formula 1 tyre tread and designed for good grip on heel and toe, the soles are designed to expel water and so your little ones have better traction when running around!
  2. They look great. Funky and cool, I get so many questions about where they are from.





So if you are after a great ‘go to’ brand for your kids, then I would highly recommend Bobux. They may be a little more expensive than your average shoe, but honestly….they are worth it. You can check out their range here