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Eggs-ellent Easter!

Eggs-ellent Easter!

This year, our Easter was pretty low key, but really special. Dan, myself and Ella headed off to the beach for the long weekend, just the three of us (and good old Lloyd of course!). It was a lovely few days spent, mostly inside, due to the rain and break in our fabulous Indian Summer we have been experiencing in Melbourne. It was a lovely chance to relax and enjoy spending time together..

Image 4
Ella woke to Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. Her first experience of eating chocolate first thing in the day made her eyes light up. It won’t be happening again for a while, so I hope that she savours every last morsel! 🙂

Image 2

This time last year, Ella was only six weeks old, and it was the first time that she had been away from home. Last Easter, her Buba (Grandmother) gave her a gorgeous ‘My First Easter’ Bunny.

Image 3

This bunny was almost bigger than her at the time. A year later, she dwarfs the bunny and is almost unrecognisable compared to the old photo. It’s amazing to see how she has grown so much. Amazing to think about how much we have grown too….

Image 5

Of course, she had to have a gorgeous Easter outfit to wear! Easter bonnets may have gone out of fashion years ago…but her Daddy found this very cute beanie to suffice…


Last year was a year of firsts. First tooth, first meal, first Christmas and first Birthday. This year, we get to revisit all of the magical events that make life special. Thankfully though, we are doing it with a little more sleep than this time last year!

Image 1

We hope everyone had a fabulous Easter!



Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl

It’s taken me a little while to get back to Ella’s blog after a couple of weeks of frantic work, and preparing for my dear friend’s wedding. I completley forgot to post some gorgeous images of our family celebration on Ella’s actual birthday. It was a intimate and love filled night with Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles and her Godmother. Ella was (again) the centre of attention from the moment she woke up, till the second her precious little head hit the pillow. A year has come and gone, and Ella’s huge smile said it all…..

The little drummer girl…


Opening her presents…


Her beautiful Tutu from her gorgeous Godmother…


Cuddles from Buba..


Cuddles with Nanna…


Blowing our her Birthday candles with Mum & Dad!!


The first of many more happy birthdays to come!




A year in photos, a mountain of memories

A year in photos, a mountain of memories

Whilst Ella has had a epic sleep this morning, I’ve been able to tackle some washing, clean the house and start to sift through the mountain of photos that we have amassed since Ella was born. Over 5000 shots have been taken (is that normal?), and since acquiring a new computer, I thought it was time that I went through the snapshots and edited it down to a sensible amount. Needless to say it’s been a pretty amazing, challenging and joyous time and looking through these photos has made me pretty emotional. I started this blog because we simply do not store photos like the way we used to. I have back ups or back ups of photos, downloaded from my camera with the hope of making a photo album each year. I am determined to stick to this and hope that as her birthday draw closer each year, I can take the time to sift through them and choose the best ones to print and keep. Here’s hoping that she continues to have a long morning (or afternoon) sleep every now and then, so I can get the chance to look through them and smile….


And for those of you who might be wondering how I went? Well so far, I’ve reduced over 5000 shots to 292….a pretty good effort I think! (Mind you, that doesn’t include shots taken since the end of January though) 🙂


*Photo collage was created using ‘Photo Collage’. For more information, click here.

Friday Finds: Birthdays c/o Etsy

Friday Finds: Birthdays c/o Etsy

This week’s Friday Find is a little late. This week I went back to work three days a week, and although it’s great to get back and into the swing of things, it’s meant that the house work and time with Ella has taken up most of my time over the last few days. This week I wanted to share with you some of the fantastic finds I have discovered on Etsy. As we prepare to celebrate Ella’s First Birthday in a few weeks time, I’ve turned to the amazing world of hand made decorations, ornaments and party favours that are available on Etsy. Needless to say, we are trying to keep things simple for her first experience of having a party, but the colours of pink and red are certainly going to adorn every inch of my Mum’s house.

Inspired by a friend’s recent celebration, I found this beautiful personalised bunting. You can choose from a variety of beautiful fabrics, and personalise the wording with your child’s name. A simple ‘Happy Birthday Ella’ was chosen to adorn this gorgeous decoration from Giddygumdrops…


Although we want to keep things simple….the idea of a gorgeous ‘candy bar’ for our little girl, is something that we think she would love. Full of sweet treats, fresh fruit and of course, that good old birthday cake, I’m hoping to re-create our own ‘Ella’s sweet shop’. You can spend a fortune getting someone to do this for you, or you can turn to Vens Paperie. This fabulous service allows you to choose from a range of various party themes, and with a click of a button you can have your own personalised cake toppers, food cards, water labels, thank you cards and more. All you need is your own printer and a little time to cut and organise your cards to make your very own candy bar.

Some of the themes include…

The Farm Barn Yard theme…..

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 1.24.35 PM

Vintage Choo Choo Train...

