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Egg-cellent Easter: cute craft ideas for kids

Egg-cellent Easter: cute craft ideas for kids

With Easter rapidly approaching this weekend, we are also in the midst of school holidays. That can only mean one thing. Bored kids! With the long weekend ahead, a great way to prepare, and keep the kids occupied is with some simple crafts. Not crafts that require you to spend a fortune and run around town searching for the latest and greatest materials. Just some simple, fun activities that use items that you are sure to have around the house.

To give you all some simple and stress free ideas, I’ve created a Pinterest Board here.

Some of my favourite ideas need little to no explanation. Here are a few below (click on each image to be taken to the Pinterest board).

Thumb Bunny Loves You!!!
A mess free way to dye Eggs! Genius!
Possibly one of the simplest, yet cutest craft ideas of the all. Make one for each person celebrating Easter lunch or dinner!
What to do with all those old toilet rolls?
Bunny cups!
Easter craft ideas
Bunny Paper plate with pipe cleaners and cotton wool!
This gorgeous painted canvas is made by placing a rabbit cut out on a canvas. Once painted over, you remove the cut out, and voila!


For my ideas, head to my Pinterest Page below. Happy Easter!