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 1.23.54 PM

and the good old Sweet Shoppe…this is our pick!Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 1.20.39 PM

The DIY Birthday will never be the same with these fantastic and affordable ideas! Here’s hoping that I can recreate it just like the photos!!!


*Images are taken from the links available within the above text.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

A little late with my Friday Find this week…needless to say that finishing work, a crawling baby and last minute Christmas chaos has taken over! This week I wanted to share a couple of great Christmas finds that I discovered in my online travels. These tools have brought a wonderful sense of Yuletide fun to the Korber household this week. Even though I know that Ella is still a little too young to understand the meaning of this fabulous time of year, these little finds sure have made this Mummy very ‘festive’ and excited about the days ahead….

Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 10.40.12 AM
The Portable North Pole App

This App is a gorgeous way to inject a little Santa fun into any household. Featuring both a parents and kids corner, the app has many features including:

Personalised video: 
The ability to create a magical personalised video message from Santa to your beautiful children. With the ability to tailor the message to include your child’s name, age, location and Christmas wishes, this video brings a spark of magic that helps any parent relive their childhood. This feature is free this year to celebrate their fifth year anniversary!

Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 10.39.08 AM

Santa calls: Receive a call straight to your phone from Santa! The app includes fourteen different scenarios that can praise and remind any child at any time of year.

Other great features including an advent calendar, Christmas radar and countdown! This App is simply a gorgeous way to celebrate Christmas and get the children excited about the impending visit of the big man! To visit the Portable North Pole on iTunes click here.

Unknown-1JibJab Christmas e-cards

Jib-Jab has been around for quite a while, but this is the first year that I used them to create my own Christmas e-card. With many different templates to choose from, for all of the year’s celebrations, these e-cards make an old card come to life! This year, a combination of lack of time, together with the wanting to include Ella in the cards, led me to use Jib-Jab to create our own cute video. The only problem was trying to choose which of the following cards to use!

Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 11.01.03 AM

To view Ella staring in the ‘Santa’s comin to Town’ Christmas Card, click the image below…. 


And with that….I would like to wish all of our friends and family a wonderful Christmas. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by to read this blog and keep up with Ella’s adventures. Each moment that she has grown has brought us so much joy. It really is going to be a wonderful Christmas. I hope that all of you experience joy and love this week, where ever you are!


Little Angel

Little Angel

In October, we Christened our little Angel at St Mary’s Church in East St Kilda. I’ll never forget telling my Nanna that we were having a baby. She was so excited, not only because we were pregnant, but because there was an almost guarantee that she would be baptised. I was Christened at St Therese’s Church in Essendon, along with my siblings, parents and Grandparents. My husband and I were also married there. It was hard to decide where we would christen Ella, but we decided that it would make sense to do it in our local church where she would possibly go to school. It was such a lovely day, the sun was shining and Ella looked so beautiful.

What made the day even more special was that she was able to wear the Christening gown that I wore when I was baptised. The gown was handmade by my Grandmother, crocheted in beautiful wool. It was such a different gown compared to those that most wear, but it held such sentiment and meaning. My Aunty Clare also gave her a beautiful gold pin with her name engraved. This was something that my Granny had also done for each of us. It was such a lovely thought, and Ella wore it on the day.

In Christening Ella, we had a small gathering. Her Godparents (our dear friends Bridgette and Geof) were so happy to share the day with us and take on this special role in her life. Most parents always worry about how their child would react when blessed with the water at the baptismal font. Ella was a trooper and did not shed a tear during the whole thing! In fact, she was calm and curious during the entire service.

We topped the day off with a fantastic lunch at Topolino’s – a St Kilda institution with pasta, pizza and salad. It was a great way to celebrate with both sides of our family. Our little Angel truly is so lucky to be loved by so many.


Instagram your memories

Instagram your memories

I have a confession to make. I’m an Instagram addict. This is hardly surprising as anything new and cool that arises in the area of technology generally takes a few days to become my new obsession. What I love about Instagram is a few things:

  1.  The ability to transform seemingly random photos into masterpieces with the fabulous effects, blur / focus options and frames. This means that any random Mum can take beautiful snaps of their precious children with the use of their iPhone or android phone. Capturing memories on the go is something that we all can do with this fabulous app.
  2. The ability to share photos instantly with loved ones and store them in a feed forever. All you need is to be logged in as a user.
  3. The ability to tag photos with keywords and / or meaningful captions e.g. #fabulous #memories #stayyoungforever
  4. The ability to comment on your own and other Instagram addict’s photos. It’s always nice to have someone love a photo as much as you do.
  5. You can access your snaps across space and time. This means your memories travel with you.

As parents, we are so busy. I can only imagine how much busier my life is going to get once Ella crawls and runs around like a crazy kid! Instagram means that I can capture precious memories of her growing and being cute in the park, at Nanna’s, at a friend’s place…anywhere.

Gotta love that!

Here are a few pics I’ve added to my feed over the past few days…..I can’t wait to capture Ella’s gorgeous smile as she grows…if I’m quick enough!

I love Mummy!